Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quadzilla be Ru-ru-running!

Happy Stretchy Pants Day, ya'll!

I ran the BEST half-marathon I've ever run this morning. I just loved the scenery, running through the city, the crowds, the weather, everything about it reminded me WHY I keep signing up for races: they just feel so good! Sure, I didn't train for it, and sure, it was one of my slowest finishes at 1:58, but who cares about a few minutes when every minute was so nice?

Here's what the break down looked like:

Mile 0: Wow, I'm running! 13 miles to go, this is going to be GREAT!
Mile 1: I can already taste the Krispy Kreme's at the finish!
Mile 2: Man, I should have made a better playlist.
Mile 2.5: Update Facebook status from phone while running "Yay, running!"
Mile 2.6: Wow, that used up like a whole minute. Let's change songs.
Mile 3: A little more sombering, ran past a solider wearing full kevlar and pro-mask running with POW*MIA flag. Choked back sobs, just felt so blessed to be alive and running.
Mile 4: Finally got breathing under control again from choked back sobs.
Mile 5: Awesome crowds through Piedmont Park, wish dude holding Krispy Kremes would have offered me one, fatty.
Mile 6: All of the firemen hanging out in front of the fire station: smoking HOT! Thanks for the pep in my step, hunky men.
Mile 7: Enough of these damn hills!
Mile 8: Yay, free sport beans! Must stuff bra full of beans to make me look busty in case we run by another fire house ...
Mile 9: Lalalalala, Gangnam style!
Mile 10: Whoop, 10 digit run! Haven't done this in almost 8 months.
Mile 11: I think I feel a serious blister on my toe. New socks were not a good idea. I think I read about that somewhere ...
Mile 12: Turkey, turkey, turkey!
Mile 12.5: Damn these hills!
13.1: YAY! My legs didn't fall off.

Honestly though, the city of Atlanta is beautiful, and the course was challenging, but also made the course very interesting and the time just flew by. How cool is it that almost 8,000 people woke up to go for a run on Thanksgiving? And so many people came out to cheer them on. That is love, people, or just craziness. Either way, I dig it.

Whoa quadzilla. I earned my turkey this morning! Or at least a huge chunk of my home made blackberry pie.

 Nom, nom, nom!

Eat it!

And alas, I had to work this afternoon. Nothing like a hour-long walk to loosen up these tight gams, though. 

What did you make for Thanksgiving?! 
Do you have leftovers? Can I come over and have some?
Did you travel or stay in? 
I stayed in. I couldn't take time off to visit fam over this holiday and also take time off over Christmas/New Years. Such is life.
Did you exercise at all?
Um, just a little 13.1 mile jog.


  1. Awesome job girl! I ran 10 miles this morning, so I earned some turkey too. I am running my first half next weekend, and it will not be under 2hrs... but, it'll still be my best time, since it's my first (and most likely, my last). Haha! Anyways. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Nothing like ATL in the fall! I bet it was beautiful. I want a dog walking gig!

  3. Nice work on the run! My CrossFit did Murph. Such a great way to kick off Thanksgiving!

  4. I saw you at the race walking through the corrals right before the start. I think I was so surprised to see you I was afraid to say hello. Had a great race myself and was just excited to say that out of all 8,000 people racing I randomly saw you in passing!

    1. Was I still wearing my crazy giraff snuggie?? :) Atlanta feels like a little bit town!

  5. Congrats on your Half Marathon finish!

  6. awesome job on the race and love the pictures. I have not workout but one day this week which is not good. I only cook a pumpkin pie and sweet potato dish. have a great weekend.

  7. Congrats girl! You killed it! I'm so freaking proud of you!

  8. Congrats! You're seriously my crossfit inspiration! Do you ever wear your hrm during wods? If so what do you find to be the average burn? I find it hard to gauge cals burned since its so much strength stuff, just wondering your opinion on that! Happy thanksgiving.!