Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Squat With Your Spurs On

Fck yeah, Friday! 

This morning's WOD:
100 yard farmer carry, 55/35#
10 dumb bell step ups

25m dumb bell bear crawl
Rx, 4 rounds

Use the two same dumb bells throughout.

Today has just been a winning kind of day. 

Even traffic into Midtown couldn't get me down!

It started off right with a WOD. At a box. Yes, at a CrossFit box. Someone finally pulled her big girl panties up and decided to get a life and at least see what the other boxes around here have to offer.

I found myself at CrossFit East Decatur at 9am this morning, warming up alongside a few other folks ready to embrace the suck before embracing their weekend.

Literally a stones throw from my house, CrossFit East Decatur is owned and run by Shana Alverson, Unicorn. (If you know CrossFit, you know of which unicorn I speak of.) 

And then all the sudden, she was there. In the flesh. If I hadn't already been sweating and dying because I was in the middle of the WOD, I would have been sweating and dying seeing her otherwise; she's a beautiful woman, a stellar athlete, and runs her own business. All packed into a tight and tiny 5'4 frame. Talk about tasting the freaking rainbow, this girl IS the rainbow!

Just being in the presence of someone like her makes you want to try harder. Combined with super friendly coaches, a great facility, a laid-back atmosphere, and the location, I could easily see myself becoming a member here.

They were cool enough to let me drop in, unannounced, at no charge, so it was the least I could do to buy a few things from the Pro Shop. (Right, like I need an excuse to buy sh!t).

 I need this sign!

I need this sweater!

 I need this tank!

I didn't quite catch it in the photo, but do you see that charming little breast pocket? Awww.

Of course, a winning kind of day requires bright blue Wunder Unders. 

I dropped the turd nugget off at the groomers (he was seriously looking homeless), and did what I do best: stuff my face.

Yum, Whole Paycheck Foods strikes again! I opted for a portioned plate, this way I could kind of eyeball my portions and wouldn't wind up at the counter paying for a $32.45 salad.

I had some time to kill, so I meandered into TJ Maxx. And found some adorable things; a few tops by Valerie Bertinelli, and these amazing pants. I didn't pull the trigger on them though, I didn't like how they fit around my butt. As I was doing squats, they kept falling down? Calvin Klein apparently does not understand CrossFit athletes and our ample behinds.

Splashy pants or no, the day ended on a sweet note: Elliott got the best hair cut ever, and I finally bought those black glittery Toms I've wanted since Christmas. 

It's like a party - for your feet!

Have you ever had Not-Buyers Remorse? 
When you wish you would have bought that thing ... To go back and they no longer have it in your size, color, etc.

Favorite item from the Whole Foods Salad bar?
I always get the cabbage crunch; it's a kind of slaw made with apple cider vinegar and purple cabbage, so good!

Are you on My Fitness Pal?
I recently started an account; help keep me accountable in the clean eating department! 
Friend me! My aims are to eat a balanced diet; not a perfect diet. Balance to me means the right macro-nutrient breakdown of proteins, carbs and fats. No more than 150g of carbs a day, roughly 90-140 grams of protein a day, and the rest in fat.


  1. Those Toms are really cute. I've thought about getting a pair. Are they comfortable?
    I've had Not-Buyers Remorse before and was bummed about it but I'm usually in search of something and can't find it.
    I've never had Whole Foods salad bar.
    I'll have to check out My Fitness Pal maybe it will help keep me in check. Where did you get the numbers 150g for carbs, 90-140g for protein? Is that specific to you?

    1. Those are numbers that I've learned work for me over time. They vary depending on my workout(s) of the day.

  2. Love TOMS! The last pair I bought are pink with the lace holes?? Love them!
    No non-buyer remorse here.
    Ooo...tonight I made a salad with cabbage, lettuce and green apple with a dressing of evoo, apple cider vinegar and mustard. YUM!
    I've been using mfp for about 18 months now. I try to hit around 120 carbs (I've been going just a tad over lately though, oops), at least 100g protein and lots-o-fat. I've just started lifting again so I'm gonna have to see if I need to adjust in a few weeks! Love mfp though!

    1. Your salad sounds delicious! I've written it down to hopefully add to my salad arsenal this week!

      I love your attitude about fats; the more the merrier!

