Saturday, October 27, 2012

Punch Yo Head

I love that every photo on Facebook and Instagram tonight is someone in costume. Naughty nurses, slutty cops, bloody zombies ...

Then there's me.

In my pajamas. 

Started the day with a fun partner WOD!


Buy in: 1000m row

10 deadlifts 135/185#

20 kettlebell swings 1/1.5 pood
30 wallballs 14/20#

Partners can divide the work any way they like. We got 5 rounds (I was using the 44# kettlebell), and 37 rep ins, almost 6 rounds! The wall balls were definitely the worst. I could have dead lifted all day, and I wish I would have just used the 1.5 pood bell.

I wanted to warm up with a run, but I had to take the nugget into the groomer, and I didn't leave myself with enough time. Then they called to let me know he was done early, so I didn't have time afterwards. So, I promised to treat myself with a run through Piedmont Park tomorrow morning. Lord knows the DOMS will have sufficiently set in from Mary on Friday and I'll need all the lubrication I can get. Running has a way of flushing out the gunk.

This beautiful boy is Henry, he caught my eye on the way in to pick up Elliott. The local shelter was holding an Adoption Fair. All the other dogs were barking and reacting, and he was just sitting there, looking out into the world, mellow and sweet, just like Elliott was when I first saw him.

But, I promised myself we wouldn't get a second dog until we had a yard, because my second dog I want to be a big dog, someone I can take running.

Plus, this guy really is my main squeeze. :) My nugget, my munchkin, light of my life, homie dizzle, ellie pie, fur bomb, bomb doggity, best friend. I tell him everything. And talk to him jus wike he is a wittle baaaaaaby sometimes, and he just wags his tail and looks at his treat bag.

That's love. My other friends would probably punch me in the face if I ever talked to them like that.

Speaking of punching people in the face, I need to punch the groomer in the face. Look what he did to my papillon.

Yeah, he chopped off his ear hair. They at least offered to cut him for free next time, but really, do I want to risk it with a next time? Why didn't they read the grooming notes from last time? It was all in there!

That's just part of moving, learning to take change in stride. Finding a new hair stylist. Grocery store. Groomer. Doctor. Dentist. Mistakes happen, no matter how well we communicate, because we aren't really in control. 

This zombie is.

Now, I have a slumber party to get back to. 

Do you take your animal into the groomer? Have you ever had a bad experience?

What are your plans for Halloween?
We are having a GLOW STICK WOD at the box.


  1. I want Henry! I even dig his name. Too bad I'm in Texas. :) I have a blue heeler named JJ (he came named already); he's supposed to be my running buddy only I can't keep his pace! So, we just walk and he herds my children while they play outside.

    1. Nicole, I was TOTALLY digging his name, too. It was so perfect for him. Your heeler sounds pretty fantastic too, though!

  2. None of my dogs have ever been in need of grooming. Koshka (big cat) however is a different story. He probably would be fine if I was more diligent about daily brushing, but I'm not. So periodically I give him a full body mohawk myself to remove any mats of fur. I'm not one of those people that freak out when you shave the pet for a medical test/surgery. The hair will grow back, and if it doesn't there are always worse things that could happen.

    Little dogs can go for runs too! Just start with short distances. My pup is about 13 pounds and LOVES running 1/2-1 mile. I've had to lay off his runs though since he's being treated for heartworm disease (he was recently rescued - I try to pick them that have less-adoptable traits or conditions - because I can usually fix them myself).

    1. Yes, Elliott and I go for about mile long walks everyday, but he just really doesn't like to run more than a 100m or so, he just starts walking again. :)

      I hope he heals from his Heartworm, soon!

  3. I love the picture of you and your nugget in the car! You have such pretty hair, do you curl it or is that natural like that? well, pretty lady you have a nice sunday and week.

    1. Oh, I have to curl it! Normally, it's straight. Or like frizzy straight, haha. :)

  4. Awe, your little pow wow puppy looks adorable, even with his missing ear fuzz. Its a new look for him! I talk crazy baby talk to my crazy, sweet, love of my life, overweight cat, all the time. She must think I am nuts!

  5. Henry needs a home and you would be the perfect owner! I can't go to's just too sad for me :( I am in love with stinkin' cute!

  6. Just thought I should tell you that you're hilarious (Zombie comment - exhibit A) and I totally appreciate your sense of humor :-P