Sunday, February 10, 2013

I'm A Pretty New Penny

 I finally, finally, finally updated my iPhone. I don't know what OS I was on, but I knew that it was so archaic that half my apps stopped working, and my camera would no longer open. #fail

After backing up nearly FOUR THOUSAND photos from over the last 2 years (they were the only thing I cared about), I restored my iPhone.

It's glorious! It's runs faster, I have all of this SPACE on my hard drive, all of the apps run beautifully, and the new operating system is pretty sweet. What are we on, iOS6? I'm like a fresh new penny, people!

I fell in love with my iPhone all over again, and even went out and bought myself a new case. Except, it's for iPhone5. #fail Looks like someone just has to go buy the phone so that I can use this case. #firstworldproblems

Why am I hash tagging my blog post? #facepalm

Gym sessions this weekend were glorious. 

I've come to the realization that .... I just love exercise. In all of its forms.

I know that Spin is probably detracting from my (sad excuse for) strength and I should be devoting more time to lifting and CrossFit, blah blah blah, but Spin is just so much fun. And working out alone is not. And until I join a box (if I ever join a box), I will probably always belong to a globo and take advantage of their classes. And I'm not going to feel an OUNCE of guilt about it. 



Spin class (about an hour)
OPT function WOD:
100 double unders (unbroken)
50 burpees (really slow)
30 hanging leg raises (instead of toe to bar)
15 wall walks (forgot how fun these are! NOT)
1000m row (really wanted sub 4:05, wasn't happening)

My poor glutes were feeling those walking lunges from yesterday, no pulling power.

Disclaimer: I wear my heart rate monitor to make sure I'm not slacking off too much since I do workout alone these days. Not to see how many calories I've burned. I like to see my beats per minute/percentages, very similar to the RPE scale we're taught to use when doing a CrossFit Endurance workout. Because honestly, when I'm working out alone, doing 5 burpees in a row feels like a 10 on the RPE scale.

The first workout was Spin and the WOD combined, and the second workout (I didn't mean to stop by watch), was a 25 minute stair sprint drill (120 floors, 2.5 miles!) Notice how my average was much higher during that workout? I didn't go as hard like I did in my first workout (max 94% vs 88%) but I maintained a higher work output for a longer time ... 

 I started my watch again on the way out of the gym to monitor just how elevated my heart rate is after a hard workout. And for almost 2 hours, it was pretty elevated, hovering right around 85-110 beats per minute. I sat down and ate, read the paper, got groceries, and filled up my gas tank in that window of time.

I'm kind of a numbers gal, what can I say ...

Blueberry chocolate chip waffles

Sand dollar cinnamon pancakes

Maple glazed roasted brussels sprouts and turkey bacon pancakes

If you think I'm obsessed with numbers, it's nothing compared to my breakfast obsession. Or this mix.

 1. What cell phone do you have?
I'm still using the iPhone 4, but finally on the new iOS!

2. If you could only do one kind of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I don't think I need to answer this ... ;)

3. What motivates you to workout?


  1. You wouldn't even know what I meant if I told you my cell phone type because it's so irrelevant aha. So wish I had an iphone but it wouldn't be a financially responsible decision for me aha.

    Someday being able to do what you do motivates me to work out. I'm years, and thousands of work outs from being where you are but when I see what you do I die of shame a bit and I'm like no.. one day you will be that strong.

    1. Just remember, the journey is the best part! I still have TONS of skills and strength benchmarks I want to meet. I remember when I couldn't clean a 45# barbell. patience; enjoy the journey!

  2. I've been reading your blog for some time now and all I can say is you are so inspiring! I hope I can develop a mindset like yours one day!

    1. Joy, thank you. Your words are so touching!

  3. i have old LG phone lol will not be getting a new one for a while, hope it lasts me!!!
    i honestly can't answer that, i love weights and running too much!!
    food!! and of course how strong i feel afterward :)

    1. I agree, I do feel a little like Super Woman after some of those crazy hard workouts. :)

  4. Hoe do you like the SFH protein?? Im seriouslu cinsiderig treating myself to some. Is it worth the price?
    I have a LG lucid. I had a nice HTC but someone broke it while i had it charging at work :(
    The changes in my body and in my.confidence is what motivatss me to workout.

