Monday, September 17, 2012

The Bright Side

I don't need to go into details, but this morning I woke up lost in a fog of rain clouds. Do you ever just have those days? Call it lack of carbs, lack of chocolate, or lack of purpose, but I was having a terrible, motivationally-void day.

A quick phone call from the husband over lunch turned my frown upside down though (love that man) and I am already looking forward to tomorrow and the amazing dinner I have coming together in the crock pot.

But, it got me thinking. Do you ever just have those days? Where you wonder about your purpose? And if what you're doing really matters or makes any damn difference? Am I getting a little too Ghandi here for you?

I guess I just miss this cheerleading crew. 

I guess I'm just bummed that they all had an awesome sleepover with a giant chocolate cake and I couldn't attend.

I just miss 'em. Miss my crew. And feel so lost without them. CrossFit isn't as fun. Eating isn't as fun. Drinking isn't as fun. And sure, we meet new people, but guys, these are pretty much some of the most amazing women you could know - no one could replace them or even hold a candle to them. I was excited and happy to wake up every morning because I knew these sassy ladies would be there to greet the day with me. 

I miss that common bond that only Army wives share.

Once again, another post about being Texas-sick. But, here's to finding the bright side tomorrow. 


  1. I think it's perfectly normal to feel "homesick." I still feel homesick & I haven't lived in my hometown in 7 years. =/ I always feel like I'm missing out. It does get easier.. just take today and brush it off. Tomorrow is a new days, with new friends.

  2. Awww I think everyone has days like this.... wether you've been gone one year or ten, there is always going to be people you miss dearly! The key is to acknowledge it, let yourself reminise for a little and then push through and keep moving forward, before you know it you'll have new friends who you will miss just as much next time you move towns!

  3. It's to be expected that you'd miss your crew so much! I'm an army brat and that world is so different, no one who hasn't experienced it real gets it. But there are lots of cool peeps to meet yet in the ATL and you'll find some friends who will help define your life here. It may not be the same, but that's ok.

    If you're still wanting sewing machine, I'm working Wednesday. Just sayin' :)

    1. Where is your shop so I can come by? I think some craftiness is just what I need!

    2. Sent you an email!

  4. This makes me so sad for you. I am so nervous about leaving all my is going to be mega hard.

  5. I'm so sorry. Hopefully you'll find your place in ATL. When I moved there, it took me almost a year to find 'my group' with a local running club. Hopefully CrossFit will be that place for you. Or grow into that place.
    I've lived in 7 cities in the past 9 years (go Army!) and it's hard. After 1-1.5 years I'd find my groove, my people...then leave. It's so hard to leave those good friends.

    I just tell myself now that it's more people to love and more people to visit. And visit I do! I love going to see them on fun trips!

  6. Ooops...hit send too early.

    Hang in there. Call your old friends, go explore.
    *big virtual hug*

  7. I hope you feel better and i know those days are hard. I have a hard time making friends with women that im so use to not having friends. I guess Im a introvert. wishing you a happy day tomorrow!

  8. ugh! moving is harrrrddd!!! I moved last month and found a new box right away hoping to find some sort of reminder of home. I came home after a long day last week and felt like a failure and then I went to crossfit and was even more disappointed. This new box just isn't the same. Back home you have a group of friends and you motivate each other every day. Plus the coaches aren't the same... Change isn't easy. Im hopeful that I just need time.

  9. I know how you feel!! i recently switch out of a class where i had been with a good of some fine ladies for two semesters, we became a family that stuck together and up for each other. we were protective of each other and had each others backs at all times, you just feel so alone with the new group, almost like you don't fit in. But they are bound to break down and let you in :)

  10. I have had the last two days like this but today is much better. It is understandable and normal and you should just let yourself feel the sadness and pay attention to how you come out on the bright side. This is a skill many do not have.

    Try something new, take yourself out to lunch, or go back to Texas for a weekend and see your girls.....

    You are awesome, keep ya head up!

  11. I cant relate to the moving part but I do know the feeling of not having some close friends nearby. Saying cheer up/things will get better would be cliche but in time it will be true.

  12. had that EXACT day today after spending two days with my college roommates/ absolute best friends who I now see only a few times a year. Its so very hard to move forward when you feel that way, I say let yourself have all those feelings and its good that you're acknowledging them. It's healthy and normal and things always always get easier, it takes patience.