Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeup & Workouts

Today I had no "go" in my gas tank. I was trying, I was, but the motivation was just not there. I'm hoping I find my motivation again. I think I left it back in Texas.

I watched a movie on the stairclimber. How lame. I even picked up a People magazine and thought about trying to read it while stepping my morning away ... But then realized that would be just too much.

Have you ever been in a fitness funk? Mine is going on 2 months now, I'm wondering what to do.

A race sounds nice. Running is just easy, and that's what I feel like I need right now. Mindlessness. Someone asked me at the box if I was interested in a CrossFit competition in December. And no, honestly, I'm not.

I don't know how I feel about CrossFit these days. Awkward, considering I just threw down a thousand bones for the Level 1 course in less than 5 days. But, if I'm not CrossFitting, what am I doing? That is the question.

A reader asked me "How did you learn to do kipping and butterfly pullups?" Well, first I had to learn to do a pull up. I never used bands, I did jumping pullups, and slowly started going down in box height, until I didn't use the box anymore. Then, I would do them strict. Over time, I learned how to kip. An emphasis must be made on strict pull-ups before you learn how to kip or butterfly. There is a direct correlation to how many kipping pullups you can do in relation to the amount of strict pullups, I promise. Go get yourself a cheapie bar from Walmart and get started. I'd do 1 every time I walked into our bedroom, then 2, then 3, until I worked my way up to 10, now I can do 15 unbroken. I'd like to do 20. I did recently do 21 unbroken butterfly pull ups ... Me thinks I might be ready for Fran.

The cue that helped me learn to butterfly was "think about backwards pedaling a bicycle." If you hang onto the pull up bar, and just close your eyes, and simultaneously back pedal a bicycle, that is the rhythm you create on a butterfly. Now, push off the bar and make sure you shoot your legs straight down to keep the momentum tight before rebounding on that backwards pedal.

Another reader asked, "Do you wear makeup when you workout?" And the answer is yes, most of the time. This morning, I did not. I always have a tinted moisturizer with SPF that I put on, and usually my Bare Minerals makeup over that, because I just have such bad acne and dark scarring. I hate seeing the blemishes, so I cover it up for me, not for anyone else. I also like waterproof mascara and some Burts Bees tinted chap-stick to keep from biting my nails. I have issues. 

This morning another Coach and I taught the Noon class. Look at them doing work! They worked up to a heavy double back squat, then jumped right into the metcon.

5 rounds for time:
15 kettlebell swings 53/35
20 back extensions or supermans
25 sit ups

After class, since I was already there, I decided to do the WOD. I nixed the back squats because it was freezing and I felt like my joints were going to crack like glass under a heavy load, so just did the metcon (I told you, I'm lacking serious motivation these days, people). I used the 44# kettlebell, did 3 rounds of GHD sit ups and 2 rounds on the ab mat (the GHD machines from Again Faster suck, they don't fit my little frame AT ALL), and did all the back extensions on said lame machine.

Time: a turtle like pace of 12:21

My afternoon perked up when I got the chance to walk these babies.

Dogs + the outdoors = goodness. The combination is like chicken soup for the soul.

Camera shy ;)


  1. Maybe you should take some time off to think about what you really want/like to do, a little time off is always good for prioritizing things!

  2. the level 1 cert is SO much fun and i think it will reinvigorate your love for crossfit :) (but, we all need a break some time!)

  3. I do wear makeup to gym because i usually go after work. Lately Its been so busy at work that Im so tired to go sometimes;-((

  4. I have so been there! Oh it sucked! I had done all this work to lose 100#’s and here I was thinking I would rather be punched in the face than workout. For me it was staleness, which is like burnout but suckier. What worked for me was time off, it was about a week. Just enough time for my body to recover to 100% and allow me to just get back on track. It got me back focused and on track mentally which is really a big part of all this! It gets better!!!

