Saturday, December 15, 2012

Swing, you mean SCHWING!

Happy freaking Saturday, folks! Was anyone else as ready for the weekend as I was? First off, 45 minutes of Spin with another of my favorite instructors.

After some wretched hill slams and tabata sprints in her class, I tore into some bar muscle ups. Practice, practice, practice that technique. P.S. I freaking love bar muscle ups, love.

Buy in:
40 kettlebell farmer carry walking lunges (20 each leg) I used 50# bells. Instead of just walking, you're lunging. Press off that heel. Yeah, my ass is already sore.

For time:

5 rounds AFAP (as fast a possible)
12 kettlebell swings (2/1.5 pood)
10 kettlebell goblet squats (2/1.5 pood)
5 kettlebell push press, each arm (1.5/1 pood)
Rest 1:1 between rounds

Post total time.

15 burpee penalty for every round that varies +5 seconds more than the first.

Not me. Sure wish I could say it was though, what a washboard.

Cash out:
3 attempts at max effort double unders

Extra, extra cash out:
Pistol practice. I raised my heel up on a 25# plate, and I was able to execute them perfectly! 
Did 5 sets of 5 on each leg, then 15 AFAP alternating legs. Damn this ankle mobility.

Go heavy, go hard, or go home.

After the gym, I stopped at Subway to pick up some grub. 

What are your thoughts on Subway? Do you eat it? Do you think it's a healthy alternative? Would you eat it regularly if you could? 

What's your Subway order?
I go for a salad with spinach, double veggies (no olives), no dressing, and roasted chicken breast or roast beef. Today I ordered a 6" on wheat (I needed the carbs after the gym) with double veggies, a line of mustard, and some pepper. Nothing fancy, but damn it's good toasted!

Do you wear your wedding ring to the gym?
I do not. Never have, never will. My husband does not mind this at all. I don't want to risk losing a diamond, scratching it, or worst case scenario, losing it. I have witnessed THREE women losing their wedding rings while working out. One was running a 5k, the other was doing kettlebell swings, the other took it off because it was interfering with her clean and jerks, and straight misplaced it. 

I was hit on today leaving Subway, and when I said, "Sorry dude, married," he told me I was lying, because I wasn't wearing a ring. I wanted to punch him in the teeth. What is it with men in Georgia?


What can I say? All I do is win!


  1. I don't wear any jewelry besides earrings to the gym. Not only am I terrified of losing it, if something came down on my hand while I was wearing a ring, or if something caught my necklace, I'd be in a pickle!

    1. I have a hard time wearing a watch sometimes! Necklaces, yeah, tried that, then wearing one cleaning a barbell? Yeah right.

  2. Lol, I once witnessed a man on a marta bus yelling out the window of the bus to a woman driving a really nice car next to the bus, "Hey baby, where you headed? I will meet you there!" Seriously ballsy!! She shook her head, laughing and drove away!

    1. The men in this state! Ugh! Good for her ;)

  3. I don't eat Subway too often mainly because I rarely eat bread. I think it's better than pizza or fast food though. I never wear my wedding ring working out. I don't want to lose it or have it get scratched up on the bar. Before we had a home gym guys sometimes flirted with me at the gym and most of the time I'd walk away. I tried to keep a "don't talk to me" or "not interested" face on. And that guy probably said you were lying so that he wouldn't feel stupid for hitting on you and getting turned down.

    1. Can I come WOD with you at your home gym?!

    2. Haha, save me from the creepers!

  4. i prefer togos over subway, they make BOMB salads and wraps!!
    i really want to do crossfit!! one day! guys are just dumb. you should have punched him lol jk jk, kinda

  5. I eat subway occasionally because sometimes it's the only healthy-ish thing around. I get 6" wheat with all veggies, double olives :). I never wear my ring when I workout either. I don't watch to scratch it or lose it!

    1. I agree! I think it's a better option than a Double Whopper or a Nacho Grande!

  6. I don't eat subway often - i usually get a turkey on whole wheat w/ mustard only.

    I do wear my ring at the gym - I usually go straight from work and I forget to take it off. I don't wear it when I run.

  7. I can't blame you getting hit on your one of the cutest crossfitters i have to say your not as manly and bulky as some of the woman who crossfit at our box here in florida. Let me tell ya I just think some of them need to have dna testing its gross. If you could bulk up more to lift heavier would you or are you happy being petite? I lost my ring 2x thats why i leave it at home too now .

    1. What box do you belong to?

      I believe that CrossFit is going in a direction where strength is the end all be all. To go to the Games, you have to be ridiculously strong, and yes, you have to HAVE mass to lift a lot of mass.

      I already have had regular (non-CrossFit) women comment that they don't want to "get bulky" like me ... and I'm 125! Haha, I can't imagine what some girls think of some of the bigger CrossFitters. I personally like the size I am. I don't think it's really possible for me to put on too much more mass. You have to eat for those gains, and I do keep my eating pretty in check.

  8. I have been trying to get my damn bar muscle up for ever and can't get up over the bar.. I need a bigger kip I guess?
    I don't wear my ring when I workout.. It would get ruined for sure!
    Love subway.

    1. It's hard to explain, I don't really think you need a big kip, but you do need the upper body strength to do a deep chest to bar pullup.

  9. Just found your blog. I live in Atlanta too. And if i'm going to the gym straight after work (which I often do), I'll keep my ring on but on the weekends, I don't wear it to work out.

  10. Love subway but really only on road trips! I do wear my rings while working out at the gym (spin, bootcamp, etc.) but at our home gym (WOD, heavy lifting, etc.) no way! Unfortunately not all the men in GA are true southern gentlemen as they should be!