Monday, September 24, 2012

Be a Dick

Just muckin' around, playing with PicMonkey.

No fancy breakfast photos today, so I'll dust off an oldie. Do these not look amazing? These are day-after-Thanksgiving sweet potato pancakes covered in syrup and homemade cranberry sauce. OHMERGERD.

I might whip up a Michelin sized man stack and eat them at the end of the Whole Life Challenge. Our box is looking to host a party at a local tavern here in ATL (I have the pleasure of arranging for a keg!) So, how fun is it going to be to get shizz faced with a bunch of people with the alcohol tolerance of a two-year old? (After not drinking for two months?)

Today's WODs

"Grace" 30 clean & jerks, 135/95
Time: 3:38, Rx'ed

My last Grace was 5:36 in May. So slow! Because I was using the hook grip and re-racking before the jerk, what a dum dum. I didn't know what I was doing. It's a good thing I dislocated my thumb a few weeks ago then, because I can't hook grip for shit anymore. :)

Noon Class:

A1) 6 - 4 - 2 back squats @ 150 - 170 - 180lb

A2) "Fight Gone Bad" but with a 5 minute rest between rounds instead of the traditional 1 minute.

My goal was 20 reps at each station. I struggle with wall balls (being so short, every other throw is a no-rep, so I end up throwing the ball closer to 30 times, ouch!) and rowing, it's hard for me to get over 15 cals being a smaller athlete. I made up for it during the sumo-deadlift high pulls, and finished with a total score of 290. 

I am really sad to hear Fight Gone Bad really is no longer. :( Apparently Sports Grants and CrossFit HQ had a wee bit of a falling out. That's why we were stuck with CrossFit for Hope this year ... (a poorly handled event.)

*Check your email inboxes folks, some of you won some mad gear and mad cash for this weeks WLC Weekly Challenge!

Have you participated in any kind of CrossFit fundraiser or event? 
CrossFit for Hope, 2012 and Fight Gone Bad, 2011

Beer or Wine?
Wine, because beer gives me a stomach ache. But man, I LOVE beer. 


  1. I like your picture above! You look so pretty!

  2. ha.. saw this on pinterest today and thought it was lame that they totally copied/pasted your work!

  3. You should absolutely use the hook grip on the clean, it reinforces the grip, if it's not working or painful, make it work. You will not be able to maintain gripping heavier weights without it, watch any Olympic lifter, they always use hook grip. Especially, of you are trying to clean and jerk as fast as possible, you would be wanting to maintain a strong grip, right?

    1. I understand I need to hook grip, thank you! Like I said, I can't at the moment, I'm healing from an injury. The prescribed weight for Grace is only 95 pounds, and does not need to be performed with a hook grip, and would cause further injury to my hand. When the weight is heavier enough, don't worry, I'll hook grip. It's a good think I call myself a CROSSFITTER and NOT AN OLYMPIC LIFTER.

    2. Courtney - 1, Anonymous - burn!!!! Ha Ha. Love this! Way to go Court...hilarious and made my day! Don't you just love rude commenters? You keep doing what you're doing. You rock. Love the blog!
      Jamie in Arkansas
      (different anonymous than above!!!!!)

    3. Haha, Jamie, happy you found the humor in it, too! :) Thanks!

  4. Ah, beer and wine. I really love both equally. Beer on a hot summer day out on the water. Wine at night with the candles lit. I miss them so much. Ha! Love reading your blog especially during the challenge. Motivation!!