Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cleaning and Snatching

Today's workout: Get out your kettlebells out for this one, kids!

I warmed up on the C2 rower, working at a moderate (but not balls out) pace for a 2,000 meter row, just trying to maintain close to a 2:00 per 500/m speed. 

Now, on to the kettlebells.

6 turkish getups, alternating, each side. (1 pood)
max reps kettlebell single arm strict press x 3
(it's crazy how much stronger I am on my right side than my left!)

Kettlebell Metcon:

3 rounds of

10 snatchtes left arm
10 snatches right arm
15 russian swings
12 cleans, left arm
12 cleans, right arm
10 push press, left arm
10 push press, right arm
rest 1 minute
Use same bell throughout (I used the 1 pood)

And then, because I just couldn't say no ...

To ze prowler!

5x50m prowler pushes, adding weight each round, I finished with 305!

Lucky me, I had running company later this afternoon. We clocked 3 miles in 28 minutes.

All added up ... 

When I'm training alone, as I am now, I love my heart rate monitor. It pushes me and keeps me on track. Note that I said heart rate monitor, not calorie burner monitor. The whole calories thing burned could mean less to me. But, pushing my heart harder and harder, that's a skill I am practicing.

And a peek at some of my awesome eats today (there were a lot of them)

My eyes are so heavy, I'm off to bed! I'm taking a break from the Burpee Challenge because sadly, burpees flare up my sciatic nerve like no ones business.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. That's cool you have all that free time for workouts! I can only manage to fit in one of those. Jealous.

    1. I was actually only in the gym for an hour an 10 minutes, including a cool down stretch. The rest of the workout you see on my heart rate monitor was work, running and walking dogs. :)

  2. Wow I would feel really lucky to have a couple of running buddies like you got! Cool english bully just cant log the miles hehe

  3. Inquiring minds would like to know what kind of heart rate monitor do you use? And I know you said you're not as into Crossfit as you used to be - but any advice for someone who's considering it? My bf has started Crossfit training, but I'm a little scared to. Love your blog!