    1. I really like it. I also like MRM from Whole Foods though, not as expensive, but the same stuff. Shop around for a good, clean protein that suits your needs. Try a few samples first to see if you think you need to make the jump. The flavor isn't anything special. ;) But, the protein is quality.

  5. I have been trying to decide on a brand and type of heart rate monitor, how do you like the Polar? What type of Polar is it? I have a Samsung Galazy Blaze, you you tried the WODBOX app? its great for doing wods alone. My motivation for excersize is a nicer butt, skin and also makes me feel more energized. My favorite form of working out is anything competitive, perferably volleyball.

    1. The Polar was a gift for me a few Christmas's ago, I don't even think they make that model anymore! But, I can't tell you how motivating it is working out alone. I didn't use it for months when I was in Texas and working out with my girls, but now that I need the extra push, it really helps!

      I LOVE Volleyball! I heard there are some recreational teams out here in Atlanta, wonder if there are any in my neck of the woods ... I played in High School. I have to credit my thighs to all of that JUMPING!

  6. I have an iPhone 4s and lurve it! I've had an iPhone since they came out originally and I can never go back.

    The only exercise I consistently do is run. I enjoy it when I can do it on my own terms LOL It just feels good! And race season is coming up so that'll be more motivation to stick it out.

    1. I've had an iPhone since they first launched as well ... I even have the old unlimited plan that they no longer offer, they keep grandfathering it for me. ;)

  7. iPhone 4s <3 it!!!

    I <3 lifting, cardio is love/hate

    Motivation: well... you for one... and to be my own personal best. To have a firm stomach for once in my life! And I freaking LOVE FOOD!!!

    1. FOOD! it makes the world go ROUNNDDDDD and my tummy too! :)

  8. Thanks for the tip on the pancake mix. I bought some this weekend at Kroger, and some of their sugar free syrup. Gonnna make some pancakes for this week!

    1. Whoo! Let me know what you think!

  9. IPhone 4S - love it. Don't see the need to upgrade to the 5 yet. Not enough difference in the performance. I would have to lift HEAVY weights over and over again for the rest of my life. My motivation is probably 2 fold. 1) FOOD and WINE!! 2) Satisfaction of lifting more than most of the guys at my gym...they are such posing prima-donas!!

  10. Ooo, I love numbers! Yeah. I'm a nerd like that. I have an iPhone 4s. Does CF count as one kind of exercise? I love that it can be made cardio intense or weight intense or a happy medium. My motivation is to be, feel, and look healthy! And to have the occasional indulgence of sweets. And by occasional, I mean once/day. :)

    1. No, CrossFit doesn't count as one type of exercise AT ALL, it's GPP: general physical preparedness. CrossFit is a BROAD, general, all-inclusive fitness. It is made up of 10 fitness domains:
      1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance
      2. stamina
      3. strength
      4. flexibility
      5. power
      6. speed
      7. agility
      8. balance
      9. coordination
      10. accuracy

      What CrossFit has done is take specific sports and made them more general, so that the normal person can practice them and reap the benefits everday: like Olympic Lifting. Like Powerlifting. Like track & field. Like gymnastics. Like running. CrossFit is all of these sports. And we don't ever want to specify - that is to lose the element of what CrossFit is: a broad form of fitness.

  11. Hello! I was wondering some of your staple or "go to" foods, i basically live in my car. I am ALWAYS on the go and its so challenging to stay half healthy let alone perfect dieting. I seen you use maple groves sugar free pancake mix, is there any other go to grocery items? :)

    1. Yes, Sunday food prep. I make

      *brownie protein bites
      *mini quiches
      *protein waffles (keep them in the freezer and pop in the toaster oven)
      *mason jar salads

      I also am in my car a lot! Good snack-y things include:
      *hard boiled eggs
      *turkey meatballs
      *tuna and crackers
      *cheese sticks
      *bell pepper strips and hummus
      *grape tomatoes

      Hope this helps!