Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Out of Balance

I love my readers! Thank you all for your awesome comments on yesterday's post: it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one that gets a wee bit tired of doing the same thing every day. Even if we don't do the same thing every day in CrossFit, it isn't the same as a race, yoga class or spin class, that's for sure.

In an effort to discover a little more of what's happening in my neck of the woods (my CrossFit box is almost 10 miles away and takes 30-50 minutes to get to in traffic), I found an amazing yoga study just a few miles from the house (totally within running distance!) and they're all about the hot yoga. Hot Bikram to Hot Vinyasa, holla!

The plan is to one day be as cool as this old bird.

With my internship at the box I'm not sure when I'll fit it in, but I wish it could become a daily thing. I've been feeling really out of place ... a little lost ... a little out of focus, if you will. I know that yoga will help me find my center and find me some peace.

I was reading over the studio's Ettitque for New Students, and this bullet stood out to me:

• Let go of the competitive mind-set. Yoga is non-competitive. It is a work-out, an opportunity for cross-training and a technique for relaxation. It is also a spiritual practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible and generally, much healthier. The purpose is to calm the mind, open the heart and stimulate our spiritual evolution. 

This is something that CrossFit DOES not do. Spiritual evolution? While trying to kill Fran? Right. It's no wonder I feel out of balance.

Plans are in the works for a spring Tough Mudder out in Texas with my Rainbow gang, too!


  1. I'm happy to see you will be trying some yoga out! I'm in the same boat... out of balance. It's tough because we want to stay grounded and know exactly what to do all the time. But, sometimes we've got to just take like from a new angle and try something new. Take a spin at something we haven't done ever or in a while. It's good to mix it up... and yes crossfit is great but not so much on the whole spiritual evolution concept ;) Tough Mudder... please do it and go full throttle.

  2. Seems like more and more people are getting into Tough Mudders!!! Good luck with yours, i might do one next summer :D

  3. I can't believe it takes that long for you to get to your gym! UGH.

    I definitely would like to get into yoga. Our gym used to offer classes, but it was always at weird times when I couldn't make it. I'm glad you are trying new things! :)