Monday, December 3, 2012

Does This Quilt Make My Butt Look Big?

Okay guys, I've spent the last 900 hours adding some really awesome features to the blog.

Like, a search bar. 

And I made a Facebook page. But, wow, I will need at least another 900 hours before figuring out how to get a "Like" my Facebook fan page button on here. In the meantime, you can click here and it will take you there.

Take dem technically prowess apples.

No gym for me today, it was a rest day. Getting these gams ready for the beat down Wendler is going to put on them tomorrow: squaaaats.

A peak at a few of my meals today:

Protein waffle topped with PB2/chocolate protein powder "frosting"
+ raisins and nuts. 

Low carb wrap, seedless cuke, tomato, swedish meatballs, cucumber sauce = whopping 20g of protein for din din!

After work I made a stop at Macy's for a few accessories I'll need for the ball this weekend. And while I didn't find any accessories, I did find some shoes. Shit. Now I have to decide between these two pairs of shoes.

My Facebook family like the black lace with the bows. So, I'm thinking the glittery gems will be saved for NYE.

It would probably help if you had a photo of the dress, but no, you don't get one. All you can know is that it's black and sassafrass. Surprise, surprise.

Which pair of shoes would you go for? 

What does one wear over a dress to a formal occasion? 
A wrap? A peacoat? I'm thinking my LifeAsRx hoodie just doesn't make the cut in the situation. I won't be wearing it the whole evening, in fact I'm sure they'll have a coat check. 

Is that a quilt? Can I drape a quilt over myself?


  1. Daaamn nice quilt girl...said no one ever...:P

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  3. Both of the shoes are cute! I am leaning towards the black lace ones. A pea coat will go well with any dress for any occasion :)

  4. Go with the black lace for the Ball and the awesome glitterati for NYE. I take wraps or big silky scarves with me to all formal occasions. You don't have to check those and I tend to freeze to death while sitting thru the speeches when you have to sit still and look attentive. Dancing is another story, of course. ;)

  5. HUGE fan of pair #2. Also you're a boss. I've been looking into Wendler's and might try it out a bit to see if it ups my numbers. xo!