Friday, November 9, 2012

Monster Thickness

Hardee's is Carl's Junior in Georgia! (on the East coast, really).

 I just saw a commercial for it. Mind blown. It's a good thing there isn't one too close by ... 

I'd gladly run for an hour to get my fat boy on for one of those.

Don't those burgers just look amazing!?

This burgertrosity is called the Monster Thickburger. That sounds amazing! Who am I kidding? I'd eat it. If I didn't have a soul you bet your butt I'd eat it. Oh, I eat it until the cows came home. But then I read it's made with 1/3 lb anus beef ... And I don't like to mix anal anything with my food.

Unless it resemble poop, right in my morning protein oatmeal. I love peanut butter!

I made it to the gym this morning for Spin, a friend invited me along. :) It was a fun/tough class, reminded me of Fort Hood. I rounded out the morning with a little running, about 3 miles at a 9:50 pace with these nuggets of fun.

And about 2 miles with my gal pal, Sal.

I made a light lunch this afternoon. 1 egg + 2 egg whites + 2 cups baby spinach + salsa. 

Delicious, healthy, and well-rounded with a half jar of crunchy peanut butter. Everything in moderation. One day, I'll look up the definition for moderation, right now it's a half jar + ...

Oh hey, guess who passed?

Yep, this girl. CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. 

Amazing to see how far I've come. :)


  1. Congrats!

    Are you sure it wasn't ANGUS beef? maybe a typo...I'm pretty sure the USDA doesn't allow anus to go into beef products (it's called the bung and they throw it out).

  2. Congrats! I'm really hoping that it is supposed to read Angus beef, not anus, because it looks delish! Can't wait until I can bite in a juicy burger!

  3. Congratulations!! I want to get certified SO BAD but its a big money commitment for a college student :/ One day!

    xoxo, Grether

  4. Congrats! I SO need to get back to spin.....along with everything else healthy I need to get back too....

  5. Congrats on the certification! And I'm so happy to know that someone else eats half the jar of peanut butter like I do :)

  6. Awesome on the certification!
    I check the blog daily for motivation and inspiration. Sometimes more:)I love it and want to say thank you!!
    Also, that turkey burger is no joke!! We have a Carls Jr about 15 miles north of where I live in Austin: close but not TOO close.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! So proud of you. You have motivated me to re-certify with ACE and start personal training again! I miss it and love it and can't wait! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jamie in Arkansas

  8. Awww damn now I need to go get a good burger!!

    Congrats on passing your exam!

  9. And just FYI: Hardee's has low carb options!! You can get every burger wrapped in lettuce. :)
    AND in the mornings they have a low-carb breakfast bowl.

    You're welcome.

  10. Congrats!! Now breathe! lol
    I <3 PB as well and i'm totally known to just grab a spoon, a jar (and sometimes some chocosyrup too) and go to town!

  11. How awesome! You deserve it! Congratulations to you :)