Monday, November 26, 2012

Squats = Sassafrass!

Rough day at work = good day at the bar!

Not that kind of bar, this kind of bar, silly kids.

Since last week was kind of messy with the Thanksgiving holiday, my Half Marathon and rest days,  I'm starting over Week 1 of Wendler's 5/3/1, today.

I worked on my handstand walk (progressions for about 15 minutes before getting into today's back squats.)

Warm up sets:
10 reps @ empty barbell
5 reps @ 95 pounds

Work sets:
5 x 135#
5 x 155#
7 x 165# 

Cash out: 2 sets of 10 at bodyweight (125#)

I still have so much confidence to build under the barbell. Yeah, that last set always scares me. Even if I'm not getting stronger every time I pick up the bar, I'm always learning how to move around it, with it, etc. Not just in the squat, in the clean, the press, the deadlift, etc.

I'm really excited about this program. At rep 6, I honestly didn't want to think I'd be able to do 7, but went for it anyway, and even though it was a little slow coming out of the bottom, the rush of completing the lift ... it's like the feeling after you orgasm, a runner's high, it's this buzzing euphoria, addicting. I know I've felt an endorphin high before, but this, was like taking a hit of an illegal drug. I couldn't stop smiling. It was so weird. And that's only at 165, people. And I wouldn't say I was pushing it super hard. Can't wait to see what bigger numbers feel like!


5 ring dips, strict
5 chest to bar pullups
5 step ups (each leg) with 25# dumb bells to a 24" box

I did 5 rounds plus 3 rings dips

Then, because I wanted to catch the last few minutes of the evening news, 15 minutes on the Stair Climber at Level 8. Not going to lie, being able to catch up on what's happening in the world is pretty nice. Kind of miss that aspect of having cable. But otherwise, don't miss the total time suck that TV can be.

Sorry for lack of blogging over the weekend, here's what happened in pictures:

Looking all sassafrass on our way to see Breaking Dawn. (I liked it!)

 Mantle #fail. No fireplace. :(

At work :)

New nail polish. <3 essie

 I did zero Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. My husband scored a few things, but the few things I was interested in, weren't on sale or I'd already missed it. So I told my husband Santa, I'll be waiting for them under the tree.

Do you follow a strength training program?

Did you score any mad deals over the Holiday?

Are your Christmas decorations and tree up yet?


  1. I follow Alwyn Cosgrove's workouts in his Lifting for Strength book. Love them all, but have seen massive gains in strength following his hypertrophy and strength workouts. Awesome. He has a new book coming out in December that I am drooling over!!!!
    No shopping here, either. None, nada...
    However, Christmas was up and ready to light on Thanksgiving night. Took me the ENTIRE week prior to that to get all of the inside ready. My husband is in charge of outside, so that won't be up til this weekend. My 12' tree took 6 HOURS to put up and decorate. Climb a ladder, come down, get ornament, climb ladder again, repeat....

  2. We put up our Christmas decorations on Sunday. The house looks all warm and cozy now - I love it! As for strength training, I completed the Jamie Eason's LiveFit Trainer this summer (from and am getting back into following the exercises and diet from the program. It gave me great results before....too much holiday eating has me all smooshy and bloated. :(

  3. I've been lifting consistently for a year now (that's a lie, took a week off early Oct for family vaca) I've used a personal trainer, Jamie Eason's LiveFit (Hey Amy!!! She's my buddy :)) and now i'm doing my own thing using the JEFit app and training for a Half in March. Just started back eating clean, sugar detox is a biotch!
    I scored my 16 year old a Garmin Forerunner yesterday :) and because the hubby told me to hold off, I just paid too much for the xbox360 for the 8 year old... (grrr one of these days, he'll listen!)
    House is decorated, inside and out!!

  4. We went to target on black friday and it was pretty crazy.. .but I scored a few good deals and wrapped up my twins Christmas gifts!

    I have actually decided to try and lift NOT so heavy at GPP.. For the past year I have been lifting pretty heavy and trying to PR every single power lift. As a result I have actually gained weight.. A lot of weight actually.. I eat super clean always so I'm guessing my body is holding onto weight to get me through my workouts, So I'm going to take it down a bit. I realize there is no need for me to DL #300 or PC #150 anymore... I don't think I look bad I just want to get a little lighter for racing next year. ya know?

  5. did not go shopping, people get CRAZED, so i stay away lol
    i don't follow a specific strength training program, i just kinda do as i please....that's probably not the best.
    my house most likely won't be decorated until two weeks before christmas if we're lucky haha

  6. we started wendler this week too. I ended at 135 - 10 reps. I am always scared getting under the bar too. I am pretty sure I could have done more, but fear consumes me.