Saturday, October 20, 2012

I'm A Double Under Queen

Well, I will be!

This afternoon I attended a Double Under Seminar at CrossFit Midtown hosted by Molly Metz and her team of Jump N Rope.

Jumping rope is a legit sport!

In CrossFit we may not do too much double-dutching or freestyling, but we do have to do the double under. A double under is when the rope goes around twice before you hit the ground. If you're really fancy, you can do a triple-under or a quadruple under. These Jump N Rope folks are cray.

 I've always thought my double unders were pretty solid. Even though I use the crappiest, heaviest, BIGGEST Nike jump rope, its worked for me. I've managed to bang out 120 unbroken double unders with it, I always sail through them when they're prescribed in a WOD. 

It's amazing how much I didn't know! After today's 2-hour session, I was totally schooled. My hands were all wrong, my foot placement was off, I was muscling my way through my double unders with very little efficiency. 

So, I bought one of their training ropes (much lighter than my previous rope with frictionless ball bearing handles) after the session was over, because they fit it to me, and because I just liked the feel of it. And I was so embarrassed to even show them my Nike rope! It's such a joke.

I may not be as smooth on this new rope yet, because it's a lot lighter and faster, but I have a feeling I'll be able to hit 150+ unbroken double unders in no time. :)

If you are interested in checking out a Jump N Rope seminar, I highly suggest it! Check out their website and see when they'll be in your town! They host their workshops in various CrossFit boxes, at local gymnasiums, rec centers, etc. They were even at The CrossFit Games!

If you want to improve your double unders, these are a few tips I have for you that I took away from the seminar.

Improve Your Double Unders Right Now

Sizing: Make sure your rope isn't too big. Stand on the rope with both feet, and bring the handles up. They should just reach your arm pits. The shorter the rope, the more efficient you can be.

It's all in the wrists! Keep your hands close to your hips, and a few inches in front of your body. Keep your shoulders loose and a bend in the elbow. Everything should be relaxed, and the power is coming from your forearm and wrists.

If you can't get your hand positioning down, practice jumping backwards. Just singles is fine. You'll see your hands go to a place right where they need to be, and your wrists do a lot of work. Now turn the rope back around and practice those double unders.

Get the rope going with a few singles before going into double unders. It's just more fluid and it's easier to slide into a double under rhythm if you're already in the jumping rhythm.

Focus on a target on the horizon the whole time. Don't look up, don't look down. Don't look at anything that is moving.

Practice singles and then doubles. Do 2 singles + 1 double and repeat. Single, single, double, single, single, double. Find a rhythm. Put on some music with a good beat.


Guess who taught her first CrossFit WOD in the park? Oh yeah, this girl! The workout was awesome, I wish I could have partken. That's the bitch about coaching. You have to just help everyone else work out ... It was a blast though. I like barking out orders. I'm oddly comfortable inflicting pain ...

I programmed a 15 min AMRAP of

50m bear crawl
50m side squat shuffle
50m burpee broad jump

then after a 5 minute rest

7 minutes of walking lunges, but on every minute 15 supermans, flutter kicks or l-sits.


Do you love my new url? Finally, after how many years of blogging I have my own! Who knows, maybe one day I'll actually find someone to help me with a design that doesn't suck. And maybe one day I'll go to the moon.

What is one of the movements you need to work on in CrossFit? If you don't CrossFit, what's one thing you know you need to get better at in your running routine? More tempo-work? Sprint drills? Lifting? Hamstring flexibility? Upper body strength? What are you doing now to get your closer to your goal?

I am always working on my butterfly pullups and stringing more of them together (today I got 21!), my pistols (I have really bad ankle flexibility) and my hand stand push ups, I'd like to do 20+ unbroken, eventually get a handstand walk.


  1. you are just such a machine. everytime i read any word you write i'm just like... i need to get my ass in gear. if im ever even 1/100th of the bad ass you are.. i will be happy with my life.

  2. Thanks for the double-under tips! Currently working on: L-Pullups, HSPU, Snatches, & Toes to Bar

    Good luck with your butterflies! :)

    1. That reminds me, I need to work on L-sits! And making a pair of paralettes ...

  3. Perfect for me... I'm really working on my double unders!!

  4. Love the tips! Thanks for sharing! I would love to improve my kipping pull ups! I have them I'm just the worst at stringing them together! Ring dips and HSPU are also all on my list!

    1. Make sure you can do at least 3-5 strict pull ups before worrying about kipping them. That could be why you can't string them together. :)

  5. i'm always working on double unders! they get my HR up and are such a good addition to workouts. love/hate them haha

    1. We were sweating like beasts yesterday during this seminar! Such a good workout!

  6. What is one of the moves I need to work on in Crossfit? How about all of them! Ha ha ha. It's funny 'cause it's true.

    I'd like to get more strict pull ups (say, 10 in a row?) and improve on handstands. I, too, have trouble with pistols, and I didn't realize that problems with ankle mobility could be a contributing factor. I thought it was purely a balance issue.