Monday, September 10, 2012

Fur, French Toast and Paleo Brownies

This weekend was one of the best I've had since we've been in Atlanta. I have to admit, CFM is starting to feel like family. :)

What an awesome group of ladies, my fellow interns and the Director of Awesome herself. We had a fun Ladies Night at Fab'rik, a boutique next door to the box. We scored some sweet threads! No, the fur didn't make it home with me ... 

Is her hair not the most fabulous thing you've ever seen?

The wine was flowing, the clothes were flying, good times!

We walked to a local pub afterwards and took the party co-educational.

Yes, she really just carried CFM koozies around with her! Now that is CFM love right there.

Saturday was a beautiful day at the gym, and our Whole Life Challenge pre-game huddle. I've included all kinds of awesome information on the info page (see the link on the nav bar) check it out and familiarize yourself! I am getting so excited for the Challenge!

I am so excited I even ate fried food Saturday night at Big Tex with the husband. I would never order either of these things. Honestly, they weren't very good. I'm not missing out on anything.

It felt good to get purdy and have a date night with my man. Since he's been back to work, we don't see each other like we used to. Weekend date nights are going to be mandatory.

And Sunday brunches while lazing around the house, mandatory.

Paleo French Toast in the house! I used my favorite coconut flour Paleo Bread from Julians bakery, dunked it in eggs and coconut milk whipped with some fresh cinnamon, and topped with melted Sunbutter and fresh Raspberry reduction. 

A sprinkle of this awesome sauce on top took it to a new level!

Paleo granola! Divine! Check them out. They're offering up a MONTH supply as one of the prizes for the WLC! 

Last night was also the kick-off event for the CFM Instructor Trainer Program. 

Our first homework assignment was to create 3 different workouts. Sounds easy, but there is a lot that goes into programming. The workout itself, warm up, progressions, amount of time to finish each, all had to be included. Incorporating strength, gymnastics, metabolic conditioning components, working various intensities and metabolic systems, etc. Fascinating stuff but wow, kind of in-depth! I can't wait to learn more about the programming aspect of things during my Level 1 Cert in November. 

I had to get my Betty Crocker on for my ITP peeps, and made Sweet Potato Paleo Brownies, inspired by a recipe I saw on PaleOMG. Thanks Juli!

This version is not WLC approved, but I do have a version of the recipe that is WLC approved! 

Everyone said they liked them, even though I forgot to warn them they were incredibly rich! Like dark chocolate truffle, more than a mouthful is too much, kind of rich. ;)

Recipe coming soon.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? 
I love anything 85% or darker. I love to melt it with a little coconut oil and dip it in strawberries. Divine! Occasionally white chocolate sounds awesome, but I feel too guilty indulging in all of that sugar.


  1. Fun weekend! I can't wait to see your WLC (every time I see that it makes me think warrior leader course...haha) approved brownies. They look awesome. If they're super rich, I wonder if you could make them into bite size balls or something? Hmmmm....Anyway, I think the chocolate I normally get is like 82% or 85%? Best part is that my kids think it's gross. They actually refer to it as "the gross chocolate" :) More for me! One more thing....I can't click on your WLC tab....not sure if its my iPad though...

    1. HAHA, I wish we could dub it the WARRIOR LEADER COURSE! :) My husband thought that's what I was talking about this whole time ... Sigh.

      I'm trying to figure out what is going on with the link, some people can get to it just fine, others are having issues. Hmm, I'm about as technologically savvy as a three year old, so this could be interesting ...

    2. The tab works on my desktop, just not my iPad.

      Haha.....I'm gonna tell the hubs I'm starting WLC on Saturday just to see his reaction.

  2. Hey Courtney

    I can't access your WLC link on your toolbar. I don't know if it's just me or the link itself.

    Hope you have a great day!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm trying to figure out what is going on ...

  3. Oh yes I love melting dark chocolate with coconut oil and freezing it for a little treat! SO yum. Can't wait for the recipe for these babies!

  4. I actually love milk chocolate but always go for the dark because I know it's better!

  5. Looks like a fun time! Level 1 Cert is gonna be great! I've got a long way to go before getting mine, but I love watching others learning through the process!

  6. Looks like a fun weekend!!! Omg those brownies are to die for!!! I'm totally going to have to try those out, I like to have 85% stashed around the house, but darker would be awesome too!! 75 and above is the way to go :)

  7. Can't wait for the brownie recipe! I've been wanting a good paleo one for awhile :)

  8. Im glad you had a nice fun weekend. The brownies look delicious.

  9. I made some with zucchinnis and they were delish as well!! I love how you can make a fav recipe paleo. EVEN dessert!

  10. i love it dark!! yum!! looks like fun!

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