Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seven Things Sunday

1. I have had a migraine for going on 3-days now. It kind of has its moments where it's bearable, but I honestly have never had a headache like this in my life - WHAT GIVES? I never get headaches. The only moment of peace I had was drinking this delicious beer outside under the sun at Whole Foods.

2. Moving is underway. I mean, look at this disaster zone. T-minus 11 days!

3. I'm obsessed with high-waisted shorts. I found these at Forever 21. Need to hit up Urban Outfitters stat.

4. Mixing random and seemingly gross combinations of food together seems to be my forte. Plain Liberté Greek Yogurt whipped with cinnamon and liquid Stevia drops, topped with Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins and Applegate turkey sausage spread with maple syrup and peanut butter. Seemingly gross, but actually fan-freaking-tastic.

5. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! <3 Mother's Day is always really hard for me. RIP Mom. 

6. I'm on the hunt for a suit to swim laps in, and maybe even one day race in. I am just not feeling the one-pieces.

With the help of my amazing Follower's on IG; I found this TYR suit on Zappos, it's just what I was looking for!

1. Help me decide which color to pick? Red or blue?!
2. What did you do for Mother's Day?

3. What kind of beer do you drink? Lagers, IPA's, wheat beers, etc. 


  1. I love the red suit! I'm currently on the hunt for a swimsuit as well. Hoping for something modest and that will hold up to lake-wear (aka not fly off when I'm tubing or attempting to ski!). Nothing yet, because I am flatter than a pancake. :(

  2. Red!

    Red Sox game including the chance to run the bases with my kids! Awesome!

    I only drink beer in the fall when the pumpkin varieties come out. Although, if out with the husband, I will grab the "house" IPA.

  3. Hey, I like eating weird stuff like that too! The one piece suit looks great on you. I think with your hair color the red color will look great on you! I don't drink but do enjoy wine once in a while. My brother and I cooked jambalaya for my Mom.

  4. 1. That blue is icy awesome! The red looks orange to me on this screen.
    2. Hail and Farewell at a super fancy beachside resort. Flowers for us moms from the COs wife while she read the Army Wives Creed aloud.
    3. Anything but IPA. That stuff makes my nose burn!

    In other news, my daughter and I attended our very first Crossfit class this morning at 6am before dropoff at school - the Key West Box is finally open! Yay!!!

  5. Well Happy Mother's Day to you!! (you have a fur baby :)) Hmmmm I'd go with the blue! I went to my Uncle's house, and we sat in the heat lol. I don't drink beer. Just not my thing :)

  6. I'm diggin the red, I think you look good in red :)
    (Sorry about your mom <3 hugs) I woke up at 3:45 am, my 9 yr old got up at 4, we packed food, drove about 45 min to get my mom, then drove to a lake nearby, rented a boat and went fishing for about 8 hours!
    Then went back to my house where hubby cooked us steaks with trimmings :)
    Not a beer fan... lol

  7. oh, I need a suit for swim WODs in the future!!! What's the link?