Friday, January 25, 2013

Green Goddess Proatmeal

If you follow me on Facebook, if you follow me on Instgram, you know how crazy I've been going the last few days over my Magic Bullet (best Christmas gift, ever!)

My new favorite concoction? Green Goddess Proatmeal. I made my favorite creamy dreamy oats, threw it in the Magic Bullet, added 1/4  of a super ripe banana, a dash of almond milk (so it blends easier), and crammed the rest of it full of baby spinach (about 1 1/2 cups).

 I'm dying to try different greens in there. Kale, anyone?

 And it blows my mind, because you don't taste ANY of the earthy spinachy flavor. 
Mind blown.

A little oatmeal, some eggs, a little spinach. A perfect breakfast!

Have you tried my banana brownie protein bites yet? I topped one with my favorite crunchy peanut butter and died, it tasted so decadent.

Even my husband loves them. Winning.

Today is a rest day (thank goodness, I'm wiped this week). I went to IKEA this morning and enjoyed some breakfast and picked up a few things for the casa (frying pan, bedding, candles, etc).

 I couldn't resist that cinnamon roll ... ;)

 Since I was in the area ... 
(who are we kidding, do we ever need an excuse to stop into Lululemon!?)

I found these super fantastic bright blue (my favorite color!) wunder under crops and a bright coral run speed short (my other favorite color!) and a sweet headband. 

Like the cinnamon roll this morning wasn't enough. How about that bowl of delicious frozen goodness? Raspberries, Oreos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Butterfinger, on dark chocolate frozen yogurt (sweeteend with Stevia!) Man, I know how to get my fat girl on!

Since I'm working in Buckhead this weekend, I signed up to try out a Blast 900 class tomorrow morning. ;) A friend of mine from CrossFit Midtown says it's a great workout! If a CrossFitter recommends it, hey, I'm willing to try it. I'm always willing to try something new and I love that "group" workout atmosphere (ahem, CrossFit ;)

From their website:

"BLAST900 is a fat shredding, muscle toning, personalized group exercise class in which people of every fitness level alternate between cardio on a treadmill and strength training on the floor, each working at their own pace to reach THEIR maximum effort. Our specific formula for creating our class structure is what guarantees each client THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT and will forever change how you look, feel and perform."

They call is Blast 900 because they say you literally blast 900 calories. Now, I think the whole calories burned thing is kind of a dorky way to go about measuring your workout and level of fitness, but I take it to mean it's a pretty intense class. 

Have you heard of or tried a Blast900 class?

Are there any new classes or movements or fitness-y things that you've been wanting to try?

Do you prefer working out alone or with a group?


  1. Hey! I'm so glad I found your blog! I am also an Army spouse and a "petite athlete" coming in at a whopping 5'0" and 109lbs. My husband and I just PCS'ed to Fort Hood. I came across your blog while I was looking for some motivation right before my deadlifting session. I look forward to reading more! :D

    1. Fantastic! There are some great gyms on-post! Check out Harvey, Applied Fitness and Burba gym (may still be under Reno.) They offer classes at Abrams like Spin and Zumba, as well as yoga, TRX, Zumba, tai chi at Applied. Fort Hood even has a power lifting team, if you're interested in training with them! I miss it so much! Let me know if I can help you in any way adjusting there!

  2. I did try your banana brownie bites, and they're delicious! Can't wait to try pb on one....maybe for dessert tonight. They're also really good with a spoonful of greek yogurt and some strawberries. Very cute clothes you found :)

    1. I just finished my last brownie bite, they were so tasty, I have to admit ;)

  3. Hello! I went to your recipes section but didn't see the banana brownie bites, I'd love to try them though, they look so good!

  4. I got a bullet last year for Christmas and am obsessed. Only thing this bad boy is not so good at is dates, tried that last week for a recipe and failed

  5. never heard of blast900, sounds interesting though!! Mmmmm that cinnamon roll and the froyo looks to die for, good thing i'm getting froyo today ;)

  6. I love your blog!!! I have been inspired to purchase the magic bullet, I always look at it in store and then put it back but I am going to make the purchase next time I see it. The Brownie bites look really good!

  7. Hi! Stumbled across your blog with the 300 workout on pinterest, and I really admire your discipline & workout schedule. :)
    Does your green goddess proatmeal start with cooked oatmeal, or something different? So excited to try it (probably with kale), thanks!

    1. So happy you found me! Yes, cook the oats like you normally would, or like I do, with added egg whites to make them creamy dreamy, then pour them into the MB with the raw greens of choice!