Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I Squat in Slippers

Let's talk about my new favorite number: eleven.

Eleven photos I took of my beloved dogs at work today. 

Eleven different Christmas songs I heard while commuting. 

Eleven times I squatted 165 pounds this morning!

Let's get over what an ugly word squatted is, and I'll just say it again.
Back squat 165 x 11. 
noun: Eee-LEH-ven.

I'm on the 2nd week of my first mesocycle of Wendler's 5/3/1. So, we've moved on from 5 reps, to 3 reps. I warmed up with 75x8 and 95x5, then got right into the work sets. Remember, these work sets are based off of my 1RM and Wendler's 5/3/1 programming percentages.

120 x 3
145 x 3
165 x 3+ (on this last set, you're just supposed to go balls to the wall and get as many reps as you can, at least 3).

Balls to the wall I did, at 11. I could have kept going, but, to follow the rhythm of the tempo, I stopped at 11. I was starting to pause (rest) a little too long at the top before descending again.

I feel them quads-a-growing! Let's look at the glorious squat, shall we?

Back squat in slippers!

But this might be the most epic back squat I've ever seen.

Hellz yeah!

 Get down with your back squat, country girl!


2 rounds of:

10 power snatch
10 overhead squats
10 front squats
10 back squats
10 push press
10 push jerk
10 split jerk
10 hang cleans
10 power cleans
10 deadlifts

Load up the bar to 65# and have fun! 

Cash out:

15 toe to bar
15 knee to elbow
max effort unbroken pullups: 26


3x10 hanging leg raises
3 x 10 weighted situps, 25#

To make sure this doesn't happen tonight:

15 minutes on the Stairmill at Level 10, flush out all of that lactic build up junky poo.

Did you brace yourself and squat today?
If not, shout out why you didn't! 


  1. If you could get 11 on your last set, I'd say you're a lot stronger than you let yourself believe. Most people can/should only get 3-5ish on that 3+ set.

    You'll see your numbers go way up in your next cycle as you should probably get a much higher 1RM to work off of.

  2. i'm rehabbing a partially torn miniscus but does that stop me?! hell to the no! i did back leg elevated one legged squats heavy heavy heavy on monday... yesterday i PR'ed my deadlift and bench! happy sore girl! now off to hot yoga to work it out!!!

  3. Eleven? Seriously badass, Courtney!

    No squats for me this week since I'm running a marathon on Saturday. No soreness welcomed before I even start running. But *after* that? Looking foward to back squatting my kids! LOL!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  4. my front squat is grand, my back squat... eh, not so much...
    something about the weight and my off kilter center of gravity maybe(?)
    but you, my dear, are a badass!!!

  5. Incredible girl! Love those numbers. You motivate me to keep working on mine! Last night I couldn't make it to the box so I did Monday's programming on my own, which was Tabata with some body weight movements. So sore today I can barely walk...but totally worth it since I crushed my score from July.

  6. Love this post.. and love the squats! I haven't done them in SO long though.. must get them back into my life!

    Do you workout on your own?

  7. I'm dying over the girl squatting a sheep.. no squatting today. rest day. did legs yesterday. about to go do a little cardio, if i can get my ass up outta this chair.

  8. i did squat today!! not the weight your doing though lol i really want to get into doing more heavier things though, just need someone to spot me lol

  9. Ah-mazing! And you should totally use pics of your-hot-self squatting! Pinterest doesn't have anything on you!