Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bumpers and Burpees

Blogging from my iPhone, guys! I apologize in advance if the format is funky, and I'm sure there will be more than one auto-correct fail ...

Yesterday's WOD:
1000m row
25 burpees, games style
75 double unders
750m row
50 burpees, games style
50 double unders
500m row
75 burpees, games style
25 double unders
Time: 28:41, Rx

These game style burpees are done by jumping onto a bumper plate, rather than clapping your hands above your head, to finish the movement.

Damn that rower! I haven't rowed in forever, but I was able to maintain a 1:58/500m pretty easily on that first 1000m. Surprised myself even.

I made some uber delish protein pancakes for breakfast post-WOD (photo below) and definitely ate them on a princess plate. Pancakes just taste better eaten on a princess plate, fact.

Last night we saw the movie This is 40. An awesome movie to go see with the gal pals, too funny! And can you believe they are married in real life? Could you act in a movie alongside your husband? Could you work with him?

Have a great weekend! Let's hope I'm back to regularly programmed posting soon.


  1. Hi! I always read your blog, as I find it very inspiring. I'm an experienced coxswain/rower, and if you're looking for an even bigger challenge, you can pull a ~1:54 for 2000m to "meet the cut off" of a national lightweight rower for England. Cool goal, since I know you like to push yourself!

  2. They aren't really married in real life. She's married to the producer, Judd apatow, and her kids were playing her kids.
    Glad you're back in Texas. You sound more grounded.

    1. True that! I live in LA and see her with Judd and her kids all the time; it was filmed in her real neighborhood. But Paul Rudd is def NOT her hubbie :)

  3. Im happy for you to have a chance to go visit your friends in Texas!

  4. It makes me happy to see the pics of you with your friends. I'm separated from mine when I'm with my boyfriend (a totally different country - it sucks) and when I read your posts about missing them, I feel your pain. I'm at home too and there is nothing better than good girl friends. Enjoy your visit. x

  5. That workout would have probably taken me twice as long! You killed it. Enjoy your time in Texas :)

  6. That wod looks brutal! So glad you are back in your happy place for a little while! Have a blast!

  7. what is your protein pancake recipe/ thanks

  8. Holy crap that's a lot of burpees! I might try this WOD out though since it doesn't really require any equipment besides a rowing machine!

    1. And you could easily sub the rowing with a run!

  9. hmmmm i think i could work with him, would probably be cracking a lot of jokes, but it would be possible and fun :) so happy to see you with your friends (family) again :)

  10. I hate burpees. If i walk in and see them on the board I automatically get nauseous!