Thursday, November 8, 2012

Garage Gym

Today's workout:
8 mile run, 1:25
100 burpees

Starting the morning off right!

I have no idea how I find the motivation to do these damn burpees every day. BUCK FURPEES. But, I think it might be because I know my babes back in Texas are toughing it out, too. Misery loves company.

I was tossing and turning last night, thinking about the Half Marathon coming up ... I let someone's comments affect me and started to doubt my running abilities. I said something to DH, and he just looked at me and said, "If you're worried about it, just go for a run tomorrow."

So that's what I did this morning. And that's what I needed - it was a great run, a pretty moderate pace, not too physically demanding.

I think I'll hit a 10 miler this weekend and go for a 11-12 miles sometime next week before the race on Thanksgiving. I honestly signed up for it for one reason: so that on Thanksgiving night we can go out and FEAST! Not for a PR or to set a world record (pffffft), but just so that I can pork out and fit into my jeans the day after. Is there anything wrong with that? I love to race, and I run because I enjoy it. The people, the crowd, the scenery. Whatever the clocks says, it's just a number, and I will not be defined by it. 

Which kind of plays into how I feel about CrossFit these days. I did CrossFit in Texas solely because of the group of friends that I was doing it with. And now that they're not there, it's not the same.

I also did it because it was free. We had a gym with barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells and a pull up rig in it. We were grass roots CrossFit, before the 22,000 square foot fancy boxes with showers, bath tubs, a resident masseuse and Reebok.

I realized while I was running this morning, I'm really damn cheap. Hold the phone, no shit?

I go to Sally Beauty Supply and color my own hair. I shop the sales bin at Sephora. I shop the Target clearance racks and Nordstrom Rack clearance racks and hit up Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. I love Pinterest and DIY almost everything in our home, and re-create furniture that was left behind on the curb. I'm an Army spouse, it's a trait of ours to learn to be thrifty, to clip coupons, to score deals, to find the sales, to love Dave Ramsey and save our soldier's hard earned money; Lord knows how hard it is for a military wife to find decent job moving every few years.

Do you really think I'm going to fork over $150-$200 a month for a CrossFit gym membership? Well, the thought of it keeps me up at night, the fact that something I thought I loved is now so grossly over-priced and "elite" in the sense that only pretty affluent folks can really afford it. That's more than my car payment! That's two months worth of our insurance. That's two weeks of groceries. I think about how much that adds up to be if it were contributed to our Roth IRA annually. I think about how many races I could sign up for with that money. The vacation I could take at the end of the year ...

I also feel the 'selfish wife' thing, paying for a CrossFit membership when my husband doesn't have access to one at all. There are no boxes in the city he works in, and even if there were, again, we are talking over $300 a month for essentially, a gym membership for the both of us. That's insane.

Sorry, there's just something fundamentally wrong with that price to me. I'm a farm-raised, country bumpkin and where I come from, only fools pay that much money for a gym membership.

I am grateful to be involved at the box I am with now, and to trade my time as an intern for a membership, but the commute (an hour+) combined with a limited class-time offering that doesn't work with my schedule ... well it's become so inconvenient, I've started to dread it.

Which has taken me back to running. Because the roads are still free, and I can fit a run in anytime, anywhere. :)

Phew, sorry, just had to get that off my shoulders. :)

Sally doesn't care if I CrossFit, run or follow a Jillian Michaels DVD in the living room. 

Riley doesn't mind much, either. ;) 

One day, we want a set up like this. That's one good-looking garage! And that is what CrossFit is about. That's what a box is essentially, well, that's what they're supposed to be, a bare bones facility with everything you need and not much else. 

It's also why I went and sat for my Level 1 cert, so that I'm comfortable doing CrossFit on my own, video taping my lifts, programming my own stuff, etc. Not necessarily because I want to coach or affiliate, but because I want to be a better athlete.

We're still a while away from a garage gym, so it looks like I'm going to have to find a way on my own terms. And I'm alright with that.

