Monday, February 4, 2013

Moar (Overhead) Squatz

Happy Monday!

After a deathly Hero WOD yesterday ....

I made my way to Starbucks to refuel with some plain oatmeal (my normal protein shaker was not cutting it), and a tall Americano (with half and half) before tackling my grocery shopping for the week.

I barely survived the Superbowl crowds, but did make it home alive-ish enough to prep for the week.

 I've never been much of a food prepper, but I know that the key to success is having a plan and being prepared. So, I portioned out baked chicken and turkey meatballs into 3 oz servings, chopped the broccoli so it's easy to steam, chopped the onion so it's easy to throw into eggs or a sauteĆ©, chopped and sliced strawberries so they're easier to snack on or throw on top of my oatmeal. There's even some bell peppers ready to rock and roll, carrots cut into sticks and even a cantaloupe cubed up waiting to be devoured into perfectly portioned 1 cup measures.

Having fruit pre-portioned like this is not good for my crazy sweet tooth though. I'm a sucker for melon. 5 portions that I thought would last me through Friday, are more than half gone. If I make it through tomorrow, I'll chalk it up as a win.

Thank goodness I have raspberries to keep me company, too. Yum, 2% Greek Yogurt is the smoothest, creamiest, most delicious yogurt ever. 20 grams of protein, get in my bellllyyyy ....

With a happy belly, I fell asleep faster than a baby last night. But then 3am rolled around, and wtf, I had to get up to pee, and I was sleepy no more. I mean, nothing I could do was helping me fall back asleep. So, when the husband's alarm went off at 5:30, I decided to just wake up with him, rather than lay there in bed stressing about not sleeping. A few cups of coffee later, I was off to the gym. It just so happens, one of my favorite ladies teaches the 6:30am Spin on Monday mornings ...

Afterward, I pulled my trusty 1 pood bell and ab-mat out of the trunk for 6 rounds of:

10 situps
10 American swings
10 situps
10 kettlebell single arm overhead squats, 5 each arm
10 situps
10 kettlebell snatches, 5 each arm
10 situps
10 kettlebell strict press, 5 each arm

I've talked a little bit before about how important I think unilateral training is, and how I think I emphasized bilateral training for too long. My left side is considerably weaker than my left, which is why I have all of these issues on my right side (ie: bicep tendonitis, inflammation in my elbow). My stronger side (right side) has been compensating for my weaker left side; doing more work over time, resulting in these overuse injuries.
  • Here's a great opinion article from CrossFit Koncepts
  • Charles Poliquin talks about the importance of unilateral training here. 
  • Michael Rutherford has a great article on unilateral training benefits at Catalyst Athletics. 

All this unilateral training worked up my appetite! My belly was rumbling when I got home. After a quick shower, I whipped up my favorite new waffle recipe (high protein, low carb), and added 2 cups of spinach (that I'd blended in a little water in the Magic Bullet) to the mix. Oh my goodness, they were tasty! And all of that protein totally hit the spot.

Then I was off to work!

Running with my favorite furry pirate ...

Playing tug of war with the worlds goofiest pit bull ... 

Enjoying the flowers walking through Grant Park ... 

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with Amy Tan.

#1: The last book you read.
Safe Haven (yes, they're making a movie out of it soon).

#2: Favorite magazine subscription?
If I had to pick JUST one? Cesar's Way. Yeah, like the dog trainer. I love him and learn so much from the magazine. I love and subscribe to Runner's World, Military Spouse and Yoga Journal, too.

#3: Favorite flower?
Valentine's Day is coming up, what do you want in your bouquet? Peonies are my favorite. I love snap dragons because they remind me of my mom ... 
I've never really been a fan of roses, surprisingly. Too generic, too cliche?

#4: Kettlebells or barbells?
I could never choose one or the other! But I would LOVE to get my RKC certification or see about competing in kettlebell sport.

Amen if you agree!


  1. I just love your blog. Seriously. Rock on, sister!!

  2. Amen!

    Love your glasses, so cute!

    I love having prepped food during the weak, its a godsend, but I despise actually doing it. I'm also much weaker on my left side, more so in my legs. But my trainer incorporates 1-2 unilateral exercise in each of my workouts, so hopefully that will improve soon.

    1. I understand despising it, it really take some time! I think just that small amount I did, not even cooking; took almost two hours!

  3. I love your approach to unilateral training. My left side is much weaker than my right and it is something I am currently working on. It's definitely important to even the two out!