  3. i have had that!! except that i never end up going back so i then regret not even trying and going back lol.
    i have yet to buy a salad from them, whenever i go out to get a salad, i always forget about them, probably because they are new to my area.
    i might try that, never knew what it was about....
    i have those same toms! i love them, they are so comfy yet cute :) i haven't had the chance to wear them in a while though, i need to get on that!

    1. If you decide to try MFP, share your username with us. Accountability is a girls best friend. ;)

  4. I can't believe you've had a box so close by and never checked it out!! I hope it works out well for you! I may look for you on myfitnesspal to check out what youre eating since my goals as far as macros are the same as yours, hope that's not too creepy! Lol

    1. Of course it's not creepy, that's why I shared my account on MFP. To learn from others and to of course, stay accountable myself. It's hard keeping the ratios correct, but overtime, I'm getting a little better at it. :)

  5. I love Broccoli Slaw. You can roast it and make it crunchy, eat it raw in salads or nuke it and add chicken and thai peanut sauce for an awesome meal...I have those EXACT same Toms. I love them. Of course, I love anything with a little extra bling.
    Man, have I ever had not-buyers remorse before. My normal problem with that is that it always involves a store I have to travel to get to. Then, I hate having to make time to make a long trip on the outside chance that the item is still there. (You can guess how often that works in my favor! )

    1. I haven't tried roasted my slaw, but damn, that sounds delicious!

  6. I have not-buys remorse all the time and then get mad when I can't find something else that is similar to what I wanted. I have a similar problem with a lot of workout pants. What is your favorite brand that stays put for squatting, sprinting, etc?

    1. I love my Victoria Secret Yoga pants, they are 100% cotton though, so they do show when they're sweaty ;) I also love my Nike Legend tights. I have a hard time WODing in my Lululemon Wunder Unders; they tend to slide down, too.

  7. I have not-buyers remorse halfway often :( So now my general rule is that if I can't stop thinking about the item, I go back and get it as soon as I can. But only if it has completely taken over my mind :) I don't have a whole foods near me, which is probably a good thing for my wallet! I am on MyFitnessPal, but I don't use it anymore. When I did, I was obsessing way too much about what I was eating, and I've decided to move onto a more balanced approach and listen to my body.

    Also, your blue Wunder Unders are one of the best things I've seen recently. And I'm glad you tried a box and liked it!

    1. The last bit of your comment made me laugh! I agree; when I see them they just make me smile - I mean, bright blue?!

  8. The owner of our box has been in the top 10-15 at the crossfit games for the past five years... they recently added a 7pm wod monday and wednesday and only two other people usually come besides me and my husband. BUT the owner coaches that class on wednesday and it's amazing! It feels great to have someone so talented give me tips or compliments. I work my butt off extra hard in that class ;)

  9. Maybe I missed it?...Was CrossFit Midtown a bad fit? I always have to return clothes from Title 9. They look so cute but fit all wonky. I always have non-buyers remorse but have to remind myself about the turdy fit.

  10. I get non-buyers remorse all the time but over the holidays when I was traveling I spotted a pair of gold glitter Toms tucked away on a high shelf behind the counter of a ritzy thrift shop. I had the lady climb up there and pull them down. My size and never worn. I snapped them up and have hardly taken them off since. Glad I got them because that would have been terrible non-buyers remorse with them 1,000 miles away!
    Never been to a Whole Foods, but Runtastic told me the other day that they connect with My Fitness Pal now. I was pondering investigating MFP but just haven't taken the time yet.

  11. I have been following your blog for a while and I love it!

    I get non-buyers remorse all the time. I always end up thinking that I will go back and get something and then when I go back it is gone in my size. Whole Foods always ends up costing a fortune when I go to get "a little something" to eat, but I always end up going back.

    I haven't used My Fitness Pal, but I have been thinking about it since I am becoming more interested in my nutrient breakdown. I am working to eat more clean. I am not a horrible eater by any means, but since I have stopped doing strict paleo (gallbladder issues), I am trying to be more mindful about the foods that I am eating and focusing on clean eating.

  12. Hi Courtney,
    I am a coach at Crossfit East Decatur and a dear friend of mine from Cali messaged me yesterday to tell me CFED was mention in your blog. I shared the blog post with Shana (the Unicorn) and she reposted it on her FB page. I am really glad to hear you enjoy your wod. I hope you join us again soon.