Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Muscle Uppin'

Guess who landed another  muscle up  this morning?!

I feel that, finally, they might start coming a little more consistently. And this was after the hour of class, full of snatches, snatch balances, and strict pullups, good lawwwd. 

I like to imagine I looked just like this. 

Though I probably looked a lot like this

But I stuck it!

Girl in pink: you rock.

If there's anything that will kill a grumpy mood, it's a muscle up! I think I should be able to ride this high for at least another week. So no more blue posts until then, promise. 

WLC Update: We have most of your scores and measurements entered! A few of my family members (you know who you are) need to get their workout scores to me. The rest of you I should have emailed if I needed something else. 

All in all, I am super duper impressed. You all smoked the workout! One (who shall not be named, haha), even made due with what she had - she subbed a huge rock from her backyard as a kettlebell. That's what's up!

Stone to shoulder, anyone?

Guess who got dressed like a real human today?

Yeah, that'd be me. 

Guess who doesn't want to act like a dog?

No, not me.

This guy.

He won't go inside the damn thing, Baby steps. It's really cool, when it works. It's a puppy pad, a house, and a carriage (doggy car-seat) in one. Gotta love Groupon!

What was your last Groupon or Living Social purchase?


  1. that is the cutest little puppy palace ever!!

    ps. please train me to be as bad ass as you. congrats on sticking another muscle up!

  2. awww love the doggy house. and GREAT JOB on the muscle up!! way to stick it!! I just bought some lenses for my iphone from living social... so that should be interesting!

    1. Really?! Which ones did you get? I'm super interested!

  3. Congrats on your muscle up, that is badass status!

    My last groupon was a cheap ring that I could wear in place of my wedding ring when we went lobstering in the bahamas. LAst livingsocial deal was a concealed weapons class.. bang

  4. that is an awesome dog house!! i need one of those...well when i do get my dog i will lol. never used either of those, i'm always afraid its a scam, but i guess not lol!

  5. Cute picture and that is great you had a good training session

  6. Random, how much does a stone weigh?

  7. DUDE! Big, super congrats on the muscle up! One day...I dream...one day! That's SO AWESOME!

    Let's see, the last 2 Groupons I bought were a 2-for-1 entry to the Botanical Gardens (Atlanta has a good one, btw, especially when they do night exhibits!) and a 6 massages for the price of 3 deal!

  8. damn muscle ups to hell. they make me cry. cute doggy! my dog kills my grumpy moods! cool blog :) food + wod talk... whats not to like?!

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