Friday, February 22, 2013

And The Winner Is ...

*I apologize, I had this set to publish last night, apparently I'm too N00B to even know how to do that! #bloggerfail


Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and check out ViewSPORT's sweet goods, but the time has come! The winner of the ViewSPORT apparel giveawy is Gaby! Congrats girl!

"I'm not sure how I can pick just one, but if I MUST.. my favorite shirt is the Go HAM/Go hard tank in Teal. These shirts are just so badass. I love them all!"
If you guys haven't checked out her blog, head over there now, this girl is pretty beast! She's is going to make ViewSPORT sweaty apparel look goooood.

This morning my alarm went off at the ripe hour of 5:45. Ouch.

I drug my sorry behind out of bed and to 6:30 Spin class, taught by a great instructor and serious cyclist himself. Every time I ride with my new cycling shoes, I feel so much more confident riding in them, and I feel like my stroke/power output is becoming more and more powerful/efficient. 

To top of the morning, I coached the 8am class through Hang Power Snatches and a fun little metabolic burner. I have to say, coaching might be one of the MOST rewarding feelings, ever. :)

I played around with the Coach's Eye app on my iPhone, and the students LOVED being able to see their lifts in slow motion. I feel like some of the points I was trying to hammer home about the bar path "clicked" once they saw themselves in super slow-motion. A lot of early arm benders out there, myself included!

I refueled with a fantastic breakfast of oats, egg whites, Designer Whey protein in White Chocolate, almond butter and strawberries, and a cup of chai tea. 

I'm off to get a mani & pedi ... and then Reynold's Plantation, here we come!

1. Would you rather drink tea or coffee?

2. Favorite brand of coffee or tea?

3. Are your toes painted? What color?


  1. Coffee all the way! I haven't found a tea that I like yet, but I practically run on coffee.

    Favorite coffee? Starbucks Casi Cielo- ALL TIME FAVORITE! But whatever my church brews is some fantastic stuff.

    And yes to the painted toes- this week they're Cozu-melted in the sun (OPI brand). I try painting my fingernails- I actually have a "power-polish" because I'm superstitious about weird things like that. I'm convinced it gives me more strength/power when I wear it ;) but Crossfit chips my fingernail polish faster than anything.

    From your Instagram pictures, it looks like you're having a great vacation so far! Enjoy!

  2. Tea or coffee? Depends on the time of day. Coffee in the AM and tea the rest of the day, but mostly iced. (Hello - we're in the south, not England!! ;)
    Favorite coffee - Royal Cup, tea - Constant Comment Cinnamon Stick....YUM..
    Toes are always painted. Currently a Cover Girl Outlast shade - Toasted Almond - Their new Outlast polish stays on like the BOMB!!!

  3. Definitely coffee! I have tried to like tea but I just can't. I usually drink Donut House coffee from my Keurig which is delicious! I try to go biweekly for a pedi but it ends up being once a month. Currently my toes are a reddish pink (OPI).

  4. 90% of the time: coffee (with half n half, thank-you-very-much). No favorite brand, but decaf hazelnut is the way to my heart.
    Totally need to paint my horrendous runner/CrossFit toenails. Blech!
    Since I didn't win the Viewsport giveaway, at least I can be happy to find Gaby's blog--congrats!

  5. Woohoo!! I'm ELATED and shocked.. I've never won a give away before! Thanks so much for hosting this, Court! :) I can't wait to sweat it out in my new gear.

    I need coffee on the daily to get myself up and going, but I'm also a tea whore. I love loose leaf tea for relaxing or sitting around chatting with friends. My favorite coffee is Starbucks, for sure. Their via packets are stellar for times I can't make it to the store in person.

    1. Hey girl! Would you go ahead and shoot me an email! I'll need your mailing address and a few other deets from you. :) Either or

  6. i would rather drink coffee, so good!! i just love the taste lol. starbucks fan for liiifffeeee!!!

  7. How are spin shoes different? I always run in my Vibram 5 finger shoes, so I spin in them too. It hurt at first, but I got used to it.Maybe I should try spin shoes? I loooovvvvee coffee!!