Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

We went to the Georgia Aquarium today! 

The Dolphin show was definitely worth the cost. Show up at least 30 minutes early for good seats, and SIT IN THE SPLASH ZONE! :) No photos allowed, but just imagine a Disney Movie come to life - special effects, lighting, singing, oh, and amazingly trained dolphins! (Here they are pre-show)

The Aquarium Restaurant/Cafe was decent, but prices were horrendous ($36 for two small salads from the salad bar!?) but the slice of flourless/gluten free chocolate cake we devoured was off the chain. They'd just re-stocked the salad bar when we walked through, win!

P.S. For the folks that asked what I got for my birthday from Lululemon ...

What's Up Wednesday?

Olympic Lifting Shoes
I need to find a pair. The Reebok Oly Lifters arrived today, but they're a size too big. I have to send them back. The Shoe Mart doesn't have a smaller size in stock, so I have to re-evaluate. I'm loving the Adistars. What's $200 on a pair of shoes you'll wear for 5+ years?

The Outlaw Way
I started following their programming yesterday. It ate me up and spit me out like a runny turd. I slept for 11 hours yesterday, and woke up feeling like I'd been bulldozed, then run over by a Mac Truck. Nuff said.

Getting Ready for the Whole Life Challenge
I am so ready for this to start. I find myself eating more junk than I usually do, because I know that in less than two weeks, I will be cutting it out for a solid 56 days. No alcohol, sugar, chips, soda, chocolate, peanut butter, goat cheese, cottage cheese, Icelandic yogurt ...

Tiger Tail
I need one! Feel like being the best reader ever and donating one?


  1. I have to know - what is the Tiger Tail for?

  2. Just get an oly bar and roll. Because everyone should have on on the living room floor...

  3. Love the new outfit...really need to treat myself to something for Lulu! I am also really wanting a pair of Oly shoes...hoping the birthday fairy (aka the husband) comes through :) Have you ever used 'the stick'?

  4. the aquarium looks so fun! and your salad looks tasty!! good luck finding new shoes!

  5. what a fun aquarium trip!!! cute lulu!

  6. The aquarium looks amazing! I'm really interested in what the "outlaw way" is exactly?

  7. I definitely say splurge for the oly shoes! You will use them forever! I've been so curious about the outlaw programming! I've heard great things about it!

  8. I am sure I would find it if I backtracked through your blog, but I am wondering what the tattoo on your arm says.

  9. How's the Tiger Tail differ from The Stick?

  10. How's the Tiger Tail differ from The Stick?

  11. The aquarium looked like so much fun!!!!
    I am looking for new oly shoes too..but def need suggestions as well!!

    LOVE the lulu! and I was looking into the outlaw program as well---intense as go girl! you are AMAZING thanks for inspiring me!<3

  12. Not sure what size you are. Again Faster has a few sizes of the charged green OLY lifters in stock. That's who I got mine from. I love them so far. I got them because I wanted a versatile OLY shoe that I could use for lifting only and WODs that incorporated those lifts as well.

  13. Super cute purse/bag! Do you know the brand and/or where you purchased it?