Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Kitchen Sink

Finally made it to Hooverball this morning - what a riot!

Can you believe I hang out with such a group of good looking elite exercisers? CrossFit, that's wussup.

 Let's see the numbers:

4 games we lost

2 we won

23 times I caught the ball, with my face

14 scratches all over my body

1 seriously jammed thumb

32,003 times I made a total fool of myself

The Piedmont Park Active Oval is really nice. They have soccer field, tennis courts, a baseball field, everything you can think of. And the Active Oval is a tiny portion of the park ... I have to get my Christopher Columbus on soon and go exploring!

Look what finally arrived ...
 It is even more than I expected! This is one of the BEST Paleo cookbooks I own now, and I own a few ... 

I made one of the first recipes in the book, the Swirly Crustless Quiche. It is amazing. I don't know what I was doing do fugg up my quiches so bad before, but I will never make a quiche any other way. Diane knows what she is doing in the kitchen, and her recipes just happen to be Paleo, too. Winning!

I didn't follow the recipe 100% (I'm such a dare devil), because I had stuff in the fridge that needed to go or else ... so this kind of turned into "Everything in the kitchen sink" ... Waste not, want not.

I also discovered this bottle of life-changing-cancer-curing-rock-star-status-molasses.

Where has this been all of my life? Do I live under a rock? I have officially replaced my sick nasty habit of using SF syrup, and will be using strictly this. I can't wait to have it in my coffee in the morning! Did you know that Blackstrap Molasses had so many health benefits? I picked it up at Whole Foods ... 

along with Siggi's ... the Icelandic skyr yogurt that Annie T. was going on about ... It is my new favorite yogurt. Thick, creamy, 4g of sugar, 5g of carbs, just 80 calories, and 15g of protein. Swirled with a little molasses, I am one happy, healthy, wholesome, yadda-yadda, camper!

I also tried one of these little gems, a cheesecake truffle. Those are dangerous. Like whoa. 
(do not judge me and my beautiful calloused hands or severely neglected cuticles)

Normal girls want manicures and pedicures for their birthday .... I wanted a pair of Oly shoes.

Yes, tomorrow I turn 25, and yes, I scored the LAST pair of Reebok Oly Lifters in my size from The Shoe Mart! Hurry up, Mr. Postman! I am dying to try them out. And, I used a sweet coupon for an extra 15% off, making them $132, that's what's up!


For all you folks signed up for the Whole Life Challenge - I have some ridiculously cool news I will be coming at you with later this week. Sweet news in regards to prriiiiizes! 

Stay tuned!

Name the last pair of shoes you bought. 
Flats? Heels? Athletic Shoes? Oly shoes?


  1. I turned 25 on the 8th, I bought myself Oly shoes. Best shoes I have EVER invested in. They make every bit the difference! I've taken the last couple days to think about this life challenge & I'm thinking I am up for this challenge:) Love that it's similar to Paleo, but with legumes.. PB2!

  2. aah prizes I am so excited!

    and I just bout Practical Paleo and I cannot wait for it to come in the mail!!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have an amazing day!! you deserve it!!

  3. Adidas aspire are my favorite workout shoes!!!

  4. Adidas Adipure are new favorite training shoes!!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I like molasses and have not bought some in a long time. maybe i may buy that one to try it. i would like to do the WLC.

  6. Happy birthday!!!! I love siggi's yogurt but I had no idea Annie T. loves it! All the more reason to like it ;) I'm dying to get the practical paleo cookbook and now I really want it! I am the queen of paleo cookbooks too! In fact I just read PaleOMG is coming out with one too!! Can't wait for that!

  7. Can you suggest other good Paleo cookbooks? I was browsing Amazon and with the exception of Practical Paleo, most of them get pretty terrible reviews. I'm pretty familiar with the kitchen so a recipe for delicata squash with cinnamon is old hat. The crustless quiche is more up my alley.

  8. Totally curious about molasses now!!! I've probably only had it in cookies!! Lol. I just bought some Reeboks last week!

  9. I just bought that molasses yesterday as well! I can't wait to start using it. Last pair of flats for work. Will be buying new running shoes shortly!

  10. Happy birthday! I've read about that yogurt and molasses. First time I've read about them together. Last pair of Mizuno Mushas a couple months ago. Love them.

  11. inov8s! I only buy new crossfit stuff haha.

  12. "Happy 25th Birthday Courtney" I hope you have a fabulous day!

  13. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have more truffle cheesecakes to celebrate :) Last pair of shoes purchased: Nike Cross Trainers for strength training.

  14. Seeing as I'm new to crossfit, I just scored some more new balance vibrams and the most brightly colored UA 4D running/ spinning shoes. My motto is the brighter and tackier the better! Im only happy when I look like a highlighter! ;)

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just bought a new pair of Nike Air Max Prospers. I am new to CrossFit, and this was the best I could find at the time. So far, I really like them a lot, so we'll see!

  16. Happy Birthday! Last set of shoes I bought were probably my Kai Kai flops. Our store down here in Key West treats your used shoes (after 6months) as a 50% off coupon if you turn them in. And then they donate them to the homeless. Besides, they are sooo comfy! Before that? Running shoes!

  17. Happy birthday! Last shoes I bought were white, orange, and yellow Newton MV2.

  18. How did the quiche taste? I was considering making it but I've never tried quiche in my life..

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    Do you want to munch on healthy tasty recipes as soon as TONIGHT?

    Check out the: Paleohacks Cookbook.

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