Thursday, October 18, 2012


I don't workout half as often as I used to since moving from Texas, and I definitely have let my eating habits slip, even while on the Whole Life Challenge. 

For several reasons:

Reason 1: I don't have the same support network. My girls were my girls. We did more than just exercycle and look hot doing kipping pullups. I think. They were my passion.

Reason 2: I used to have access to CrossFit equipment whenever. I liked my workout to be my workout. Now, I intern/assistant coach at a CrossFit gym, but if I want to jump in on a class, it has to be during a specific time, that most of the time does not work with my schedule. I also have to work for 3-4 hours before I workout (I barter my time for a free membership). I love the opportunity, but I'm not sure it's working out - bummer.

Reason 3: I'm just sad. I miss my friends. I miss my routine. I really don't like bartering my time. And I wouldn't pay for a membership to a box to far away ... So, what's a sad girl to do? Stuff her face! Generally, chocolate. I eat a lot of cake and doughnuts. Truth. It feels good when I'm eating it, like everything is right in the world for a small moment. And then, I have to deal with the hours of guilt afterwards. Lame.

Are these excuses? Definitely. Maybe CrossFit isn't in my stars right now. Maybe it's something I have to give up. It's not as convenient as it used to be. I can't afford anything closer. And I can't afford to keep bartering my time for a class session that doesn't work for my time. I also don't like doing it by myself. I love CrossFit because I had a great group of people to do it with. Yay, group exercise! It's not as interesting when I' doing it by myself (when I'd rather work on something more technical, that requires more concentration.) It's not worth so much sacrifice of my time (commuting) my body (lots of kipping pull ups, yay!) my money, to continue to pursue it, and I don't even have anyone to share the suck with. (My husband doesn't CrossFit at this time either, money and time constraints).

But just because I can't CrossFit, does that mean I give up working out all together? No. It means I need to get creative and think of something else. I have to be reasonable. We don't have a garage to throw a barbell and plates in, damn. But, I do belong to a small family gym just a mile or so from my house that does have them. They may not have all of the CrossFit equipment, but they have Spin classes, so I can still get my social butterfly on. And maybe one day use my road bike. The trainer there is also pretty damn cute and has a fabulous snatch. Maybe I can get better at lifting?

Adapting is part of the process. It's life. We have to learn to bend, not break. Since moving to Atlanta, I've been trying to re-create what I had in Texas. It's not going to happen. The sooner I realize this and adapt and grow, the better.

You bet your ass I'm sad about this whole situation. But, I need to stop being sad and get real. And move the f*ck on. Adapt. Grow. What's important is that I maintain some level of fitness, not eat a pint of ice cream because I didn't make it to CrossFit. There is life outside of this damn sport; hard to believe, I know.

The Problem(s) with CrossFit, read this. If you're a CrossFitter, you'll find that shizz hilarious. Because it's true.

If you're also a CrossFitter, you know Drywall. Bless this man and his humor. Read his latest.

The best way to kill a pity party? Drown it in funnies! I'm off to exercycle. 


  1. I can't imagine what a move like that would do to disrupt your routines. I think moving on and taking a break isn't a bad thing. Do what works for you. You know the moves, you know what your body needs... more than that you know what your MIND needs. and maybe it's a break!

  2. I'm so sorry you're still having a rough time. We've only been to 3 duty stations so far and I've felt this way every.single.time. I wish I had some awesome words of advice but it really does just take time for everything to feel normal again. Hang in there. ((hugs))

  3. Sorry to hear you're having such a tough time! I know it's not easy adjusting to a new area and new friends but I'm sure you will figure it all out! Weren't you also looking into perusing your personal training cert.? Maybe a focus on that can get you re-motivated! Take advantage of what's nearby! CrossFit is totally doable in your garage or local gym too but Spin classes and running just as beneficial! I have no doubt you will find what works for you very soon!

  4. You go girl! Think outside the "box" [attempt to make you laugh] Did it work?

  5. Courtney- I know it sucks right now, but being honest about how you are feeling is the best way to move on to something bigger and better. I was eating clean, lifting heavy, running races, etc...but then injured my wrist. I had surgery last week and although I've been in the gym every morning to do something it is just not the same. I can't sweat or the incision will get infected. I can't lift anything upper body for weeks, blah blah blah.... What am I doing right now? Eating coffee cake and a muffin. wtf. I think it is something that we all run into eventually, just triggered by different situations. I know I'll be back at it, but maybe doing things differently. Right now I give myself permission to acknowledge that it sucks and that tomorrow is a new day. Hang in there!!!

  6. Since "sorry" has already been said, let me say Thank you for being so f*ing REAL!
    Sending positive vibes your way in hopes that you find your groove, which we all know you will! No doubt!

  7. It will get better. I like that you are honest! I hope you find something new, closer that you enjoy more!!

  8. I agree with the poster about; thanks for being "real". We all love reading about people's perfect lives and their perfect gyms and perfect routines, but life isn't perfect! :)

    Good luck with whatever you choose to do! Keep on lifting, girl!!

  9. I don't know if I've ever commented before, maybe once. maybe. But I'm an Army wife as well. I love that you're so honest because well, moving can just suck and the fact that you guys aren't on/near a post makes it worse. All of my girlfriends PCS'ed over the summer and we are currently in the process (read: the packers are packing right now!). We're headed to Augusta GA and I know things will be different there. So, Adapt and grow, I really, really love this. And I think it can apply no matter what the situation. I hope things eventually even out for you with somewhat of a new-normal routine. Keep going and keep being awesome! :)

  10. You always have to do what's best for you. They ultimate goal is to be happy, and sometimes that's the hardest goal to achieve. I wish you the best, Courtney! Thanks for keeping it real!

  11. Hey, girl, way to be real! Find what is going to work for you at this season and realize that every season is unique. As long as you continue to prioritize your health, it's more than okay to mix it up to better fit your life at the time! Hang in there.

  12. #1 blogger, seriously. way to keep it real girl. love love your honesty and positivity. total inspiration. wish i was in the area to join in on some crossfittin or whatever it may be. have you ever thought about buying a road bike? a bit pricey but it is worth the investment. ill never be the same without my bike!

  13. & it is for posts like this one that I love your blog <3 Youre not at all afraid to be real & tell your true emotions. I love blogs where we get a sense of the person behind the site & not just this cookie cutter mold of bubbly joy all the time.

    Thank you & as a strong woman I know youre going to get through this challenging time.