Sunday, December 9, 2012

Partying with Vampire Diaries

This weekend was my husband's Annual Training Conference, which wrapped up last night with our Battalion's Christmas Ball.

I forgot my camera (damnit!) so I had to resort to a few (really bad) photos on my iPhone. They did have a professional photographer running around, I'm praying a few of those photos turned out. We opted not to get the professional 'couples portrait' done, as the company they used this year wasn't offering a digital version of the photos. Lame. I mean, I have to be able to take my CD into Walgreens and turn the photos into magnets, coffee mugs and dorky key chains, must.

My bronzedness is thanks in part to getting some sunshine the last few days at work, and also this awesome company, Million Dollar Tan.

Sunless tanning at it's finest! 

And your blog author at her dorkiest. Seriously, I look sauced. 

Speaking of getting sauced ... 

The ball itself was terribly organized. They didn't have assigned seating, and they didn't have enough tables, so they asked for volunteers to please move from the main Ballroom into a small conference room (that was us!) where they didn't even have tables set (I ate my cheesecake with my butter knife) or offer us water until our meal was finished.

Regardless! The drinks were flowing, Indian burning was happening, and the conference room, later dubbed the crunk room, was the place to be! Will I Am (maybe you've heard of him?) even made a guest appearance!

The meal itself was pretty decent. Hector, our bartender, was also pretty heavy handed, so I think frozen fish sticks probably would have tasted gooood.

World's smallest salad.

Chicken and salmon on a bed of rice pilaf covered in oodles of buttery goodness.

Not pictured is the cheesecake, which I inhaled, even though I was eating it with a butter knife. Classy and talented. 

After the festivities came to a close, a few of us headed out to find our own after party - which just so happened to be crashing the Vampire Diaries cast and crew holiday party. 

Yes, with Nina Dobrev.

Who knew that they happened to film the show in our little corner of Atlanta, and they also thought The Marlay House would be a sweet place to party? 

Our wee group drew a lot of attention (a few people actually asked if the uniforms were real, hah!) A few military stores later and I think everyone was assured of their authenticity. 

Totally sober.

It was so cool to mingle with the cast, but I thought it was the crew that had the coolest stories! We talked to the lead costume designer, a few of the film crew (and some of the other sweet shows and movies they film!), and even a few of the cast members entertainment lawyers. I was asked a time or two if I acted or I was on the show, when in fact, I've never watched an episode of it in my life. 

I mean, hey, we don't have cable! Good enough excuse for me. 

1. Do you watch Vampire Diaries?

2. Do you listen to Will I Am?


  1. That Million Dollar Tan looks tempting... I just got a spray tan for a photo shoot, the kind where you stand in a booth and it sprays you, and it's so streaky--definitely not something I would do again. But I miss my tan, since living in Berkeley I don't get a lot of sun! :(
    Yes, I love love the Vampire Diaries and so jealous you got to meet the cast! The guys on that show are hotties, plus Nina Dobrev seems super cool.
    Last comment (but not least): you look great in that dress!

    1. Yeah, everyone was really chill! Not uppity like you'd think celebrities can be. :) And I have to say this product is awesome. I'm going to do an official review here soon, but it is so worth it.

  2. I love Vampire Diaries! Love your pictures.

  3. you both look great on the picture!

  4. You look beautiful!! And sooo cool you guys ended up at the same place!! Vampire Diaries is on netflix :) it is an easy show to get into!

  5. Wow you all look like trouble to me! Seriously how could you all not have a great time all dressed up like that?

    I have been around a few reality shows and even a movie set before and it is true, the best stories come from the crews!

  6. You look great!

    Are you still using the L'Oreal sublime tanning products or did you completely switch to the Million Dollar Tanning? I'm pale as a ghost and need to start using something so I'll stop running around my crossfit gym white as a sheet (;

    1. Totally switched. The Million Dollar tan product smells so good, and the Sumblime did have a little bit of that sunless tanning smell, you know what I mean? The Million Dollar product goes on with an awesome applicator brush, which MAKES the product so smooth and even.

  7. totally addicted to Vampire Diaries!!!! my favorite show by far!! for some reason i do not like WillIAm lol

  8. nominated you for the lieber award!!

  9. looked gorgeous! Glad you had a blast!