Saturday, September 29, 2012

Permission to Party

We're going into Week 3, how are you guys doing on the WLC? I feel like it's getting harder than easier; it could be that the weight on my scale has gone UP. I knew that giving up PB2 for almond butter was not going to help me! ;)

I can't wait until this is over and I can give you all my real thoughts. Until it's over, we need to stay strong, tough it up, and remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

I'm not sure I'm 100% sold on the Paleo diet. Gasp! 

Paleo-ish, yes. With tweaks here and there, definitely. But for now, I'll play the Game!

I woke up early to honor a hero, "Wood"

5 rounds for time:
400m run
10 burpee box jumps, 24/20"
10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 95/65#
10 thrusters, 95/65
rest 1 minute

Time: 27:10

Though Hero WOD's can be a little sobering, I decided to celebrate his service instead of mourn his passing, thus wearing the brightest Nike threads I own.

I don't think anything matched. Not even a little bit.

I was informed I need to tuck in my ears; this is why I have problems with my Lululemon headbands. Where would I be without you all? #fitgirlproblems

After the WOD, a few of us competing next weekend hung around to go over some of the movements (the WODs have already been released.) Boss lady slayed the snatch and clean ladder. Best be scurred!

One of the last workouts of the competition is a snatch and clean ladder, we set up the weights and she burned through them like a kid in a candy store. She makes it look so easy and effortless.

I'll be going over it on Monday. Don't worry, I'll let you know how far I fall climb. 

Afterwards, I hit up Whole Paycheck Foods for a WLC-approved salad of cabbage, kale, spinach and roasted chicken. 

I worked on some blog stuff and finished up this weeks ITP homework. 

I heard the Oppan Gangnam song for the first time on the radio this morning. Loved it! I'm sure I'll want to strangle that dancing asian in a week though, after they play it to death.

Have you heard it? Do you love it?

Tomorrow! :)


  1. awwww can you REALLY not tell us what you think NOW??? I wanna know!!!

    I'm struggling too. I feel like I'm sacrificing so much but not really seeing the results I expected. I'm hoping it's just a slow change. Though I'd love to know exactly what the light is at the end of the tunnel...

  2. I agree. It's getting harder, and I'm not seeing results I expected.

  3. So that's how you stay away from almond butter addiction :-) I too use pb2 a lot, but I eat almond butter every night which just makes my fats for the day skyrocket. Maybe I'll just have to give it up and stick with the pb2.

  4. I'm dying to know your thoughts on Paleo! I'm not 100% strict Paleo either and I think I have the same thoughts as you will have! Curious to hear your experience!

  5. Completely agree - getting harder not easier. I like parts of Paleo but the strict paleo is a bit much. I feel a little better without so many carbs/sugar/dairy but not amazing.

  6. Hi and I have heard the song Gangnam style song and i love it. if you have not seen the video you should its cool too.

  7. Ears tucked in? That's the trick, huh? Definitely going to try that because me and headbands don't get along. :)

  8. ear tuck? really.. I made fun of my sister for tucking hers.. whomp.. whomp..
    I did paleo.. I agree with you.. not 100% for it. I think it has a good guideline but not sold on it.. I actually ended up gaining weight on it over time.

  9. I feel very blah about the challenge too. Not sure why as I kicked a$$ during my first whole30 in Aug. Idk...I'm a lot more stressed now than I was 2 months ago and since we have the "option" to cheat it's hard not to...I guess I really just need to step it up.

  10. Curious to hear your thoughts after the whole thing is over!

  11. Agreed regarding 100% Paleo! Can't wait to hear your thoughts. I felt so very tired and lost huge amounts on my times which was super depressing. I broke on Sunday and didn't eat strict paleo and went out Monday and kicked a$$ like I used to pre-paleo. It's really made me think about what I eat & why.

  12. @ jenletts - specifically how did you eat differently? What helped you get more energy?

    1. @passioneater - I went with the no grains, no sugars, few starchy veggies route advocated by Mark's Daily Apple among others and found that heavy amounts of meat with zero grains led me to mostly sleep all day which makes absolute sense. Anyone who has stood outside the monkey house in a zoo sees mostly sleeping primates. I think our Grok/caveperson ancestors mostly lazed around sleeping but I don't have that luxury. And I excercise differently than Mark advocates. He is fond of anaerobic excercise (less than two minutes of intense excercise) while I'm running 5k everyday. So I added back in my whole grains, still limiting sugars (which is not really a change, I'm not a sweets person) and found that instead of an intense desire to shut down after the first mile I can complete my normal run and still have evergy for the rest of my workout. So I guess I am a person that needs a few good, whole grain carbs to function like a normal modern human being? I will say that I dropped 5 pounds in two weeks following paleo so I'll keep that in mind before any gigs that involve evening dresses, bikinis or booty shorts and crop tops but there was no 6 pack exposed because I was too tired to do a single simple crunch much less Courtney's "300"!!!

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