Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blast 900 & ATL Food Truck

I have eaten my weight in naughty food this weekend! I was traveling for work, so took the opportunity to just enjoy myself. I rarely visit these areas of Atlanta and wanted to soak it all in.

IKEA Cafe breakfast

Chiptole Carnitas salad (no rice, no beans)

Thank goodness for Monday and a new week! I have never been more excited to get back to clean eating! I actually miss my spinach proatmeal and egg whites.

This weekend was a BLAST! Literally. Since I was staying in the Buckhead area, I decided to sign up for a class at Blast 900. A friend recommend it a few months ago, but because of the commute, I could never make it.

Rocking my new Lululemon Run Speed Shorts

It was a sweet and sweaty hour of intense intervals on the treadmill and fast moving weights. Our class was 60 minutes long and we were broken up into two groups: group one began on the treadmills, group two began on the floor (weights).

 Our class was set up to rotate in 5 minute intervals: floor to treadmills, treadmill to floor. 

Warming up

Every Blast class is different, which is what makes it so fun! Ours went a little like this:

30 seconds crunches
30 second plank
30 second plank jacks
30 seconds push ups
30 seconds bicycles
repeat x2

Switch to treadmill:
Incline: 12%, running 5.5 mph
30 second intervals work/rest

The circuits changed every 5 minutes; we didn't repeat one movement in that hour! We were climbing hills, sprinting, side shuffling and doing tabata's on the treadmills, then we were doing dumb bell curls, push press, tricep extensions, plank jacks, push ups, jump squats, lunges, burpees, sweating it out on the floor.

If it were closer, I would totally consider a monthly membership, but it's just not feasible with my schedule right now.

 My legs were noodles afterward.

I can't compare it to a CrossFit workout, because they're just not the same. Apples & oranges. When you start moving heavy weight around quickly, well, there's just no other workout like it in the world - that shit is hard. And leaves me feeling ATE UP. Like, I have to sit down on the floor of the shower afterwards. Like, I need help getting my sports bra off, because I can't raise my arms above my head. Yeah, ate up. Broke off.

But Blast? It was fun, not overly complicated and not a huge CNS killer. Light weights, body weight movements, loud music, great cueing, and someone was there to refill my water bottle for me when I drank it all. What! I could get used to that. Just saying.

To round off the weekend, the Husband and I had our date night at the Atlanta Food Truck park.

Visiting the park was on my "ATL Bucket List" and trying something from every one of the trucks is on there, too. We feasted so hard, I thought someone was going to have to roll us home.

The husband and I shared everything. But let's not kid around, I was stuffed! 

Glyocen stores thoroughly replenished, I was uber ready for a hot and heavy Spin class this morning. In my radical new yoga leggings from Victoria's Secret, no less.

I have dubbed them my Tron pants. I feel a PR coming on very soon.

Do you have a pair of PR pants? (Or just a favorite pair of pants you feel like a rockstar in?)

Name the best thing you ate this weekend!
That sea salt dark chocolate pretty much rocked my world. 

Have you ever ordered from a food truck? Have a favorite one in your area?
The Blaxican is my new favorite. Those are the best sweet potato fries I've ever had. And I don't say that lightly.

Your last workout apparel purchase was from?
Lululemon (my bright blue wunder unders!)


  1. no but now i wish i did lol!
    never ate at a food truck, my town is too small and i haven't had the time/money to travel around yet.
    last pair was underarmor capris and tank :)!! love them to death!
    best thing i had was a sandwich called "Uncle Tony's Pastrami" and boy was it delicious!!! had me wanting it every meal of every day! uh drool.

    1. I LOVE some pastrami! One of my favorites!

  2. I have heard about that blast 900 class! Sounds fun!!! I don't have pr clothes yet.... Mostly because I look like a slob when I go to the gym! Maybe when I lose the last of my lbs I will splurge on some cute fitness gear!

    The best thing I ate this weekend was (my cheat meal) a Guacamole bacon burger!


