Saturday, May 4, 2013

They Don't Call me AthlEATS for Nothing

If athletes are professionals at their sport, then an athleat is a professional, too. A professional at EATING. Exhibit A:

That my friends, is a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest bar, microwaved for a few seconds and topped with Sun Butter. AMAZING! This has become my new go-to dessert. 

I'm now buying this flavor by the boat load box. Obsessed, much?

Exhibit B: The awesomeness that is whipped cottage cheese. It literally creates a frosting-like consistency. You just have to make sure you don't whip it too much (I use my Magic Bullet), or it will loose its stiffness and turn more yogurt-like. 

The flavor possibilities are endless! So far I like mixing pure maple extract with a little cinnamon. I also made a lemon flavor using Stevia drops and a True Lemon packet that was pretty damn tasty.

Exhibit C: In an effort to make a cleaner version of my beloved Polaner sugar-free jams, I made a jam from frozen berries and chia seeds. I used this recipe from Eating Bird Food. Super easy!


So, I think My Fitness Pal needs to hook me up with an endorsement deal; I've had an influx of friend requests over the last few days, after mentioning it in my last blog post. Thanks for all of the support guys! All I can say is, if you have any questions about macros, figuring out your daily caloric intake, getting enough protein, net carbs, etc, I'm always just an email away ... 

I think the key is to tinker; the same meal plan or macro nutrient breakdown is not going to work for everyone. We're all different! And our eating habits all must be individualized. I find that eating 50% of my daily calories from fats really works for me. For some people, that really won't work. I started with a basic 30% from protein, 30% from fats and 40% from carbs, and then tweaked it over many, many, many weeks, months even, before finding what keeps me humming along happily. Remember, if you're going to make a change, give it at least 5-6 weeks before tweaking it again, results take time.

The only number I don't suggest lowering too much are your calories from protein, 30% is a pretty good number. Always eat enough protein to support your lean body mass. Google how to find that if you're unsure. Proteins are the building blocks, while fats and carbs are just sources of fuel. You can choose to fuel up however you like. Excess (aka excess calories, no matter if they're from protein, carbs or fats) will be stored as body fat. 

And my last bit of advice - follow the 80% rule. Enjoy yourself the other 20% of the time. Life is short. 

Eat good chocolate. Drink good beer. Enjoy good company. 

And, like I said, tinker! I've decided to stop logging foods on MFP over the weekends ... Being so focused on food is a very easy way to get into disordered eating. So, I decided to just eat intuitively on the weekends, and make sure over the week that I'm getting it "right" (enough protein, not too much sugar, etc.) That's the reason I started logging on MFP: to make sure I was getting the correct amount of macros, not to restrict my calories. 

If you're looking for a good jumping off point, I recommend The Zone, by Barry Sears. I also recommend subscribing to the CrossFit Journal, and watching all of the videos by the Chan family. I learned a lot about food prep from them!

My last three training days on the bike. Not a bad effort, eh? 

1. Would you rather do heavy squats or heavy lunges?
Lunges! I did some (okay, over a hundred) on Wednesday (at 65 pounds) and HOLY DOMS, my legs are still sore.

2. The last movie you saw in theaters?
We saw IronMan 3 in 3D tonight - so good! Kind of a rushed ending though.

3. Barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells?
Kettlebells! I dream of one day becoming an RKC instructor.  


  1. 80/20 is a great way to live and eat! I too have been using the Quest bars as dessert--whoda thunk it satisfies sweet cravings and is good for us?! Looking stellar as always C!

    1. I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming whenever I eat one; they're just so damn tasty! Almost too good to be true!

  2. I dream of being an RKC intructor toooooo one day!!! Holy money pit but LET'S DO IT! I'd LOVE if we plan to do it together at some point!! :-D

    1. My CF-L1 was a $1,000 money pit, so I say, bring it onnnnnn! ;)

  3. I use my fitness pal too but I have a question...

    How did you customize it to give you 15% Carbs 55% Fat and 30% protein??

    Mine is stuck on the "set" nutrients the app thinks I need which is more like 55% carbs, 15% protein an 30% fat....... I eat a high fat & protein and low(er) carb diet!!!

  4. Squats all the way!!! But lunges aren't too bad either :)
    Last movie was Hansel and Gretel, loved it!
    I've never used kettleballs, one day I will try them!!

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  8. 1. SQUATS!
    2. The Croods....super cute!
    3...Tough choice but I'd have to say dumbbells....barbell close 2nd.

    I finally nuked my quest bars. Can we say, OBSESSED?!?! Yum!

    1. I finally put it in the oven tonight, even more amazing, if that's possible. Came out like a cookie, soft in the middle, a little crispy on the edges. Awesome!

    2. Oh, my. Don't tempt me! know what would probably be good? Break up the quest bar into a ramekin and then bake for a bit. Top with a scoop of So Delicious ice cream? Yes? Yes? Hehehe

  9. 1. Heavy Squats
    2. OMG no flipping clue as to the last movie I saw in theaters! That's sad...The last movie I rented though was "Safe Haven" with a friend in our hotel before our 1/2 marathon. Awesome chick flick! BAH!!!!
    3. Love my Dumbbells, but would also like to take some KB classes too....

    Love the name "athleats" GENIUS!

  10. I NEED more quest bars in my life, and sunbutter too apparently...