Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Outlaw Open

I don't know what ya'll have been up to this weekend, but I've been tuning into the Outlaw Open on Livestream. This is such a sweet event! Great athletes (Clever, Akinwale, Voight, Valenzuela, to name a few), beastly workouts, and ridiculous commentating by Rudy and Spencer. So what, the camera work is a little shoddy, I am just so grateful we had the opportunity to tune in so I could witness some mind blowing athletic feats. Talk about motivation, people. I've just gotten enough to last me through 2018.

 I don't follow the Outlaw Way (I would if I could), but I've done a few of the workouts when I can, and they're bone crushing. The bearded wizard is creating beasts.

So what kind of Godly feats are we talking? From the females, we're seeing things like 53 unbroken pull ups, an 838m row in 3 minutes, 290# 5RM deadlift. Amazeballs.

And, let's go ahead and follow that up with some of my epic puny numbers.

Saturday's workout
60 min of spin
100 "Curtis P" for time at 55% body weight (40 min cap)
No dropping the bar above the waist
Time: 28:01

But I almost did.

 Today's workout
60 min spin +
3x5 bench
3x5 press
3x15 elevated dips

I had some make up Wendler work to do, so I doubled up my bench and my press. I would never recommend doing this. The two movements are both too similar, and they will take away from each other. But, for the sake of time and following training (and since these lifts are so weak sauce for me anyways), I didn't worry about it too much. 

Bench Press
Warm up: 45x8
Work sets: 65x5, 75x5, 95x10

Strict Press
Warm up: 45x8
Work sets: 55x5, 65x5, 70x11
And then, for shits and giggles, I put 100 pounds on the bar and pressed it out twice. New PR!

Dips on a bench, feet elevated, 3 sets of 15. 

Let's talk about how much fun I had last night in the food department!

Thanks to this awesome app on the iPhone called Scout Mod (a little like Groupon and Living Social), we got 50% off at Noodle and The Chocolate Bar last night. 

Here's a few photos of the feasting.

Spring rolls stuffed with veggies and basil

Thai Beef salad

The most mammoth slice of red velvet cake at The Chocolate Bar. Don't worry, the husband may have had a bite or too, I'm not that selfish. Maybe.

We scooped up a few of these nuggets to take home. Truffles may or may not be the key to my heart.

Got home just in time to catch the tail end of Day 1 of the Outlaw Open. In my polka dot pajamas. So hardcore.

 Today I'm on the prowl today to find a dress to match these sassy little heels for our Christmas Ball this weekend. Yeah, procrastinate much?

Do you bring home leftovers? How do you use them?
 I love putting them in wraps or in omelets. 

Last night's Thai Beef salad, wrapped up in a low carb tortilla.

Do you prefer cake or pie?
I am so torn. If that pie has a lot of crust, I really like that. I am in love with doughy things, like cinnamon rolls made in the waffle iron. 

Oh yes, that just happened. 


  1. 53 pulls up???? i can't even fathom doing that lol i mean, i can barely do 2.....i love your hair, it is always so simple, yet it always looks so good!! a waffled cinnamon roll?? Mmmmm, now i need to try that!

    1. Sometimes my hair looks alright, MOST of the time it looks like the Lockness Monster vomited and then curled up to die in it.

  2. Love those shoes. I'm a cake person, but just for the frosting!

  3. Just wanted to say I love your blog and youre a huge inspiration!! I never comment and I'm sure there are others just like me..blogging is tough and you don't get a gazillion comments every post but there are definitely people loving what you do! Thank you!

    1. I agree!i don't have time to comment on every post but I love your blog!

  4. I've got polka dot pj's too - love it! What awesome motivation - I love watching athletes give it all they've got, so so so inspiring! Just as you are lady - keep rockin' it!

  5. Wow. If your numbers are "puny" mine are minuscule! ha ha! I have been living in my fleece PJS of late--my lucky husband :P

  6. those legs down into those shoes ending in those toes.... no words