Monday, October 15, 2012

WOD Drunk

Yesterday I got my craft on! Halloween pumpkins. 

I picked up these cute little baby pumpkins at Trader Joes for $1! They were pretty enough not to paint, but I was feeling the painting bug. I pulled out my craft-box (doesn't everyone have a craft-box?) and got creative.

Painting is way cooler than carving! Carved pumpkins never last, and they are such a mess. 

I'm thinking I can keep these up until at least February.

So, my Monday has kind of been a mixed bag.

Good: 6 mile run
Bad: $15 parking ticket
Good: CrossFit Midtown intern staff meeting
Bad: sitting in staff meeting in my stinky running clothes
Good: huge front squat PR
Bad: still in stinky running clothes, so I just took my shirt off during the WOD (a good?)
Good: meeting two new dogs to add to my pet-sitting clientele 
Bad: Stepping in this new dogs poo poo. while wearing sandals 
Good: thing they had a hose to clean off my feet

So, more bad than good, I'll call today a win in the books. Even though I may have to throw those sandals away.

The morning started off with a run, gasp, a run! It was a good one, too. ;) I feel so mischievous when I say I went for a run. Like, the God's of CrossFit will slay me with a bolt of thunder the second the word is uttered out loud; run. 

Mile 1: 9:05
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3: 9:15
Mile 4: 8:59
Mile 5: 9:01
And I'm not sure what my split was for my 6, as I came running up to my car, I had to fight an Indian off it as he was writing me a parking ticket. 

Ugh, a parking ticket, because some jackass was blocking the entrance to the CFM parking lot. Apparently, he'd been re-ended and was refusing to move until someone did something. I didn't want to get involved, so I just parked in a lot close by. Bad idea. I'm learning how stupid people in the big city are about their damn land. Nothing in life is free!

I saved myself from a boot, praise baby Jesus, but that damn old man barely spoke English and would not take away the parking ticket. He was putting it under my windshield as I came running up (yes, 6 glorious miles of stink and sweat on me), and sadly could not charm him (I don't understand why he didn't find my glistening, sweaty body charming enough, whatevs). 

I got in my car, completely pissed, raced moved it to the CFM parking lot (cranky old guy finally got on with his day and moved his damn car) ... I'm almost in tears at my bad luck, until I was greeted by my fellow interns at CrossFit Midtown. My Lord, how I am coming to love these girls. So much love in this group. 

Being an Army wife is so hard. But these girls and my boss Lis, have just been so accepting and opened up their arms, offered advice, and this morning, even offered their own parking horror stories to help me feel better. :) 

They even let me get pictures of them all sweaty post-WOD. That's a friend, people. Real friends take pictures with really sweaty friends. Fact.

My eyes look kind of droopy and scary, yikes.

 I was high off allergy medicine of the WOD aka WOD drunk. 

As much as I know you all love to see my wash board abs hostess cake stomach, I really took off my shirt because the stinky-funk was so bad I could barely stand it, and I'm pretty sure everyon'e eyes were starting to pucker at the stench. And I didn't want the floor to ruin my light-colored shirt. Priorities, people. Burpees do this, what can I say?

Today's workout:

AM: 6 mile run
PM: Front squats 12-8-4 (115, 135, 155!)
10 rounds for time: burpess AFAP + 20 seconds Airdyine, 100m row or 100m run, followed by 3 minute rest.

I paired up with my fellow ITP (Instructor Training Program) member Scott, because I thought we'd be lifting about the same amount of weight. I decided not to load up the bar myself, but to have him load it up and to work off of his numbers. So, first set of 12 was at 115, then a 2 minute rest, right into 8 reps at 135, and the final set of four at 155 pounds! Hot sauce!

I had no idea what the weight was. He just put on weight, and I got under the bar. 
The last time I front squatted for a 1RM was in the spring, and I got 150 pounds. So, 155 four times, means my estimated 1RM now is about 170 pounds. Suh-weeeeet. 

For the met-con, we did 5 burpees as fast as possible, and then onto the rower, airdyne or running. Our choice. Our coach recommends the Airdyne for elite athletes, so that's what I use. My fastest round was 35 seconds, my slowest round was 39 seconds. I made sure I hit 10 calories instead of just going for 20 seconds though, so I maybe went 22 or 23 seconds on the Airdyne each round. I hate the rest periods in between rounds, but I know there's a reason for it. 