Now excuse me, Sal and I have some serious TV watching to do (Nashville is on Hulu!)

What shows are you watching?

I'm waiting for the 6th Season of Army Wives to make it to Netflix (any day now!) and trying to get my paws on Homeland Season 2. I'm not having much luck watching it online (someone left a comment a while back and mentioned a website, I can't find the comment again for the life of me though, so if someone knows of it, please share!)


  1. I hope to have a garage gym someday too! I agree with the sentiment that Crossfit is TOO expensive. It is supposed to be bare bones equipment and functional training, but it is more than a car payment each month!

  2. Hi...I understand how you feel. I have a hard time paying for a gym membership when I only go there for a couple of very specific classes by one teacher. I have a home gym that I love and do my weight training here, but love the boost that the classes give me for cardio.. Now they offer a new Chaos class that you have to pay IN ADDITION to the regular classes.... Wow.
    On a secondary note, I know you live not within a 1/2 hour or so from me in Suwanee. Send me an e-mail at the below address for an invite to an upcoming holiday party on 12-15. I don't want to seem cyber stalker-ish, but thought you could use some friends that are similarly interested in the things you mention in your column. I TOTALLY understand if you think it's too weird. If not, is where you can reach me...My husband is also running in the Turkey Day 1/2 marathon, btw...

  3. all this running time has probably been great to sort through these crossfit thoughts of yours. There's a season for everything in our lives and it's never wrong to move on and try new things.

  4. Glad to hear you think Crossfit is a little if not MUCH overpriced. I'm obsessed with working out daily and have found peace with Insanity and running outside. I do belong to 24hr but its only $24/mon, Not bad at all :) I love your blog!
    You ask what shows people are watching....We just finished: Dexter, The Killing (amazing!) and we are currently watching Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.
    Have a great weekend! You killed it on your run. Screw what people say to you. I'm sure they have a little jealousy built up about something. People are so cruel at times.

  5. wow, and i thought a regular gym was expensive! a garage gym is my dream. or a shed since i like to park my cars in my garage. someday....

    in the meantime it's more HIIT, running and bball/vball with my girlfriends. it'll have to do!

  6. Hi Courtney, just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your blog... it's really inspiring and candid. You're doing a great job and you shouldn't let anyone get you down. Keep reminding yourself why you even run and hopefully the enthusiastic reminders will quiet that nagging voice of criticism.

  7. I understand your frustration. Our CF is bare bones but expensive. However, it is the only way I can make myself do any type of weight lifting activity. Otherwise I just run.

    Don't fret about the half - it's an easy enough distance to do even if your training has been lacking. I wish we had a half near us on Thanksgiving. Instead I'm settling for a 10K. Good luck!

  8. I read your blog and like you I too would love to have a Crossfit membership. But...I have a newborn and a 3rd old - I feel it would be wrong of me to spend that kind of money on myself when i have diapers to buy, college to fund and not to mention my wife who's taking care of both of them while I'm at work all day. If anybody deserves the time-out to go to the gym - it's her. But at $250/month.....just not gonna happen.

  9. I totally agree with you about CF boxes, way too expensive. It just wasn't worth it for us. My husband and I used to do Crossfit at 24HR, this particular one had bumper weights. Now that we have a baby, we decided to buy one of the CF home gym packages from Rogue Fitness with our tax refund. Having a home gym makes things so much easier. Yes it's a lot up front but we don't have to go anywhere, we don't have to pay for a membership, and it's our equipment. Hopefully you'll get to build a home gym one day. Good Luck and have fun with the half marathon.

