Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hot Sauce

I was a wreck this morning. Will this homesickness every subside?
Missing these ladies something fierce. 

My girls back in Texas killed Barbells for Boobs! I am so proud of each and every one of them.

My heroes are my wallpaper, what can I say? :)

This morning at the box I was there to help out a new coach, not that she needed any help, she's amazing and the workout she had planned was crazy fun. Watching everyone partnered up and sweating to the death through the 10am class was epic! Is it sick how much I love pain faces? When the 11:00 class started, I jumped in at the last minute and decided to tackle it myself. 

I turned it into 2 rounds, each starting with an 800m run. 
It'd look something like this:

2 rounds for time:

800m run

60 med ball front squats (14/20 pound medball)
if you don't have a medball, use anything weighing about 15-20 pounds

50 partner sit ups with med ball 
I did regular med-ball sit ups, where you throw the ball against the wall, catch it, bring it over your head, fully extended until your lying on the floor, then sit up and toss it back at the wall, catch and repeat. If you don't have a medball, you can use a heavy weight and do weighted situps, or just regular situps.

40 walking lunges with medball overhead 
use anything weighing about 14 pounds to carry overhead. Make sure your trailing knee gently kisses the ground every step!

30 pull ups
can be subbed with any other pulling movement depending on equipment, or 30 push ups

20 box jumps (20/24")
or sub step ups onto a chair, bench, etc.

10 burpees

Time: 26:15, Rx

Stretching after class, it was blissful. 

I registered for Hot Chocolate 15k coming to Atlanta on January 13!

If you're interested in running, use registration code ATLMOMHC2013 for 10% off. Hot sauce! If you're not running it in ATL, check out this website for all the coupon codes for the different cities the Hot Chocolate series will be visiting!

Name three of your favorite things that start with the letter A:
1. Army, best branch in the military! 
2. the words AWESOME SAUCE
3. amaretto flavoring


  1. That wod looks crazy!! I will have to save it for an open gym sat morning :)
    3 Fave things that start with :
    Art Projects (with my kiddos at work)
    Animals (dogs!)
    Acorn Squash > Mashed Potatoes anyday


  2. I might have to try that workout at home!

    1. 6 year old
    2. Army life for 9 years
    3. Apples...favorite fruit

  3. That wod looks awesome! I wish I had your strength and could do 30 unassisted pull ups...I'll get there...hopefully lol :)

    1. Apples (honeycrisp or pink lady)
    2. Apple - as in my ipod, iphone,
    3. Australia - top place on my bucket list to visit

    1. Yes you will, just keep at it! If you can afford any personalized training at your box, I would highly recommend it. And have them focus on just that for a few sessions, and they will get you there!

  4. hey, my are: Apples, almond milk, almond butter

  5. It will get better! Life is what you make of it and you seem pretty awesome - so make being in ATL awesome

  6. Wow. What a WOD.
    My three fave things that begin with A:
    1 - Andrea (my name!)
    2 - Awesomesauce (i, too, love this word)
    3 - Almond (Milk) what would I DO w/o this?!

    1. Is Awesomesauce not the best word ever? I kind of love hot sauce, too, so I think I'm officially coining that the new "cool" term. :)