Monday, October 8, 2012

Where Do We Go From Here?

Happy Columbus Day! 

It's really strange that DH had the day off (it's a Federal Holiday), but it seemed the rest of the world had to work. We're definitely not on a military post anymore ... So, after sleeping in (ah, glorious sleeping in!) we both finished homework, cleaned the house, I did food prep for the rest of the week (meatloaf, cabbage salad, slaw salad, chopped fruit), and then we headed out on a date. And yes, I wore real, human clothes. For the second time this week, this might be a world record!

And our 2nd date this week, too, whoo!

Looper at The Movie Tavern, a cool place where you can order food and beverages and they bring it to you while you're watching the movie. Because we're just THAT lazy.

Tickets were awesome for a weekday showing, just $6, and the beers were less than $4 a pint on draft, and they had the good stuff, too. 


I've had a hard time getting back on the WLC wagon after being sick all last week and missing the 3:00 cut off (I slept through my alarm three days in a row), and keep missing it ... I set my alarm for 2:00 this afternoon, and still missed it when I was out walking the dog! 

Not that I eat a bunch of junk all the time, but I definitely feel like, whoops, I missed logging in, might as well have a beer with my paleo grass-fed beef burger! 

*face palm*

It's so weird, too, because I think I've been drinking MORE on the to WLC than I was before the WLC, just because it's so restricting. Not going to lie, I can't wait for it to be over. ;)

I will say, I have successfully cut out ALL dairy and all artificial sweeteners, for the first time in my life! And I have to say, I don't miss them. I never thought I'd get over my sugar-free syrup and Fage Greek yogurt combo obsession. Just knowing that I am strong enough to cut it out of my regimen has shown my resolve during this Challenge. But, I know that they'll probably be the first things to come back into my diet too. Dairy, that is - the syrup can stay gone.

Over the weekend I did participate in my first ever CrossFit competition, the Atlanta East vs. West. I wasn't prepared for it (having been sick the whole week prior), but it was so much fun, I am so happy I came out and put my game face on anyways. CrossFit Midtown is a relatively new box in Atlanta, and already being open just five months, they had two mixed teams and two elite teams out to play. 90% of our team mates had never competed, myself included, so it was just a huge learning experience.

It was a great experience, but it's left me feeling a little ... 

Contemplative. About where I want to go from here.

There are new goals I need to set out to conquer. Like learning how to swim. Getting out on my road bike. Signing up for my first triathlon. Trail running! Rock climbing. More yoga. I was so into CrossFit because of the friends I had at Fort Hood, and because, honestly, that's what we had. In Atlanta, there's so much going on and so many cool things to try, I want to dabble and play in a little of everything. And CrossFit, too, of course. Just maybe not as much as I am now?

Ah, the great balancing act continues.

Is there another sport you wish you could try?
 A new class you want to attend? 


  1. I am constantly trying to figure out "what i want to do." Run more? Run less? Lift more & run more? My options for classes are limited as I live in a super rural area.. We have ONE yoga studio, and the classes are at the weirdest, most inconvenient times. I don't even like yoga, but i just want the option to try & like it.

  2. Love this post! I just started crossfit a few weeks ago, but I could never allow it to be the only thing I did. I love outdoor sports (MTB, trail running, climbing, mountaineering, etc.) and I would never give them up. I think crossfit is a great sport to mix in with the rest!

  3. have you tried bikram yoga? it's very hot yoga. For people that are a little more competitive or sporty it is a great type of yoga. I think its a great addition to crossfit because it stretches your muscles better than anything else! you should check it out.

  4. Love your bag from lulu! Is it the yoga moto messenger from their site? It looks smaller than what they have listed. Btw, I definitely catch your drift when you say you need to try new things! I just learned we have a mountain bike club in the area I live in and I'm thinking about looking into it. I feel like the running club I am apart of is great, but I love trying new things :-P

    & oh, yoga is a nice change of pace...great for stetching out and helps with balance! I do that a few times a week :-)

  5. I've been really dying to try crossfit since I started reading your blog, but now that I finally got a month for a reasonable price (thanks to groupon!) I also happened to book an acting job (I'm an actor...clearly...) and after reading so much about the intensity of it (which I love) I'm afraid I'll push myself too hard and get hurt, which is the LAST thing I want. But I'd really like to register for some races even though I'm kind of an awful runner and think it's one of the most monotonous, boring things ever. I'd love to play pick up soccer here in the city but I don't know anyone else who plays and I'm nervous to go join some random people who all know each other already... ahhhhh the trials and tribulations...Proud of myself for doing the WLC though!!

  6. We're working on the hiking since we live in Denver!! We're taking ballroom dance classes starting tomorrow -- does that count? Lol.

  7. Love the first picture of you in your snatch with your hubby & puppy right behind you!! Great shot.

    I definitely understand your want to dabble in lots of things within the fitness arena.. I work at a gym and am constantly inspired by all the cool things people are doing and want to try them all!! I am currently training for a Kettlebell Sport competition though and trying my best to stay on track with my training plan even though I also want to powerlift, olympic lift, run more, bike more, etc.. anyway you should definitely try all sorts of things! With your athletic ability I'm sure you can do anything you set your mind to. :)

  8. I've never posted a comment before, but I picked up your blog from Skinny Runner one day. I moved about a year ago from a city I loved where I had been CFing for 3 years at a box that meant the world to me. I was in great shape, loved all my peeps, loved the workouts! Then I moved. And I couldn't find a box I even liked. So I kicked my hubby out of the garage and made my own garage gym. I have everything! And I love the convenience of it, but I was lonely, so I decided to try something new. Hit up a Triathlon clinic one weekend to see if I could meet some new workout buddies and see if I could test myself in another direction- endurance! I'm doing my first Half Ironman in 2 weeks, 6 months after that clinic. I have loved the new challenges (nutrition on the bike- what a challenge!) the new people, hearing their stories about doing the full 140.6- all of it! I still do CF in my garage 2-3x a week, but lighter weights so I'm not SO sore that I can't train for the Half IM. Anyway, find your new challenge, stick w/ CF and enjoy both. Wow, I had a lot to say!!! LOVE your blog, love your attitude!

  9. I have always wanted to try CrossFit but it looks so hard so I am afraid! I also want to try yoga and actually take a class.

  10. You are awesome! I'm sure you will succeed at whatever you set your mind to! Explore you options! there is a lot out there other than just crossfit and you need to find what works for you!

  11. I'm with you on the WLC...definitely did better at some things before the challenge just because I feel so restricted. OH well. Rock climbing and doing a fitness competition are definitely on my wish list!

  12. I just got into CrossFit so I am still trying to get the hang of that, but I actually REALLY want to get into the Spartan Races. You should look it up, you would destroy them! Its basically trail running for the insane and physically fit.

  13. I feel like I'm tottally flubbing the WLC as well. Makes me feel like a tard since I was SO pumped for it.

    I still want to try crossfit, I want to run more, lift more, bikram yoga, piloxing, hiking many things. I swear I've been anti working out lately though so at this point ANY movement would be good. Haha:)

  14. Fab OH technique! LOVE! So, I signed up for my first competition on 12/2 and have some MAJOR skill work to do--trying not to shit myself! WLC scurrs me. I don't think I could do it and be a nice wife.