  10. Lisa in Brooklyn09 November, 2012 09:45

    You can make fitness/health videos on youtube and make money! I know I would watch them/do them everyday! I am a mom exercising from my home and I am having so much trouble losing weight so even your diet videos would help me. I cannot tell you how much I admire your lifestyle! And my husband shares the same beliefs as you so no gym membership for me! I am obsessed with the show Pretty Little Liars, mainly because of the makeup on the show. I'm a makeup freak lol. By the way, a couple of blog posts ago you were talking about your skin/makeup routine for working out and I just wanted to tell you about Clinique's Acne Solutions line (if you ever want to try something new). It is the ONLY thing that works for me and I have no pimples or scars now. It is not marketed to take away scars, but somehow it does. (I pick my face when I have pimples - disgusting anxiety habit!) which creates scars, but my face is smooth and scar-free now. And they even make a foundation for the line which I wear when working out (it is liquid, but not thick so it reminds me more of a tinted moisturizer and you can even mix it with your moisturizer to sheer it out even more).

  11. Love this post and love your honesty! We started building up a home gym over the summer. Started with just a cheap used set of weights from Craiglist, then got a squat rack, and moving up! There's a pic of our home gym here:
    Nothing fancy.. but slowly adding one piece at a time! Think how much of your own equipment you can buy for $150/month!

  12. I agree with you 100 percent! I have been wanting to try out Crossfit forever but I just can't justify the cost per month! & my husband just joined for an introductory month so there is even less of a chance that I will be trying it out any time soon. Like you said, $300 a month for 2 people is just insane!

    Plus I love running and running is (relatively) free :)

  13. That would be wicked to have a gym like that in your garage...I would be all about that too in mine except I still have to learn how to do everything first!

  14. I watch all of my shows online! Too cheap for cable :) I use and
    Sometimes it takes a little effort to find a link that actually works, but hey, it's free!

  15. Nothing wrong with being extremely mindful of expenses. That is a very mature attitude. Dave Ramsey and saving for the future rules! And so does the dollar store!! Love your blog and your attitude. XO

  16. Best post ever! You basicaly answered all my questions from a reply all in one post. Awesome! i doubt you ment to but still awesome for me.
    Do what makes you happy.

    Who knows maybe one day you'll have your own garage gym and be able to train people the way you want to train. And call it what its really called. Athletic enhancement training. OR call it whatever you wana call it but cross fit has become a place where trainig/working out goes to die. Look back in the day with amazing athletes they worked out in tiny no a/c training rooms. They didnt have 22,000 sqf gyms they didnt need that they were doing what they loved for the pure enjoyment of it. They had there rusty dumbbells and barbells and that was good enough for them.

    I'll settle with the free gym memebership i get at a tiny local gym that only fits 10 ppl at the most at a time. And running in the farm fields and trails in my home town with my choc. lab and doing my box jumps on hay stalks and jungle gyms and pull ups on monkey bars before I ever step into a cross fit gym that charges over $200+

  17. I read your posts every day - I usually dont comment, but I find you super funny, entertaining, relatable and honest! Anyway, had to comment on this one because #1. Peppermint Mocha is my sh*t! Knowing Im gonna have a cup of that before I head out at 5 a.m. for my run puts me in a good mood. #2. I love running too, for the reasons you state. I run so I can pig out whenever I want & I run because the entire world is my gym.

    Listen to your heart and you'll find your way! xo

  18. Newer reader here. I loved this post. Very down to earth. We follow Dave Ramsey too and I totally get what you are saying. My hubby and I pay about $22 a month for our gym membership. In addition I have a "yoga class stipend" right now. :)

    It does seem selfish but he refuses to go with me and yoga is good for me it makes me a happier wife! So it works out. But dang it's like nowhere near the figures you mentioned for CF. Crazy.

  19. Did you find out yet if you passed your test?! I know you must be dying to know!!

  20. I agree completely. And to think Crossfit gyms are expensive, try moving to Australia from Texas. HOLY MOLY I was sticker shocked. There's no such thing as a cheap gym. Everything is bi-weekly. Crossfit is $400+ over here and just a regular old gym my husband and I pay 140 each for a gym with terrible hours and very few things to actually use.

    Love your honesty, you give me hope :)
    Hope you find some good crossfit friends there, i'm still searching for some friends here in Australia, it's hard being without a girl to talk to!


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