Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rawr Goats, Hear Me Roar!

The deeper I delve into CrossFit, the more I realize how little I know and how far I have to go.

It's a funny thing, isn't it? But isn't that what's so fascinating about the sport? On one end of the spectrum, I'm coaching individuals who have trouble just finding good depth with their air squat, and on the other end, are the virtuous individuals preparing for the Games.

Then, there's little old me (I'm somewhere just beyond that person I'm coaching through the air squat).

It's incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed with everything there is to know about the great sport of elite exercising. It's too easy to bypass solid athletic development when that timer starts to count down and the competitive animal within all of us is unleashed ... The only thing that matters is writing Rx'ed on the board and killing it in the shortest amount of time, right? Wrong.

I've found that taking a step back from that competitive animal has allowed me to simple focus on me. And not what everyone else has going on, or what they're doing and how fast they're getting there. My weaknesses, my goats, some mobility issues I have, eating habits, etc. It's also given me the chance to really evaluate my goals.

What are goals? A coach I really admire and look up to recently said this:

"Goals are not random ideas. They are specifically desire end states, expressed in the positive tense which provide motivation and direction on the path to achievement. They are as much a skill as anything else we do in CrossFit."

Greg Admundson says that goals have "Four Points of Performance"

1. The goal must be specific and concise. (50 unbroken, gymnastic kipping pull-ups)
2. The goal must be in the positive tense (I will do)
3. The goal must have a time frame (by June 30th)
4. The goal must provide us with an intense amount of motivation, inspiration and direction (MID)

  • I will dead lift 250 pounds (twice my body weight) by June 30th.
  • I will do 5 ring muscle-ups unbroken by June 30th.
  • I will walk 15' on my hands by June 30th.
  • I will complete Fran in under 4 minutes by June 30th. 
  • I will back squat 200+ pounds by June 30th.
I want to put a big BOOM after each one of those statements! I have committed myself to these goals, and with the help of an amazing coach and affiliate owner, his specialized programming will get me there (more on him and that in another blog post). We will also be working on a lot of my goats (which feel like just about everything) as well as mobility issues.

Like I've mentioned before on this blog, I haven't really been progressing these last few months as an athlete. I'm just kind of, stagnant. Not getting worse, but not really actively working on anything. I feel like with this new coaching position, the coming CrossFit Games season, and now being committed to programming and results, I am incredibly excited for future.

Sumer 2013, I AM COMING FOR YOU! 
I don't chase my dreams, I beat them into submission!

1. What are some of your strength goals of the moment?

2. If the CrossFit Genie could grant you one wish, what would it be?

3. What is your ONE most feared GOAT?


  1. Wow, girl. Great job!

  2. My goal for March was to get my strict/dead hang pull-up, and on Monday, it freaking happened!! It made my week!

    1. Congratulations Emilia! That's SO AMAZING! That's definitely one of my goals, I'm a long ways away from it. Great job!

  3. Awesome goals! At my box, we have a PG-13 board (Personal Goals 2013), and I wrote three up there:
    strict pull-up
    kipping pull-up (completed 2/18)
    handstand pushup

    One down, two to go! I'm making myself wait until I complete one goal before starting another, so hopefully I'll be adding another one soon :)

  4. I want to get to the 120lbs on the 13.1!
    I will get 50 consecutive double unders before April 1st!

  5. I'm working on: getting my squat up to 200lb, my dead lift twice my body weight. It would be icing on cake to get my body weight snatch and clean & jerk. I realize all of this will take some time. Strength doesn't come over night. I also want to hit 50 DU, my record is 15.

    If I had a Crossfit genie, my wish would be a coach. I can't afford (not an excuse) to have a coach that will create a specialized program for me. I have to find my own that works towards achieving my goals.

    My goat right now would be the lifts. My head gets in the way sometimes and I start to fear the weight.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about your coach and what you're doing to improve on your goals :)

    1. Lauren- I have the same problem with throwing weight above my head...if I know I'm going for a new PR. I get in my head about it and can't even get near my normal 1RM. Especially if I drop the bar in a weird way a couple times. BUT it's times like these that you need a coach who tells you to "man up" and pick up that weight (or your fellow workout partner who knows you well and lies to you about how much weight is on the bar-- this one works well!!)

    2. DarinMarie- I did have a coach for a little while that was on the US Olympic Weightlifting Team, and she really helped me with my technique. Now I'm trying to add the weight myself. I backed off for a while because I got pregnant and now I have a 14 month old, so priorities changed a bit. I still have goals and I'm working towards them, but at this time in my life it's not workable. Having a coach and/or training partner is valuable and I think one day I'll be able to make it work.

  6. I'm so new to all of this! My goals are to be able to do FIVE double unders, unbroken and a strict pull up! I'm getting so close I can taste it.

  7. Goals:
    6 strict pullups by May 1 (right now I'm at 3)
    10 kipping pullups by May 1 (now I'm at 2)
    1 handstand push up unassisted
    Clean 125#

    My wish is for Crossfit to be less expensive so I can afford both CF and spin.

    Goat - snatches (13.1 is going to be NOT fun!)

    1. Excellent goals! I agree, 13.1 is going to be a doozy!

  8. Awesome and so motivating! Keep up your hard work, love reading and following along :)


  9. Love this-- you're so right: "It's incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed with everything there is to know about the great sport of elite exercising." I've been crossfitting/lifting consistently for almost three years-- one of the things I love so much about it is that there's always, always, ALWAYS something new to master (or attempt to master).

    My strength goal right now is a lofty bodyweight snatch. If I could have one wish granted, it would be to string together more than three ring dips. I'll have to think about what goat scares me the most...

    Thanks for sharing this!

  10. Right now my goats are stringing together kipping pull-ups and more than 10-12 double unders. I can't do ring dips or HSPUs yet... but I know those just take time to build up the right muscles and a LOT of practice. Congrats on setting your goals. I have no doubt you'll be saying BOOM! DONE! very soon.

    1. More technical movements take a lot of practice, no worries, you'll be kipping your HSPU before you know it!

  11. What a great blog and exactly what I needed to see right now! Thank you for posting this. In October I became a level 1 CF trainer and in December sustained a very nasty calf tear from doing sprints (my own fault for not rehabbing from a previous injury). I went from 4 WOD's a week to not being able to even walk without crutches or drive (rt leg) for almost 3 weeks. The road to recovery has been frustrating and as most people who are drawn to CF to begin with, we are usually pretty competitive and are our own worst critics. All things considered, and from what I learned, is that I am really lucky it wasn't bad enough to require surgery. My goat right now is running. There are other goats- but this one was a goat "ghost" that has haunted me in the past, and was really improving when I got injured. I am learning to celebrate the small victories, accepting and realizing that any movement forward is progress. But now I will commit to creating goals for the running, and the other goats and make a plan on how they can be achieved. Good luck to all of you on your own journey.

    1. It's frustrating, dealing with injuries. But, sometimes, it's also a breath of fresh air. It forces us to slow our (what can be pretty scary) roll when we first start CrossFit, diving in head first and getting a little crazy. Been there, done that. I have sciatic nerve pain, tendonitis, I pulled a disc in my low back, trust me, been there, been there, been there. These days, it's just me, against me. I'm pushing my body every day, but taking care of it, too. My body is a temple. I can't beat this one to death, because it's the only one I've got. It's funny that the thing that drives us to ultimate fitness can also leave us hobbling, on crutches. Chin up. :)