Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wallball Burpees = SuckFest

WLC Winners Update

We drew the winners on Monday for the Weekly Challenge (those who completed it!) and I was so excited that Michelle D and Laura S. won! Michelle won $50 hard cash money, and my girl Laura won a bag of Paleo People granola and a CFM tank! 

(Just check that your flavor doesn't have honey in it, NOT WLC approved!)

Your goodies are in the mail and should arrive on Saturday, ladies. Laura, I can't want to see that photo of you in your new CFM shwag!

This Weeks Challenge is practicing mindfulness. Just 10 minutes a day, and maybe next week YOU can win cash and sweet gear! 


The WOD's the last few day's have been awesome and sweaty! I made it to the 7am class for this pretty:

We ended up cleaning these from the ground, I think because we didn't have enough racks for everyone. I worked up to 120 on the last set of five. My PR for the clean and jerk is 150.

Due to time constraints, we changed the 3:30 rest for part B to a 2:00 rest. I wanted to keep all of my rounds in the 50-60 second range, and I did. 

Uber dork.

I hung out on the 'Dyne afterwards for an easy 5 mile ride to keep things loooooooose and work any junk (lactic acid) out of my muscles. It's supposed to help prevent soreness and DOMS. I don't know if it helps, but Matt Chan talked about how he does it every day post-WOD, so it can't hurt. I take most of my advice from people who are more often photographed with their shirts off than their shirts on. Can't hurt, can't hurt.

This morning after some office work and my Starbucks Americano, I wanted to knock out this burpee wall ball WOD some of my Fort Hood homies were going on and on about ... 

5 rounds for time:
15 burpee wall balls (14#)
50 double unders
500m row/400m run
time: 28:35

Due to construction outside our building, I decided hit the C2. Everyone knows I would rather run any day of the week ... just in case wall ball burpees don't suck enough, that row sure does.

Let me tell you about wall ball burpees!
They suck.

But you know me, I love something new and I love a challenge. :)

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.

Today was our first day of Yoga at the box, too! So after the noon class of AMRAP ring dips and having my butt handed to me doing too many turkish get ups, a few of us stayed for an hour of bendy-pretzel-time. My poor upper body was smoked, I was shaking like a leaf holding downward dog. 

I toughed out the 55 minutes of work for the precious 5 minutes of savasana. 

Can we just have an hour of savasana? 

And a trip to my favorite place on my way home. :) 

What is your favorite yoga pose?


  1. My teacher always throws a pigeon in, and it's key for us ladies that, more often than men, have hip problems later in life. I've also been working on crow and a head stand. I can do some sort of combination of the two...

    1. I love pigeon, too. One side is so much more flexible than the other though ... I was able to hold crow for a little while!

  2. Hi from Brooklyn, NY! I have been following your blog ever since I found it through Pinterest a couple of months ago. I am 5'1 so I am especially inspired by you. I just had my son 8 months ago so your blog motivates me to get back into shape. I am moving to Georgia in a couple of months about 20 minutes away from Decatur so your blog has also became a virtual tour guide for me! My father already lives there and we were visiting him this past week. My dad took my husband and me to Dekalb Market because he thought I would love it. I told them that I read about it through "petiteathleat" so naturally they were making fun of me the whole time we were there. My husband said that he would force me to say hi to you or that he would walk up to you and tell you that I am stalking you if I don't do it lol. Well anyway, my name is Lisa in case we ever run into each other. Also, you guys should check out Stone Mountain's Laser Light Show on a Saturday night. I think there's a couple of weeks left, and it was just amazing! :)

    1. Thank you so much, you are too kind! I made a note of the Laser Light Show! Let me know when you're in Georgia, you'll have to drop into CrossFit Midtown!

  3. Headstand! It took me a while to finally get it and feel comfortable in it but now I love it. I also like pigeon and other hip openers. Tree is my favorite standing pose :) But savasana totally takes the cake ;)

    1. I've never really been into tree, it's hard for me to "root" my mind, literally, long enough to hold the pose, haha :)

  4. Non- yoga related! What do you eat post workout these days, doing the WLC? The fam and I are flirting with Paleo now. I was eating Fage and granola after workouts but now I am at a loss.

    1. How I miss FAGE! You can make an EXCELLENT Paleo granola and I also have a great "protein" bar recipe. You can also make a big batch of these paleo cookies, and freeze them until you need them *Great portion control* :) I will share them in my next blog post. :)

  5. Kermasana when I could do it, nearly a year now of no yoga, I highly doubt it.

  6. ARE THOSE PUMPKINS IN THE BACKGROUND of your last picture??? I LOVE pumpkins.. Like little kid, jump up and down,it's pumpkin time LOVE.

    anyways... Uhm, yoga. Not my thing, but I do love me some Savasana. I don't know the names of any of the poses, but anything that has a good leg stretch -

  7. Ah, those wall ball burpees look brutal!

  8. I hate burpees and wall balls individually - putting them together? YIKES!

  9. Ugh, wall ball burpees are the worst! They tire me so much it's easy to get sloppy. But, like you, I enjoy a challenge. I'm writing that one down! Favorite pose in yoga? Headstand!