Monday, November 12, 2012

Get to ze Prowler!

I imagine it like Arnold says, "Get to ze choppa!"

This morning I got to play for the first time with the prowler sled, grooowl.

The prowler makes for an ass-kicking workout. Now I know what they mean when they talk about the Prowler pukies. 

After front squats (12 reps x 3, worked up to 130lbs)
and deadlifts (5 reps x 5, worked up to 205lbs)

3 max rep attempts for strict pullups (12)

Prowler Workout:

25m sprint down, rest
25m sprint back, rest
repeat 4-6 times, adding a plate every time
(rest for as long as it took you to sprint between rounds)
I worked up to 225 pounds.

And then of course I had to finish up with those damn burpees.

Highlights over Veterans Day Weekend

Free Krispy Kreme

The World's Most Photogenic Dog

Lululemon's outside the gym (Love those wunder unders!)

The best Jameson and Ginger I've ever had. Real bits of ginger in there. 

But most importantly, spending the day with my soldier home, not deployed or out on assignment! :)

Thank you to all of our Veterans, past and present, for their service. Proud to be an American!

What's your liquor of choice? Whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila? 
 I am a whiskey girl. 

Favorite doughnut flavor?
I like them covered in chocolate! Not a fan of apple fritters or creme filled things though.


  1. You need to hit up Sublime in midtown or Revolution in Decatur for donuts. Oh my gosh! Soooooo good!

  2. I have a love hate relationship with the prowler! It can be brutal! I just did a workout with 200m prowler pushes after teaching spin in the work and working on full squat cleans and squat snatches! Killer for my legs!

  3. I have been seeing those prowlers online for the past little bit, they look like a great workout...especially when you believe in the full range of movements strength training! You look pretty hardcore btw....

  4. Ah, that thing; I HATE it! The first time I encountered it, it was beyond brutal. My last set was 225 lbs, it was only 25 meters, but still. The stupid thing made me cry. A cry during the WOD makes you feel totally bad ass. Said no one, ever. But I did finish :) Anyways, it is a good work out!

  5. Liquor: Jager + bomb (not often, don't really care to feel like death)

    donut: um, chocolate... I <3 chocolate!!! and warm, fresh :)

    I don't think i've ever push or pulled a prowler, but I have strapped on a vest and drug a big HEAVY dummy around. That was pretty brutal, in 30 degree weather :)

  6. The prowler WILL be the death of me someday... and the combinations that my guys at the gym think of... BRUTAL! today I PULLED it with a vest on doing bear crawls... um excuse me what?! so hard. way to kick ass girl! :)

  7. Prowler Sprints are intense. I have a Prowler WOD coming up again on Thursday. I love your Lululemon tights! If I am going to drink liquor, I like tequila best. I am a huge fan of cream filled doughnuts. My box is having a strict paleo diet challenge for 6 weeks (it started yesterday), so sadly I don't see doughnuts in my near future.