Sunday, June 16, 2013

Congrats, Brother!

This morning while sipping on my coffee in a quiet kitchen, I enjoyed a new treat. Who doesn't LOVE biscotti? This brand is loaded with protein and fiber instead of sugar and carbs. Win!

It's fun waking up before everyone else and having the quiet house all to myself! If I wasn't drowning in homework, I might have actually sat down and read for enjoyment while listening to the birds chirp outside.

But oh no, I have a 15 page research paper to write, an oral presentation to prepare and my first exam of the summer to study for. Sigh.

I've been procrastinting on starting this paper all week, because, if you can believe it, I don't have the Microsoft Office Suite on my Macbook. My hard drive has been too full for me to install it! So sad, but true story.

So this morning was spent cleaning and backing up my Macbook. Then, finally, installing the Office Suite. (P.S. Install it in English. It's a pain in the ass un-installing everything and re-installing it because you chose French. Just saying.)

We made breakfast as things were installing. Belgian waffles for the kiddos, and banana protein waffles for me. ;)

I am so proud to say, there is ZERO filer on those babies. I can't look at these pictures for too long or I get hungry again. My new favorite pantry item might be Coconut Nectar!

I'm SO happy I finally kicked my sugar-free syrup habit and found something a little more ... natural.

Do you ever feel starved after reading some of your favorite food blogs?
I have to limit myself to them ONLY AFTER DINNER. ;) Kind of like grocery shopping on an empty stomach, or watching The Food Network when you're on the treadmill at the gym. 

Congratulations to my amazing little brother, who graduated from Southern Oregon University this morning. He's the first one in my immediate family to not only get to college, but to finish his degree. It's a big deal. ;)


  1. I will defiantly have to show my bf those biscottis. He loves them, and would probably love to actually have one that he can have :) Congrats to your brother!!!! And congrats to you for kicking your sugar-free syrup addiction, I had to stop drinking coffee to do that.

  2. Congrats to your brother! Those waffle pics look so yummy! I want to try that biscotti too... Did you get it at the supermarket or order it?...