Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Road Triiiiipin'

Today's workout:

60 min Spin class + CrossFit WOD

Ugh, sore from yesterday's Hero WOD ...

So much to update you all on! Where to begin?!

1. I made it to Texas!
2. CrossFit South Central Regionals were a blast!
3. I'm back under the barbell and damn, does it feel good!

I'm living with one of my best friends (for protection purposes I'm going to call her Brittanica (we call her the Human Encyclopedia, because she literally knows errrythang), Elliott is totally at home (maybe even the happiest I've seen him?!) and she and her gorgeous children keep me busy enough that I hardly have time to think about missing the Husband - though SnapChat and FaceTime make the distance seem like nothing!)

We stayed the weekend in San Antonio for Regionals, she was volunteering and I was spectating. What an incredible weekend!

The last few days I've just been unpacking, organizing, buying furniture, making Brittanica put it together, and getting ready for classes that start on the 4th.

And you know me, getting on my fitness with these mighty slices of hot cake.

Enough with the word vomit, here are some photos from the last week!

We hit the road at 8:30am last Thursday, Texas bound from Atlanta, Georgia!

With my trusty co-pilot, I felt like we could conquer the world!

 So much for co-piloting ...

We had a 10 hour drive to tackle before making it to Shreveport, Louisiana where I'd rented us a room for the night at the Hilton Garden Inn.

I promise to catch you in on the rest of my road tripping and Texas adventures, but it's a special girl's 16th birthday today, and I've been getting my craftiness on all afternoon for her.

She's a fast pitch softball player (the cake is yellow, softballs are yellow, I know!)

We're off to dinner to celebrate how sweet it is to be 16!

1. Favorite flavor of cake?
I love red velvet and cream cheese frosting, can't go wrong.

2. What's the longest distance you've ever driven?
I used to drive from Portland, OR to San Diego, CA, but I think this latest trip was longer. 

3. How'd you celebrate your Sweet 16?


  1. I wanted to go to the South Central Regionals so bad. My box Crossfit PRx was there! But I was out of town, boo. Glad you made it to Texas safely!

  2. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and love it! :)

    Favorite flavor of cake is the same! love me some red velvet. I just drove from Massachusetts to Corpus Christi, Texas for the summer, talk about a long haul by myself! And my Sweet 16 was very low key surprise party at home with all my friends. :)

    Keep up the blogging! It's one of my favorite blogs to read after a long day at work and the gym

  3. Chocolate!!! I'm pretty much addicted to chocolate I've realized. But red velvet and cream cheese soudnds so good!
    Hmmmm From the middle of California to an island off the coast of Washington called The San Juan Islands.
    I got my license lol and that's it.

  4. Sorry, my comment has nothing to do with your post :( But I wanted to ask about your lifting shoes, you have Do Wins right? What model? Would you recommend them? I'm asking because I don't want to spend the money on the red adidas shoes when I could get nice shoes for half the price...

  5. Awesome trip! My longest trip yet was two months ago when I moved from North Carolina to Kansas. Don't wish that on anybody but duty called! You pooch is so adorable! And mine slept the whole way also! Ha!

  6. 1. I'm with ya on the red velvet with cream cheese, but I also enjoy chocolate cake and white frosting....and then again, cake is cake is CAKE!

    2. I've never done a major road trip, I'd say my max is probably 8 or 9 hours. I'm so awful in the car!

    3. Wow, I'm having a hard time remembering my Sweet 16....I *think* my parent's threw me a surprise Mexican-themed party at our house..yes, I believe that was it haha

  7. Any tips you can offer up re: regionals? What looked the most horrific? I'm going next weekend and I'm dreading the 100 chest to bar pull-ups and the 30 burpee muscle ups...die

  8. Im so happy you got to Texas safely! Enjoy your time there..