Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talk Nerdy To Me

Sorry for the lack of posts the last two days guys, I've been sick with the flu bug. It's funny that since moving to Georgia, I've been sick not once, but twice, in the last two months! I think prior to moving, I was sick twice in the last two years. 

Just in case you haven't checked it out, Meghann is giving away a new Garmin.

And just in case you can't smell it, these gems just came out of the oven! Pumpkin mini-loaves for the husband to take into work. Score on being Paleo, and score on my mini-muffin tin find from a local thrift store.

I did make it into work today, but left the barbell and plates tucked away. I'm not quite well enough to move any heavy weight around. After some intern work, we drew this weeks winners for the WLC! Check your email to see if you're the lucky winner of $50 cold-hard-cash or a CFM shirt and a big old bag of Paleo People granola!

Representing the CFM gear this week, we have my precious nugget, Elliott!

I know, he is the most precious thing you ever did see.

I think I might have the best job in the world. Take your dog to work day, every day? 

I know he loves it. :)

Rocking the new glasses today. 

Currently reading this eating this while munching on a salad for dinner.

Do you prefer flats or heels?

Do you prefer gym clothes or human clothes?

What is your dream job?


  1. What do u do for a living??? Workout clothes for sure!!!!

  2. My first job is being an Army spouse: I have to be able to pick up and move at any time, Army orders. My job currently is interning and assistant coaching at a CrossFit gym in Atlanta, I'm also a certified personal trainer and studying for my Level 1 Crossfit Trainer certificate in a few weeks.

  3. I prefer my Reeboks. I just got new flats today and I have blisters galore already. I am also ALWAYS in yoga pants or athletic shorts & a T-shirt. My dream job is a personal trainer... one day it'll happen! :)

  4. Please give us the DL on those glasses sista'!!! I have looked high and low for that style...

  5. All I wear is gym clothes. They're just so much more comfortable :)

  6. I pretty much live in gym clothes! My dream job is to be a nutritionist and crossfit coach! My two loves in one!

  7. I prefer gym clothes.

  8. Flats, gym clothes and any job that requires me tower the latter. :)

  9. Hi ,i miss your post :)!
    i prefer flat because i run here and there always,i have to wear jeans and t shirt but when i'm home or in my free time i prefer spending time in gym clothes.
    i dream to work in the molecoular biology lab of my univerity where i'm training at this time.

  10. Flats - because I have to move fast and am constantly on the go. A well broken-in pair of sweats and t-shirt are my favorite.

    What's the Paleo pumpkin recipe??

  11. Flat...too tall for heals!

    Gym clothes - I don't wear jeans. EVER.

    Dream job - anything that requires me to be physically active all day long and on my feet moving! Personal trainer, fitness instructor, professional athlete! I am always so happy when I don't have to sit for extended periods of time haha

  12. Gym clothes! By far! Hate regular clothes. Gotta always have on my Asics Gel Kayano running shoes. And they just don't go very well with a sundress! So forget that.

  13. I prefer heels, if you're gonna do it, you gotta do it big. However, most of the time you'll still find me in gym clothes and my Nikes. My dream job IS my job, I'm a nurse!

  14. flats, heels are way too painful!!
    human clothes (i mean comfy ones :)
    my dream job is to get paid to run....ahhhh yes that would be too awesome, that is why it'll never happen lol


  15. Did I miss the recipe on those little pumpkin loaves? They look delish.

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