Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Your Birrrrrfffday!

Whoohoo, the Husband turned 21 yesterday! 

His Commander called late Sunday evening to surprise him with the day off, so while he was slumbering away yesterday morning, I made up this sign for him to wake up to. I propped it up for him to see on the way to the bathroom (otherwise I knew he'd miss it ;)

 I couldn't get a wink of sleep, I think I was more excited for his Birthday then he was! Then the time change had me all messed up .... But ah, 6am came, copious cups of coffee were imbibed, and I was off to the gym for Spin class and some 500m repeats ...

then off to the box for coaching ... 

Where I met the Husband after class to throw down on his Birthday WOD!

 This is a Spin off of Zeus ... 3 rounds for his birth month (March), 31 reps for his years, and 11 body weight back squats (instead of 10), for the day of the month. I wanted to cash out with 1,982 double unders, but everyone else thought that was just unjustified torture.

Poor guy had no idea what was coming for him ... 

The worst part were the wall balls right after the back squats. 

I don't know what hurt more, my body or my stomach afterwards; I was so HUNGRAY. It took me just under 50 minuted to finish, and it took him just over an hour. Way to go, Husband!

We had brunch at this amazing restaurant in Decatur called Sun in My Belly. I drive by it every morning on my way to work ... if I'd only know what amazing food was inside, I would have stopped sooner!

We shared a small plate of the Challah French Toast with Whipped Honey Ricotta Cheese (Amazing! I can't believe neither of us had eaten Challah bread before, let alone Challah French Toast!)

I had an egg white omlette with smoked gouda, spinach, mushrooms and turkey, and a side of citrus fruits (grapefruit, tangelos, blood oranges). 

The Husband ordered the Dagwood - one giant, mountainous sandwich.

 I had a few clients to attend to, so the Husband headed home and went into a food/WOD coma - aka - took a nap, and I attended to my favorite fur babies. 

Sun's out, tongues out.

Later that evening, we met for drinks and dinner at a new restaurant in downtown Decatur called the Pinewood Tippling Room. 

Over 100 different types of whiskey!

It was kind of a fun surprise, I text him the address and told him to meet me. For all he knew, I was taking him out to McDonalds for his free Happy Meal.

No sweaty tank top? No chalk in my hair? 
Who is this person in heels?

Sneaky me brought the birthday cake in and left it with the manager. I am just amazed it arrived in one place, that cake was sliding and toppling all over the place in my car. Driving + cake in lap + stick shift = disaster.

Somehow, it made it. And the Husband loved it when they brought it out. :)

We drank, we ate (crispy pork belly!), we celebrated.

Cheers to another revolution around the sun and many WOD's in new Birthday shoes!

1. Are you ready for the next WOD they're announcing tomorrow for the Open?
I'm not sure if I'm doing it Friday or Saturday ...

2. What movement are you hoping for? What movement are you NOT hoping for?I'm looking forward to some double unders or hand stand push ups! Let's keep the muscle ups at bay for as long as we can.

3. Favorite kind of cake? 
Or are you a pie kind of person?
I LOVE cake; I love cheesecake and dark chocolate mousse cakes with epic amounts of frosting, that have to be choked down with copious amounts of cool Almond Milk.

 4. Frosting or cake?
FROSTING! I give the cake to my Husband, after I scoop off all of the frosting.


  1. I did Zeus for the first time last week-- that one was HARD!!! Happy belated to your husband!

  2. Y'all are so cute! I didn't know he did Crossfit too.

    For 13.2, I'm hoping for double unders too. I've been practicing.

  3. I'm hoping for ANYTHING BUT double unders... I'm going to Colorado so I'm hoping for low cardio since I'll be at altitude. Are you registered?? I tried to look up your results on the leaderboard but couldn't find you (yep - I'm a stalker!)

    Cake cake cake. I LOVE cake. And icing. :-)

    1. Last time I visited Colorado Springs, I got a nose bleed only 3 miles into my run. Brutal. Be careful!

      I'm not registered. The competition is just too fierce in this region. I don't need need the Open to tell me that I still have a lot of work to do! This has allowed me to focus on becoming a better coach and ease up on myself as an athlete. :)

  4. I know you probably already know this... but I don't crossfit, I know, shame on me ;)

    Happy Bday to your hubs and props to him for taking a beating on his birthday!!!

    I'm more of an ice cream girl, but I do LOVE me some cookies and brownies <3

    1. Ice cream ... covered in frosting? That would be me.

  5. I finally got the double under knack yesterday! I have been working for months and it FINALLY clicked. 23 uglies in a row spells SCORE. Now Im ready for them HSPU on the other hand...this long armed gal is worried!!Im hoping for power cleans and double unders.

    1. NICE WORK! It's like the Double Under God's new that the Open was coming and opened up the Gates to you! Haha :) Dude, DU's and cleans sounds fantastic.

  6. LOL I design wedding cakes (and birthdays/anniversaries/whatever occasion cakes) for a living so I pretty much love them all. Red Velvet with Marshmallow&Cream Cheese icing is my fav. I like a good balance between cake and icing, but leaning more towards the icing, obviously. Butter and sugar: the reason I needed to lose weight to begin with!

    Happy Birthday, Hubs! My daughter turns 9 today (3/13) so we'll be doing some birthday celebratin' here tonight ourselves! I can't believe he's only 21! You two look much older than you seem!

    1. Butter and sugar. I'm pretty sure this was the reason I was put on this Earth: to EAT all of the BUTTER AND SUGAR! Haha, you're not alone, my friend, not alone. :)

      He's really NOT 21! He's 31, haha, but who wants to turn 31?

  7. I have never done crossfit but after reading all your cool stuff I am looking into it! we only have one box in a like 100 mile radius (I live in Alaska its like the wilderness) so I'm kinda scared. But I love me my new fitfluential tanks I ordered after seeing your schweaty pix! I swear its motiviating to get done with a class & photo op my nasty wet back words to my hubs LOL. Oh and frosting for real! I am totally GF & corn free so its all frosting all the time :) congrats to the birthday man, your cake (and you!) looked beautiful!

    1. There's a lot of fun ways to modify the mainsite workouts (CrossFit.com has ALL the information you need, how to do the movements, videos, etc), and you can do modified CrossFit-type/GPP workouts at a regular gym!

      Alaska is amazing. The Husband and I are hoping to be stationed there in the future ... what part are you in?

    2. My family and I are gearing up to relocate to Ecuador. There are 7 boxes in the country, but NONE within 2.5 hours of where we want to live. My husband has done heaps of research on how to DIY Crossfit.

      Slosh pipes, sand bags, build your own jump box, make your own medicine balls, etc...I mean, just picking up odd shaped rocks works. The internet has the information you need. A gym is not necessary (though, it has been nice for the companionship and motivation). Good luck!