Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm a Pansy & DIY Ombre

I hate to admit it, but there is something I'm going to miss about Atlanta: Jess's Saturday morning Spin class at Core Body. She kicks my ass to China and back and damn, do I love it. 

She will forever have a special place in my heart, along with her hill slams. 

The teacher can make or break a Spin class for me. If the music isn't right, if their energy isn't there, my motivation won't be either ...

 Every Saturday morning, when I would much rather be sleeping in, I drag my poor ass out of bed, caffeinate as quickly as possible, and groggily drive to the studio. And within 2 seconds of class starting, literally, I'm sweating buckets and begging for mercy. How she can get us to go from dead-tired Zombies to adrenaline-pumping-ass-kicking-Spinning-machines, is beyond me. 

.... serious Spin skillz, serious.

So speaking of skillz, or more like lack of, let's talk about yesterday's Body Pump class (of which I rocked my new Lulu's to).

I felt really out of shape in this class. Like, really out of shape. How a miniature barbell with plastic bumper weights and bite-size collars could be SO DAMN DIFFICULT is beyond me. But, my jello legs and noodle arms were proof that light weights and a million reps will wear you the fugg out. 

I was really happy I tried out her class (the instructor is a friend of mine who's Spin class I take at another gym), she's the perkiest, sweetest, most ripped-up little fire cracker of a woman (super inspiring), I had to show her some support before leaving Atlanta.

A reader asked if I was sore afterwards: I wasn't sore this morning - that could be because I hydrated, stretched, and took a Spin class afterwards, which flushed a lot of the lactic acid out of my system. But, soreness is not always a sign of a "good" workout, read here. 

Breakfast (after Spin) this morning was off the chain. I added zucchini to my favorite recipe, and instead of using coconut oil, subbed bacon fat (I'd just made 2 slices of Applegate Farms Sunday bacon, yum!).

The game-changer was that incredible Maple Bacon "frosting" ... If you haven't whipped up cottage cheese yet, you have to. I added pure maple extract + 1 small piece of bacon + few Stevia drops + cinnamon + 1/3 cup cottage cheese to the Magic Bullet, gave it a quick whir, stuck it in the freezer to get extra thick for a minute, and boom: FROSTING. 

I'm going to make a Jalapeño Lime frosting next, inspired by my favorite doughnut from this awesome place

I might have to make stop somewhere tomorrow morning after Spin ... muehehe.

1. Do you sleep in on the weekends?
Not usually! I try to get up and get going as early as I can, to get the most out of my weekend.

2. Have you tried anything "new" lately? Food, fitness class, hair style?
Body Pump was totally new for me, making spaghetti squash earlier this week was new and a TOTAL success, and I'm thinking about changing up my hair color.

3. Do you get your hair professionally colored?
I do a little bit of both, because we move so often, it's hard to find a good stylist; so I've gotten pretty good at doing my own hair. I'm super into the ombre look right now, and I'm toying with doing it myself ... 

This girl breaks it down really well right here - I won't need to bleach all over, in fact, I'm going to put brown all over my hair and then a few days later, lighten the ends. I've seen so many different applications processes though, from foiling, to biolage, to just running bleach through the bottom half of your hair with your finger tips ...

I see a lot of BAD at-home ombre jobs where the blondes came out brassy. Do these girls know nothing about TONERS?! *face palm* I love this girls look, but her application process? WEIRD. Think she just got lucky?


  1. I've wondered this for a while but just never asked, what's the watch-type thing you use that tells you calories burned, % body fat, and heart rate info?

  2. It's a Polar Heart Rate monitor, I wear a strap around my chest. The % of calories from fat burned is a misnomer; don't pay any attention to that. The numbers I pay attention to are the beats per minute, and my exertion rate (the % I'm at). It's several years old, but I find it very helpful during Spin class, while running, racing, etc. I'm just kind of a numbers person. ;) Amazon is a great place to shop around. I spent around $100 on it.

  3. First off, you look fabulous! I just started reading your blog last week and love it. I can't decide what i enjoy reading about more...your workouts or all the delicious food! I am totally trying the whipped cottage cheese. Nice to read about someone who loves pancakes and waffles as much as i do!

    1. Thanks for reading along girl! ;) I hope my obsession with breakfast menu items doesn't get old any day soon!

  4. My hair chick combs UP the bottom color when she does ombré on me....if that makes sense. Makes it blend really nicely:)

  5. I love your blog! Discovered a couple of weeks ago. You are a fitspiration!

  6. I love reading your blog!!! I love the color of your hair. What type of at home color do you use? I have been coloring my own hair for awhile but just can't find the right one .

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