His favorite spot.

Later this afternoon, I met a new clients dogs that I'll be walking/sitting a few times a week. 

Meet Oliver!

He is an old boy! And so incredibly precious. He walks a little slow, and sometimes needs a little extra helping getting his butt up (his hips are going) and he really doesn't like to have to step up on anything. The rug in her living room kept tripping him up, so I had to be really careful about making sure we stepped into the rug and not into the rug. He is the most adorable dog. I seriously could hang out with this guy all day long.

And his "sister" Kiara, a puppy if I ever saw one! I could barely get her to sit still for a photo!

So, just because I love this new job so much, I have to show you some of the others dogs I get to care for and hang out with on a daily basis!

Baby Lola!

My favorite new running buddy! I think we did about 4 miles together on Friday. :)

And of course, my precious pumpkin, Elliott. <3

I am contemplating signing up for the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon here in Atlanta. Anyone else running it? Or running a race on Thanksgiving?

Have you signed up to run the Hot Chocolate 15k yet?!


  1. I'm pondering running the Hog Trot down here in Key West for Thanksgiving.
    It would be my very first real race. Unless I decide to run NASKW's Zombie Run for Halloween!!! ;)

    1. I've heard SUCH fun stuff about these Zombie races!

  2. I am running the Turkey Trot in Buffalo NY.It is in its 117th year.It is the oldest continuously running footrace in NA.Even older then the Boston Marathon!

  3. Nice run and workout!! I say do it :D no reason not to run the half marathon. i have a 10K set up for november :) those dogs are the cutest!! I'm jealous lol

  4. lori.barker@ KissTheChef.us15 October, 2012 20:37

    Hey!! My husband is doing that race! He's the tri-athlete in the family - I'm the lifter... Anyway, I'll have him keep an eye out for you. I don't run fast (other than tabatas) unless something is chasing me that is a) bigger, b) scarier, or c) has a weapon!!! Not my thing, but he LOVES it.. We live on the other side of the perimeter from you in Suwanee. Keep it up!!

    1. I don't run fast either, haha! I just run ... and keep running. Even at a glacial pace. :) It's nice to know someone else will be running it. :)

  5. Your pumpkins are ADORABLE!! Love them!!

  6. I was thinking of signing up for the Seattle Half the Sunday after Thanksgiving - I'll do mine if you do yours. :)

    By the way, would you happen to have any advice or experience with CrossFit Endurance?

    P.S. Try not to feel too bad about the parking ticket. One time in college I left my car in a lot that turned into a pay lot around 6AM, didn't realize and somehow ended up with 3 (!!!) tickets. So your one isn't so bad! ;-)

    1. I followed a CFE marathon training plan for one of my last half marathons in the spring. It was a great plan that focused on intensity, and not distance. :)

  7. You get to play with cute doggies & get paid for it!? Jealous times 10000!

    Congrats on the PR btw! I am working my way up to those levels soon :) Tiny girls unite!

    xoxo, Grether

  8. Doing a Turkey Trot in Charlotte (10K) with my family on T-day - best way to earn your turkey! Sadly can't make the hot chocolate 15K - Atlanta gear is the best based on the website info.

    1. I am excited about these jacket/zip ups they're giving out!

  9. I'm doing the Savannah 1/2 the begining of November and an annual turkey day race too, they are SO fun!! Do it! Debating the Hot Chocolate race...they just add up so quickly!! $$$$
    - Layne

    1. What Turkey race are you doing?? Good luck runnning Savannah! I found a coupon code for the Hot Chocolate, otherwise ... ;)

    2. Those dogs are too stinking cute. I say go for the run, Court! Do it!! :) @Layne: I'm doing the Savannah half, also!

  10. Those are the cutest pumpkins ever! And HOLY ISH on your front squat PR...amazing.

  11. I am IN LOVE with those pumpkins! You crafty little thing:)Badass on the front squats PR - you are a beast!

  12. you had to fight an "indian" off as he was writing you ticket? What the hell does that mean? and you really think anyone believes you took your shirt off because of how you smelled? Oh please. You know you don't have a "hostess cake" stomach. How annoying are you? VERY.

  13. LOVE the pumpkins! Especially the Booo one. And now you have me looking at this Hot Chocolate race. I'm definitely thinking of signing up, you can't keep me from finish line food like chocolate! That's like a dream come true.