    1. It's nice to hear I'm not the only lop-sided one ;)

  4. Amen!! love your water bottle "Where My Water" lol. aw the pitbull is so darn cute!!! last book i read was the hunger game series. my favorite flower is a hibiscus :) i've never tried kettleballs, but have a feeling that if i did, i would love them lol

    1. "Where's my Drink?" Haha, I saw it at Victoria Secret and had to have it ;)

  5. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog a couple months ago! You seriously motivate the hell out of me! I've been going to the gym in my community for the last 7 months or so, but recently joined an LA Fitness and I'm trying to turn my intensity up a few notches. My husband is an Air Force recruiter so he does his own regimen in a different gym in the morning, but he's been coming with me and helping me these last couple weeks. Do you and your husband ever work out together? I'd like to do a half marathon with mine...I might be getting ahead of myself!

    1. My husband is an Army recruiter! Where are you guys stationed? How do you find getting in a workout at LA Fitness? The Globo's sure have some LAME rules. I got yelled at the other day for dropping the barbell (AT MT WAIST) to the ground.

      We used to workout together, but not anymore. (Or since I became faster and stronger, hah!)

      What half marathon did you sign up for?

    2. I knew your husband was in the Army, but I didn't realize he was a recruiter! He works out of Orlando, FL and I work out of Daytona Beach so we live somewhere in the middle. I had heard so many negative things about recruiting, but really it's not AWFUL. What do you think? Our LA Fitness isn't so bad. There's hulk-o-maniacs dropping much heavier weights than me all over the place so they leave me alone.

      It's funny you joked about being faster and stronger. I'm by no means there yet, but I'm coming up on him! Hope it doesn't hurt his ego. Haha.

      I haven't actually taken the plunge and signed up for the half marathon yet, but there's a 3.5 mile obstacle run called the Hero Rush that I'm pretty set on doing in November.

      PS - I made your brownie muffins over the weekend!

  6. #1: Working on the Mortal Instruments series-- think I just finished the fourth book. It's easy and fun to read. And good call on the peonies-- I love them too. I wish they bloomed more often!!

    1. Just added that series to my reading list - FUN! :)

  7. AMEN to the whole post. I don't understand why we don't live in the same area b/c I'm convinced we'd be besties.

    1. Book - can't remember. My schedule is crazy. Clearly this isn't the area where we would bond. ;)
    2. Magazine - Oxygen but Cesar's way is a close second. You don't hear many people list that as their fave mag.
    3. Flower - anything BUT roses. Totally overdone. Bleh.
    4. Kettlebell - LOVE! AND I was JUST looking at doing my RKC certification. I was actually going to start with HKC since the RKC certification is basically my salary for the month (not really). Anywho, I'm still debating. The class I'm looking at in March in NYC (if I'm remembering correctly). I have to admit. I am slightly intimidated by the whole thing.

    P.S. Food prep is the way to go if you're a busy gal like I am. It's a lot of work up front but totally worth it. I'd go hungry if I wasn't prepared. HUNGRY. And then I get HANGRY. No one likes that.

    Great post!

    1. Your blog is great! (Just went and had a peak). I'm in love with your whipped cottage cheese in mason jar breakfasts. I love anything in mason jars <3

      I totally know how you feel about RKC. Plus, it's very rigorous. Their standards are very high during the two-day certification, similar to the CrossFit Level 1 I think, which was fun, but tough!

  8. Amen. Amen. A-MEN! Those glasses are a sassy little number! That WOD looks like a killer! I don't remember the last book I read. But I want to find a good read. I love to curl up after a workout and just read something. Favorite magazine subscription is Runners World, 'cuz its the only one I have! :) I love the look of a bright wildflower bouquet, I don't know types of flowers, but I know the look I like. I think KBs and barbells have their places, but I haven't worked enough with either to have a favorite.

  9. 1. Strong Poison by Dorothy Sayers.
    2. Real Simple (except I don't actually Self Magazine).
    3. Red roses!
    4. Barbells...but I do love kettlebells, too!

  10. That "Nutts"workout sounds SO FUN! I can't wait to try it.
    My favorite magazine subscription is Cosmo. I think it's all the sex articles! ;) My favorite flower has always be Orchids. So, so pretty and delicate.

    1. It's a Hero WOD, so embrace the suck and remember why you're doing it when it gets tough. :)

  11. 1. The Love Dare
    2. Better Homes and Gardens and Fitness
    3. Yellow Roses
    4. Barbells

    What all snacks do you prep for the week?


  12. I'm reading "What Alice Forgot" -- really good so far. I love Bon Appetit, pansies, and kettlebells. :)