Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Things I've Learned From CrossFit

Things I've Learned from CrossFit

All CF workouts should leave you feeling like you just died a little bit. If you don’t feel this way at the end of the WOD, you’re not working hard enough, lifting heavy enough or running fast enough.

Then again, don't get crazy dumb and get WOD drunk. Don't cheat your reps and remember, form before speed.

There is a special place in Hell for Rep Shavers. WE ARE ALWAYS WATCHING YOU.

When climbing a rope, wear tall socks. Shin guards are legit, too.

No cherry picking WODs! Don't hate strength workouts, don't hate running workouts, and don't hate chippers. If it's a WOD that shows up and you're like "F!ck, I'm gonna suck" or "I'm so bad at those!" Then that's the WOD, more than ANY OTHER WOD, that YOU need to be doing.

This is training, not just exercise. If you're here to socialize, please join the other ladies with their newest issue of People magazine on the elliptical machines.

Crossfit bodies are hot. Dem quads, dem traps.

In this sport, you're only as good as your goat.

It's not ALL about The Games.

Everything equates to the quality of your squat.

When in doubt, mobilize.

When in serious doubt, take more fish oil. 

This is going to sound cliché, but when Crossfitting; the only person you should be competing with is you. Sure, a bit of healthy competition is fine, but don’t compare yourself to others. Because if you do, you’re guaranteed to feel crummy. Trust.

Showering with ripped hands hurts like a mofo.

Jump ON TO the box, not INTO the box.

Wanting to hurl in the middle of a WOD is a perfectly normal feeling.

A Crossfitter’s other passion in life? Food.

Crossfit gives you abs without ever having to do a single crunch and great arms without a single bicep curl.

Don't dump the barbell above your waist. Please. Practice good barbell manners. Save the 10's.

Buck furpees.

Eating more fat and protein makes you leaner. True story.

Regular callous maintenance is a must.

It's okay to go on and on about CrossFit with your CrossFit friends, but hey - you're not a drone, either. Don't let Crossfit Dogma dictate your life.

Lift heavy. Sprint often. Repeat.

What has CrossFit taught you?


  1. Love this, words and all your pictures!! Great, great post.

  2. Thankfully, our gym doesn't post the WODs beforehand, so cherry-picking isn't an option! And I second that thought on the 10lb plates! So many of ours are busted...

    1. There are two trains of thought on posting the WOD beforehand ... I only need to know what gear to wear, depending on the workout ... I don't like rope climbs in my fancy Lululemons ;)

  3. So true. Especially the showering with ripped hands. Hate that!

  4. Save the 10s!! If you haven't seen this video, give it a watch :)

  5. Love it, and all so true! I haven't been crossfitting as long as you, but I've definitely learned(as cheesy as it sounds) to stop being scared - whether it's a certain movement, weight, whatever. Get over 'looking like an idiot' (because it has to happen), and just get er done. Also, can I just say you're amazeballs! you might be my long-lost CF sister!

    1. Aww, thanks girl!! :) You'll get the hang of all of it in no time, promise :)

  6. 7 months into CrossFit now, It has taught me to push myself to a limit I didn't know I had, to stop comparing myself to others and focus on myself, and once I started putting up heavier weights I gained ALLOT more belief in myself! Once I started realizing my potential I stopped being a baby about adding weight to my lifts and really started pushing! I know the strength and potential my body has!

    1. Those are some super inspiring words, LOVE it! :)

  7. I am new to Crossfit and reading this post has motivate me to push harder and not be scared about any WOD. You are amazing Courtney! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Go slay those WOD's! Here to help in any way I can. ;)

  8. I love this list! Great job on putting it together, Courtney!

    Other things I've learned:
    Sometimes, a fun pair of socks can make you feel sassy enough to give your all to a WOD that scares you.

    Learn to bail before you actually need to. Our coaches teach this, and I'm so glad they do.

    Sometimes, the hardest thing is picking up the bar in the first place.

    1. Learning to bail - very important! And, not being AFRAID to bail! Also, very important ;)

  9. Almost makes me want to be a cross-fitter! almost;)

  10. Actually from crossfit we have a lot of things to be learned and hopefully here provided all the little bit of information and your experiences of learning seems to me very educative though. SO please keep posting :)