Friday, September 14, 2012

Used or Be Used

This is a blog entry from the Whole Life Challenge website. I thought it was SO well written and really drives home the point about making life changes, not partaking in a quick-fix fad diet. 

Used or Be Used

The Whole Life Challenge is a tool. A lot like a hammer. When there is a nail to be driven, you grab your hammer and hit the nail -- you don't hit yourself in the head with the hammer! You USE the hammer for the job it's designed to do.

Right now things are the way they are for you. Not bad, but maybe there are some things you are tired of feeling, doing or saying to yourself. That is your nail. The Whole Life Challenge is your hammer.

My question to you is, are you going to use the Challenge or be used by it?

If you are going to play this game as training for your life after the challenge is over, you are using the challenge.
If you are going to play it only to win, you are going to be used by it.
If you are going to embrace the ups and downs as opportunities to learn how to make things work, you are using the challenge.
If you are going to fight against the rules like they are standing in the way of your points, you are going to be used by it.
If you are going to make choices as a way to see how a long term commitment to health works in your whole life you are using the challenge.
If you are going to try to be perfect for 8 weeks in spite of nothing else working for you, you are going to be used by it.

This is not 8 weeks. This is your life. If you want to win, great. But look to see what real winning looks like for you before this starts. Does it look like 8 punishing weeks and "business as usual" after September 15th or does it look like building a sustainable practice of health where you are 100% in charge of your results?

Yes, the Whole Life Challenge "winners" get prizes. But everyone who takes this challenge on 100% will walk away with something far more powerful than any external reward.

You walk away with freedom. You walk away with choice. You walk away with your whole life.

If that doesn't get you hyped up for the next 8-weeks, I don't know what will! 

I've been getting a lot of emails regarding the workout. 

The workout is a 9 minute AMREP of: 7 kettlebell swings, 7 burpees, and a 50 m shuttle run. There is a video on the WLC explaining everything you need to know! How to do a burpee, how to do a kettlebell swing, etc. Please watch it, but email me if you still have questions. :)

If you're totally non-CrossFit and confused as hell, no worries! It will look like this:

You'll do 7 kettle bell swings. Set it down. Do 7 burpees. Go run 50 m (or 25m shuttle run one way, and run back. You just did ONE round! For a total of 14 reps! Do this as FAST AS YOU CAN for 9 minutes! That run doesn't count, only the reps do. Tricky, tricky, huh? Love that CrossFit stuff! It's helpful to have a pen and paper and make a hash tag for every round you complete. If you don't quite complete the last round before the timer goes off, those reps DO count, so let me know them, too! The prescribed weight is 1 pood for women and 1.5 pood for men. Ladies, that's a 35# dumb bell, for men, that's a 53# dumb bell, if you don't have kettlebells. Scale as needed!

If you don't have equipment, sub the swings for air squats. Let me know in the email what you did, if you subbed squats, if you used a dumb bell, the weight, etc.

If you need further clarification, I will take a video of our preliminary workout tomorrow morning with CrossFit Midtown so you can see it in action!

Have a good night! Drink wine and be merry! 


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    1. Today's the last day! You'll have to re-register, and choose the F&F option and use my name. Don't register under the affiliate! Please :)

  2. Love it, love it. Very inspiring, and an accurate description of what the challenge is about. I gotta say, some of the forum posts I read have me thinking, do people even read about the challenge and the whole point? For some, it's more about skirting around the rules instead of challenging yourself to make your life better. Thank you for posting this & I'm so excited to begin :)

  3. Thank you for explaining that for us noobs:) I *think* I'm gonna have to sub air squats, which I'm slightly annoyed with, since I'm in th midst of moving right now and I dont have access to kettlebells at the moment, but I'm gonna get it done and not let it discourage me on day one!

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