    1. Yum! Homemade guac bacon burger?

  3. Don't have any pr clothes. Best thing I ate this weekend were chicken nachos and fajitas. My husband and I ordered both and shared. Our only food truck is a taco truck, which is delicious. I read in the paper today the the closest town to us got a grilled cheese and philly cheese steak truck, so I'll have to hit that up.

  4. Aw, you and your hubs are so cute together! Not really a PR or Rockstar feeling, but I have a couple pairs of shorts that I like to wear when going long distances and/or for races. BEST thing I ate this weekend was a brownie-in-a-mug with Jif cappuccino mocha hazelnut butter. A homemade (by the hubs) omelet was a close second, though. Once every month a food truck comes to my work, but I've only ever visited one. Last purchase of workout apparel was my (first ever) lulu purchase - wunder under crops and a pair of pants.

    1. What, what, did you make this jif capp mocha hazelnut butter? I die! <3

    2. Ha! No, my culinary skills aren't quite that awesome (yet). Its way too easily accessible on the grocery store shelves, which is way too dangerous for me... I eat that shizz by the spoonful (like the super big serving spoon-spoonful). :)

  5. So jealous of your food truck park!!

    1) My favorite WOD pants are a grey/purple pair from Old Navy. So comfy, and so cute.
    2) Best thing I this weekend... splurged on my favorite pizza place in Indy - Bazbeaux. Had a slice of 4 cheese pizza with bacon and mushrooms and a slice with chorizo, spinach, roasted peppers, and feta. SO MANY NOMS!
    3) We have a Paleo food truck here in Indy that I stop at for lunch once a month or so - The Caveman Truck! His chili is awesome.
    4) Last workout purchase was from WOD Love, got their new burnout logo tank. Super cute!

    1. A Caveman truck! I would LOVE to try his food! I've never ordered from WOD Love, but their stuff is super cute!

  6. Which leggings are those from VS? I looked on their site, and couldnt tell. Thanks!!

    1. June, they're not available on their website. :(

    2. that makes me :( BUT it IS Lululemon Tuesday and new swag on their site, so I got myself a new pair of speed shorts and a new long sleeve Run Swiftly!!!

  7. Your weekend looks delish & well worth it! Sometimes you have to give in, I always have a hard time going "easy" on myself with indulgences. I'm jealous of the new Lulu, I might need to swing by there this week! Happy Monday :)

    1. They have some fantastic new stuff in. I have my eyes on this new gym bag, to match my bright orange shorts! ;)

  8. 1. I have these killer Nike capris in this soft tie-dye-esque purple, blue, and brown.
    2. I made sweet potato fries and Hubby made me a blue cheese hamburger w/artichoke truffle spread. YUM.
    3. Not sure...
    4. Awesome new sports bra from Victoria's Secret. ON SALE. Got it for like $15. !!!

    1. I love the sound of your pants! I just bought this bright orange tie dye bra; if they made pants, I'd be all over them. The tackier, the better! :P

      Would your hubby like to come cook dinner here? ;)

  9. The best thing I ate this weekend was probably the BBQ I had for lunch on Saturday!

    I've never ordered form a food truck before, because I just haven't figured out where they are in my area. I know we have them, though!

    And this weekend, I bought a pair of compression capris from an Under Armour outlet store. $50 capris for $13! Can't beat that!

    1. I have a friend that hits up the UA outlet in Dallas, and she always scores these AMAZING deals! There is supposed to be a pretty good outlet mall somewhere around ATL ... I'm on the prowl. ;)

  10. My last purchase was a Lululemon purchase as well! I ordered the mint-colored wunder unders and the same run speed shorts you have on in the pictures. The recent reviews are not positive for the light flare shorts so hopefully they will work out once they come in! I have a black pair that I basically live in. I lived in Atlanta for a year in 2011-2012 and I never had a chance to visit the food trucks! I do, however, have an absolutely favorite bbq place there. It's called Heirloom Market BBQ in the Vinings area.. not far from Buckhead and really close to Cumberland Mall!

  11. I made your chocolate banana protein muffins and they are so good! Love them! Will def be making them again.. keep the recipes coming