Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bear Fly Waffle Pit


 Is there a better way to start the weekend?

I love protein. 
I love how happy and full it makes my tummy.
I love protein in recipes like this. 
Because I feel like I can eat like a fat girl, minus all the fat-girl-ness.

If you follow me on My Fitness Pal, you'll see that this gorgeous pile of pancakes, topped with SF syrup, PB2 and toasted hazelnuts, was roughly 330 calories. Which doesn't sound like a very filling breakfast - normally, it wouldn't have been. But this one was protein-packed. We're talking close to 30g of protein! Ah, happy, full, sustained tummy!

 Sugar-Free Protein Waffles
Makes 3 waffles (or pancakes)
Serves 1

1/2 cup Sugar Free Maple Grove Farms Pancake Mix
1/3 to 1/2 cup water (until you find desired consistency)
3 tablespoons egg whites
1 tablespoon applesauce
dash of cinnamon
dash of vanilla

1. Heat waffle iron or griddle to medium-high. Grease or spray with non-stick.
2. Pour 1/3 batter into iron or into griddle. (If making pancakes, flip right when bubbles begin to pop). 
3. Enjoy!

I topped mine with PB2 and SF maple syrup, as well as a few toasted hazelnuts, chopped up. They add an insanely delicious nutty flavor and sweet aroma.

Enjoyed with a cup of my favorite tea. 

I ate a little later in the morning than I usually do (this was more like brunch) and this stack kept me full well into the afternoon and into my class at FlyWheel Atlanta at 2pm.

I was invited as part of the Yelp Elite Squat to try out a complimentary class at FlyWheel Buckhead. I'd heard pretty sweet things about the studio, but since it's so far out of my area (almost 25 minutes from my house), it didn't seem realistic. 

This indoor Spin class ended up being so freaking awesome, I would consider driving 9000 miles a day for a class here! It's all in the BIKES. They display RPM's, Torque and Power Output, and the instructor bases the class and work around these numbers (none of that "give me 2 turns" or "get yourself on a good hill" nonsense). Instead, she's telling you how many RPM's you need to be at, how much torque (what gear you need to be in), and shit, it's HARD! 

But do you know what I love about hard work? Being rewarded for it. The selling point for this competition-crazed girl? At the end of every song, whether it be a sprint, a hill climb, or intervals, the name of the riders that produced the most power output (highest torque + high RPMS), were displayed on a leader board (flat screen TV's) for the whole class to see. BOOM!

It's everything I love about CrossFit, now blended into my other favorite activity: Spin Class!

The Stadium Seating was also pretty sweet.

After the class, I still had a little bit in the tank and was itching to get under a barbell.

I found myself in an almost-empty gym (just how I love it!) and facing my first Bear Complex.

How can you really call yourself a CrossFitter, or an athlete, for that matter, if you've never gone through a complex? Eager to check that off my List of Suck-Less-At-Life List, I set up my barbell and got to it. I had no idea where I wanted to wind up, but I'm pretty happy with 110#. Brutal.

Round 1: 65# (way too light)
Round 2: 70# (still way too light)
Round 3: 80# (shit, felt that one)
Round 4: 100# (realized I'd better get some weight on there before the final round)
Round 4: 110#

I have mixed feelings about this. Considering how little I've been doing ANY overhead working since moving to Atlanta (almost 6 months), I can't really be too upset.  The hardest part was fighting my sweaty hands. Hyperhydrosis SUCKS. Not being able to set the bar down to wipe off and re-chalk was miserable.


But shoot, I felt pretty strong afterwards, mentally, if not physically.

I was ravenous at this point. Not in the mood to cook, but ready to feast, I opted for Pita Pit. I drive by it almost every day on my way home, but had never had the pleasure of enjoying it.

And enjoy it, I did! They have a ton of different salads, pitas, etc. All of the nutritional information is available (they really push being healthy), so I was able to eat clean! I finished every last bite of my tasty chicken and veggie pita without an ounce of guilt.

Ever done The Bear Complex? Any complex? How'd you do?

Is there a restaurant that's new to you that you've tried recently? What did you think?

Doughnuts or ... doughnuts? No seriously, what's your favorite kind of doughnut? All this healthy talk is making me crave a damn maple bar.


  1. Tried Smash Burger for the first time today, Big SMash, no bun, Sweet Potato Smash Fries...everything was awesome.

  2. Those pancakes look so yummy! I will have to try the recipe..what is your my fitness pal username?

  3. The bear complex is a real ass kicker. Not being able to put the bar down between reps is torture during the heavier sets. I haven't done it in a while, but I think my heaviest was #100. I should try it again soon, once my wrist heals and I am able to pick up a barbell again!

  4. Where do you find that pancake mix? I looked at walmart (longshot i know) and Publix and didnt see it. Thanks!

  5. That sounds AWESOME!! I'd love to have that in spin! I started following you on MFP!
    I have never done the "bear complex" but at my gym ( We do something similar- 5 deads, 5 power cleans, 5 thrusters, 5 back squats, 5 overhead! I worked up to #105 for a PR a few weeks ago! The thrusters kill it!

  6. You are a huge role model to me and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am naturally really skinny and I have been trying to lift heavy to gain weight. I am slowly seeing increases but I started Wendler last week so I hope to see some gains! All of my friends are running a half marathon this summer and want me to join them. Do you think it is counter-productive for me to start training to run it if my ultimate goal is to gain weight, build muscle, and lift heavy?

  7. Bear complex is physically tough but also mentally. It's been a few months, but last time I lost count on my final set! So I went with the lower number to make sure I really did all the reps. CrossFit math is hard, man!

  8. What brand of protein do you use for your pancakes and things when you bake?

    Love your site!

  9. Fluffy waffles are one of my favorite breakfasts. Love your recipe!! Favorite kind of doughnut is blueberry cake!

  10. Hello! Recently found you and I've been having a blast reading about your adventures in exercise, food and military wifery. I have been looking for ways to incorporate protein into morning meals as drinking a shake is getting rather stale. This recipe looks perfect, but upon close inspection, seems to be missing the key ingredient...protein. Now, I can assume that you used a scoop or maybe two, but I'm a little (read- a lot) OCD and figured I better ask rather than make assumptions. Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing the flavor or even the brand you use, that would be the SF syrup on the waffle. ;) TIA!

  11. Just wanted to say that I make these pancakes almost every day. They are super filling, super delicious. And well, just super! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!

    1. Amy- I wrote the above message and have yet to receive a reply. Perhaps you can help?
      Thanks. ~Ali