  5. I never would have guessed you had less than perfect skin, you always look great in your pictures (:

    Weird question but a few blog posts back, you mentioned you use the Loreal sublime tanning products. Do they ever stain your workout gear orange/brown when you sweat? I'm interested in getting back into self tanners but I always wear head-to-toe Lululemon to CrossFit in and don't want to ruin my Lulu ):

  6. I'm in a total funk as well. We moved and then my hubby went tdy a week later. Probably going on 6 weeks now? I hate it. Gotta snap out of it ASAP or I'm gonna gain these 40 #'s back. Haha.

  7. Hang in there! Everyone goes through rought patches now and then and you have *good* reasons for needing a little time to get back in the swing of things.

    I hope you enjoy your cert training and even if you end up taking some time off from CrossFit (or focusing on something else for awhile), I'll bet you'll be glad you got it, in the end. After all, instructors get 15% off at Lulu. ;)

  8. Maybe it's the time of year? Bc I'm also in a funk, and i've been stuck here for a while now. I miss my family like WHOA, my DH travels pretty much every week and bored as hell. If I lived in ATL we could cry together on the couch, ha :-)

    I just joined the Y so that I could get out of the house every once in a while. Race season is starting up here in FL so i'm hoping that will be the motivation I need to get my ass outta the house and run.

    Hang tough!

  9. I am totally with you on the lack of motivation lately! It's just not there! Maybe sign up for another option like a race or triathlon? Perhaps the training will respark your motivation!

  10. I hear ya about the no go in your gas tank...I am there too...I am working out after work today, I just hope I get there!

  11. I like to always have a little bit of makeup on for a workout so I don't look like I rolled out of bed :) Also I'm from the Atl area and saw this fun bucket list for things to do, you and your hubs may like it!

  12. I stumbled across your blog and live in Atlanta as well! Have you ever tried Urban Body gym? Some of their group fitness classes are pretty hardcore and the spin classes are pretty good too. I do the easier UB classes because I don't want to die, but some of the harder ones might be right up your alley. UB's monthly rates are also ridiculously low. I supppement my membership with random Groupons. I I hope you start adjusting to Atlanta soon! :) -Savanna

  13. Being totally honest, I learned a lot of good "cues" for my athletes at the Level 1 but other than that It was pretty boring and tense all at the same time. We ALL know what the workout is and we ALL want to impress each other, right. I have high hopes for you finding your fire in something again. But the Level 1...was not motivating for me :(

  14. Yes, the dreaded funk. Its awful. Personally, when mine hit me, I had to re-evaluate my fitness goals. Why I was working out. What I wanted to do. Then focused on it. Or just dabble in a bunch of little things and find what really speaks to you and keep with it.

  15. I normally don't comment, but after reading this post I felt compelled to.

    I'm not in an exercise funk, but I'm definitely in a food funk, so I can identify with you in the "funk" aspect. I'm really sorry to hear that you're still in it, because reading your blog always gives me more motivation to push myself at CrossFit (I'm still a baby- only 2 1/2 months so far).

    I'm loving all of the dog pictures, though! It makes me glad to see that the dogs are still bringing you such joy.

    Also, (sorry, this is getting longer than I intended) I'm not military, but I know how it feels to move around at crucial times in your life and lose your "place", friends, etc. I always felt like I started from scratch and had to rebuild myself each time. I have a friend who happens to be a military wife, and the other day she was telling me that she reinvents herself every time that they relocate. That may not be what you need, but I always find that it helps to sit down and REALLY take time (as much as is needed) to re-evaluate yourself and think about where you are compared to where (and who) you'd like to be.

    I'm thinking of you as you're continuing in this journey.


  16. coffee sounds so amazing right now lol, but right to business. do what makes you happy, do it and don't look back or worry if your doing the right thing, just focus on what makes you happy and you'll be happier :)

  17. I only use Arbonne cosmetics and I use a the primer in the morning before I work out and it gives me great coverage and doesn't sweat off. I think Arbonne is the best makeup out there

  18. Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while and you have been such a motivation for me! Thank you for talking about your acne and make-up routine, as I struggle with horrible acne and acne scars. I use a tinted moisturizer and Bare Minerals over that but I'm curious what you use? These acne scars are so embarrassing! Thanks!