Sunday, December 16, 2012



45 min Spin (10 minutes late, whoops)
15 min speed intervals on step mill (75 flights conquered)
40 evil wheels (4 sets of 10)
3x max effort timed hand stand holds (1:25, :55, :45)

This morning was my friend's last class teaching Spin. I am a little sad, to say the least. She was one of the first ladies I ever worked out with when I moved here, and one of the first spin classes I took here in ATL was with her. I even coached her at CFM a time or two. Awesome athlete, awesome lady, and damn, her husband makes some awesome, awesome mixes!

Every single bike in the room was taken! She will be missed. 
But holy shizz, this wheel of evil will not be. Goodness.

I think that little piece of plastic is even more evil than barbell roll outs. 

After surviving the torture, I was somehow able to stuff my sore stomach with some delicious protein waffles, topped with my home-made sugarless cranberry sauce and butter.

And my poor dog, furious that I would not share my waffles with him, attempted to destroy his Nylabone. 

I keep telling him he needs to control his emotional eating.

And then I force him to dress like Santa. No wonder he's emotional.

Guess who's going to sleep like a baby tonight? 
I could almost weep with happiness, just the thought of sleeping a solid 8 hours ...

I have a very taxing workout ahead of me and need all the sleep I can get.

Name the classy establishment we dined at this evening!
*Hint, those are apple-painted tiles behind me.
Have you ever used the Evil Wheel ?
(aka barbell roll outs)


  1. Do you have a recipe for your sugarless cranberry sauce??

  2. i'm thinking applebees lol i have tried that, and damn! it was hard!! i hated it so much lol hope your sleeping pills worked!!

    1. They worked like a charm! I awoke feeling so well rested and slept so hard!