Monday, December 24, 2012

Keep Calm & Santa

 I want to open this post with Rudy's (The Outlaw Way) closing words in his latest blog post,

"My most simple, and heartfelt desire, is to simply thank all of you [service members]. You who have given up your holiday to ensure that we may be free to enjoy ours. You who have dug 10 foot trenches, in desert sand, so you can set up pull-up bars. You who use ancient, spinless barbells, and 40-year-old Russian plates. You who will, where good Internet abides, get to experience the holiday only through Skype or photos. You, our protecting sons and daughters, deserve our reverence and thoughts this holiday."

I'm blessed that my husband is home, not deployed. I'm blessed that my family is healthy (even if they're thousands of miles away). I'm thankful for Skype, so that we can all "see" each other. I'm thankful for silly, furry faces like this.

and this

I'm thankful for learning how to make damn fine homemade pie (thanks to my Aunt Patty's awesome crust recipe. Nope, you can't have it.)

I'm thankful for baked bacon and happy (protein) waffles.


I'm grateful for Movie Date Nights. This week we saw The Hobbit in 3D and Jack Reaper. They're both way good! Tom Cruise has still got it!

 So, so, so, so grateful for my fur nugget! (Yes, that's a jingle bell Santa collar.)

 Thankful my blasted bangs are finally growing out, and will finally stay clipped in bobby pins at the gym. Finally.

But I'm really grateful for readers, like you!

How do you celebrate? 
No family this year, just the husband and I. We're going to open gifts, enjoy some breakfast in bed, maybe meander out to see a movie, then make dinner together. 

Favorite Christmas tradition?
Opening a gift on Christmas Eve. This year I opened a Tiger Tail, whoop!

Are you fitting in workouts over the Holidays?
I went to a 30 minute Spin class and did a fun ab workout with some friends at the gym. They all had to head home to start cooking and taking care of family, but I had the 12 Days of Christmas to knock out. 
"12 Days of Kettlemas"
1 kettlebell clean and jerk (each arm) (2/1.5 pood)
2 handstand push ups
3 double kettle bell thrusters (1.5/1 pood)
4 chest to bar
5 GHD situps
6 ring dips
7 kettlebell SDHP (2/1.5 pood)
8 pistols (each leg)
9 kettlebell overhead walking lunge steps (1.5/1pood)
10 double kettle bell push press (1.5/1 pood)
11 burpees
120 double unders
This workout is completed just like the song, 1 kb clean and jerk (on each arm) then 1 kb clean and jerk and two handstand pushups. Then, 1 kb clean and jerk, two handstand push ups, 3 double kb thrusters, etc. 

This workout was so brutal! It didn't feel bad until about round 9. Then everything just slowed down, and took forrrrrrrrever. I finished in 42:05. It felt like 42 hours.


  1. The Elf picture made me laugh then the quote made me cry for those who are deployed and those who love the ones who are deployed. Christmas was definitely rough when my brother was in Afghanistan and sick to boot. We're so lucky to have him, his wife and kids here this year.

    A very merry christmas to you!! Enjoy!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    No real "traditions" here, but my boyfriend and I will be running around all day to make it to all the family gatherings. Sometimes, I think that should count as a workout, because it sure gets my heart rate up! ;) I'm not planning on a workout today, though. I might sneak in some quick sets of bodyweight exercises while my sisters are still sleeping, but A Christmas Story is on TV right now :) My box did a version of 12 Days of Christmas yesterday, though. I took 34:31 to complete mine, but a very pregnant lady did the same WOD (rx, except for obvious adaptations for her pregnancy, like planking burpees) in 22 minutes! Someday, I hope to be that awesome.

    I hope you enjoy your time at home today!

  3. Merry Christmas! You look pretty in your pictures. Well, I had two work yesterday and today and I had no time to visit with family due to working all this week;-( Im so glad i that i did go to the gym this past weekend because i may be too tired to train this week.

  4. Merry Christmas! I am absolutely DYING just reading about that workout. Great job on it! My favorite part of the holiday season is Christmas Eve at my aunts house with my entire family. Such a warm and cozy feeling.

  5. i spent it with my family and my bf's family, it was nice :)
    i surprisingly do! my bf helps me to stay in encouraged, plus i always just feel better afterward :)
    Merry Christmas to you!!

  6. I did the 12 days of Crossfit...47:00 RX and I seriously thought of quiting for the first time. A friend sat in front of me hitting the moves with 5 lb lighten my mood. i feel your pain!

  7. Keep calm and SANTA! I love it :)) Your bacon/protein waffle (happy waffle lol) looks and sounds amazing. Ha 12 days of kettlemas - good greatness I'm saving this for next years lead up to Christmas! Loving the picture at the end of your post!