Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sleepover with Sally

Who's watching the election? Who voted?

Has anyone noticed the ad for it at the top of their Facebook feed? How amazing is social media? How has this made the younger generations vote so much more influential in the last two campaigns!?

Meet Sally! We're having a sleepover tonight. :)

"He has HOW many electoral votes?!"

This morning I made it to the Globo for a friend's Spin class, which happened to kick my royal hiney. This girl had us killing the intervals! 40 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Then 50 seconds on, 10 seconds off, then 1 minute of hill climbs, 1 minute of sprints, and 1 minute of "easy" and we'd repeat. I was sweating my bum off and my water bottle was bone dry at the end of class. 

I remember one of the Seminar Staff in my CrossFit cert telling me how important it is to balance all of your workouts, from the couplet, the triplet, the strength days, the chippers, and long days! Long day's are hard to program in a CrossFit box environment though, because classes can't run more than an hour, so we rarely see anything longer than 20 or 30 minutes programmed in a CrossFit WOD. It's because of this, there can be a little but of an imbalance, or a preference for short WODs, not because that's what's best for clients, but because that's what the box can handle. 

Today was the 6th day for the Burpee Challenge! I did 60 before Spin and 40 afterwards, before getting a fun little workout in. P.S. These burpees are starting to suck.

12 minute cap:
150 wallballs, 12/14 foot target
150 double unders
30 muscle ups

I finished 3 muscle ups and 3 scaled muscle ups (3 dips (rings)/3 chest to (bar) pullups) 

Then, I had some babies to walk! It was freezing cold today! Our walk may have been more of a brisk jog, for the sake of keeping warm.

And let's not leave out the cats!

Especially the special ones that think they're dogs ... 

Dinner tonight was crazy delicious and hearty, just what I needed to warm me up.

Spicy Bacon Chicken Cabbage {serves one}

1 cup of shredded chicken (I used left over Whole Foods salt and pepper rotisserie chicken)
2 slices nitrate free bacon, chopped into bite sized pieces
1/4 cup white onion, chopped
2 cups shredded cabbage (I used Trader Joes bagged shredded cabbage)
Salt and pepper to taste
Tobasco to taste

Heat your cast iron pan to medium, throw in bacon. Add onion. Cook for a minute or two until onion just begin to brown, throw in chicken and cabbage, toss, cover with lid and let steam for about 3 minutes, stir, continue to steam until cooked to desired consistency. I like my cabbage a little crunchy, you might like yours totally soft and translucent. 

Top with S&P and Tobasco, enjoy! 

While my dinner was cooking, I had these babies in the oven for DH. Chocolate Chip delish! Not an ounce of anything healthy in those, pfffft.

I had to leave for work (sleepover with Sally) before he got a chance to make it home, but I'm judging by the "COOOOOOOKIES!" text he just sent me, that he is enjoying them. ;)

Would you rather have a Trader Joes in your 'hood or a Whole Foods?
I'm all about the Trader Joes, I'm a cheap-o.


  1. I LOVE my Trader Joes! But to be fair I have not been to a Whole foods :)

  2. Those puppies are so cute! I need a job like that - my only responsibility is dogs, that sounds lovely. (no snark, i'm for real) - I've never been in a TJS or WF .. so I don't have an opinion on either one. I've never lived near either.

  3. Awwwh all the pups are adorable, although I'm pretty sure most of them are no long pups. Whatever, no big deal. And the cat who thinks it's a dog. Love that. Chicken/Bacon/Cabbage well this sounds like an epic combination, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm totally for a Trader Joe's in the neighborhood, love Whole Food's but aint made of money.

  4. TJ's for the win! I do love a few select things from WF, like Justin's Almond Butter, their burgers, coconut aminos, etc. but TJ's can't be beat! Thanks for the quick and yummy recipe for one! :)

    1. Girl, you can get Justin's AB from target! It's a heck of a lot cheaper than WF's!

    2. I don't think you can get the classic :( At least I haven't seen it and I don't like the flavored ones! I know you can get it at Kroger too, but again... they only have Maple and the chocolate Hazlenut. Boo!

  5. I hate to say, i've never had the pleasure of a TJ's, but there's a WF within walking distance of my office and I treat myself on occasion to lunch there. I call it a treat, cause as we all know.. it's CRAZY expensive!!! I'd LOVE to have a local TJ's though :)

  6. No TJ's in Denver. Isn't that crazy? We like Sprouts. My husband is always soo happy when I make him cookies too. lol. true love!

  7. Cute pup! Great companion for the election...!