Saturday, June 1, 2013

Miles of Muddy Goodness

Phew, what an awesome first week back it's been! Last weekend I was spectating at Regionals, yesterday was one of my best friends birthday's, and this morning was my first adventure race, Miles of Mud. And the weekend is still young!

I know I left ya'll in my last blog post with a promise to recap the rest of my road trip, but I am just too jazzed about the recent events, so road trippin' will have to wait.

Birthday WOD's are brutal around here!
We all thought up a fun little complex to complete 31 times (in honor of the 31 years our Birthday Girl has braced us with her presence on Earth).

3 power cleans + 3 front squat + 3 push press + 3 back squat = 1 repetition. 
Repeat 31 times.

No dropping or readjusting the bar once you've picked it up. Keep the same weight on the bar for the 31 repetitions. We went with 65#. What a great workout! It kicked my out-of-shape ass!

Later that evening, we all got together at a friends for cake, camaraderie and just general ass-hatness. 

Oh boy, yes, that happened.

And then THIS happened. That right there is THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING Texas Sheet Cake.
I repeat, most amazing. 

I probably should have gotten home a little earlier from the festivities last night, considering how early I had to be up this morning. At least I had the smarts to lay out my clothes and pack a bag of dry clothes and goodies before crashing. 

I was up super duper early ... 4:45am early. After falling asleep well past midnight. The lesson of the morning? Drink more coffee.

So, I'd never run a mud run or obstacle course before (but the friends I was running it with totally have), so I had no idea what to expect. As we were stopping at Starbucks on our 2-hour drive to the race site; I decided I needed to protect my rawhide a little better, at least to save me from unnecessary scratches and bruises. 

Gotta love WalMart! I ran in and grabbed 2 pair of socks, along with a pair of scissors, and made myself some arm skins to go along with shin guards. Not shabby for $7 throw-away clothes.

Before the race: Miles of Mud was 4 miles long with over 30+ obstacles.


Some of the obstacles were kind of lame, but the 2 free beers, free hamburger and ample available shower stalls afterwards, made it well worth it. Plus, we used a Groupon, so the price was dirt cheap compared to events like Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. 

I don't think I've ever posted a photo of me without makeup. So there ya go. Now go wash your eyes out with soap.

After showering, changing into dry clothes and sipping on a brewski (Shock Top Beligan White), we laid out and caught some rays at the rest of the group munched on their hamburgers. 

Good times!

And then to top it off, we hit up Whole Foods and Lululemon on our way home through Austin.

Mud run + beer + Whole Foods + Lululemon. Does this not describe the perfect day?

What girl doesn't need more Luon in her life? I couldn't believe that my friend (that I ran with) had never purchased anything from them before - we officially popped her Lulu cherry with her first pair of Run Speed Shorts :)

I'm thoroughly pooped. Time to greet the Zzz's ... (speaking of, I've been sleeping like a BABY since moving back to Texas!)

Have you ever done an adventure race/mud run?
What's your favorite snack?
Trying anything new this weekend?


  1. My favorite snack has to be a non- healthy item: cheez-it's... SO bad for you but an old time favorite!

    I have a question for you! ... How do you know what amount of calories/macro breakdown will maintain your muscle? You look awesome, so I was just curious on your thoughts. I'm looking to gain (former weight lifter-gone crossfit this past month) but don't want to look skinny fat! Any advice would be awesome!

    1. There is a Paleo Cheeze-It recipe somewhere floating on the internet ... ;) As far as macro's go, it's important to just play with it and adjust it accordingly ... Some people do well on higher fats/lower carbs, so need a more even split of about 35/35/30 ... :)

  2. LOVE Whole Foods and Lulu! That WOD sounds rough, 31 times.... Yikes!

    1. Yikes is a great adjective for it, hah!

  3. Never done a mud race, I want to so badly, just not many around my area. That's great that you've been sleeping so good! Must be something about Texas :) My favorite snack is of course sugar haha, my smoothies and a clif bar are a great combo after a long day of workouts for me.

    1. Clif bars - aahhhhhh. So good, so bad. I had one the other day after a pretty cardio-intense workout. Oh man, they're better than candy bars!

  4. Girl, you don't need makeup! Gorge!
    I've done 2 mud runs and have another color run soon:)

  5. I have run Warrior Dash, Rogue Runner, Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac and this July I will be running Spartan! This is our year for mud races. As for snacking, I will eat pistachios... Something salty and crunchy just like a potato chip! :) Nothing new this weekend but beginning to prep for Spartan.

  6. Seen you barely got any sleep, you look amazing!
    I don't know if they sell 9bars over in the US, but if they do, get your hands on them as they are the BALLS! All natural, nothing but seeds and nuts and full of goodness. I could live off them.

  7. For not getting any sleep you look pretty great at 4:45am!

    Do you guys have 9bars in the US? I think they're Welsh and they are the BALLS! Nothing but goodness. I could live off 'em!

  8. I've been doing crossfit for awhile and I have a pair of merrell barefoots, not the five fingers, but same idea, just without the toe separators. I've discovered that I need something with a little more support for running still. What would you suggest for sneakers for running+lifting WODs?

    Also, I ran the MudRun....the mud was thick, we were literally trying to pull people out of it, the heavier you were, the more stuck you got! It was brutal and hilarious!~ We had a blast! Thanks!! Christine

  9. Oh, and my favorite snack... recently I've been eating pumpkins seeds. This is the brand I've been yummy!

  10. Sorry, just saw this posted twice, gah!!!