Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Snot Buckets

Blogging Hiatus was grand, except I'm not sure I'm back into the swing of blogging full force though ...

I am sick as a pound puppy. And, it's not getting any better. I'm typing this surrounded by a soggy pile of tissues that I'm fighting to keep my dog away from. He keeps wanting to take them and bury them in my closet. Fo real, dog?

But this flu/sinus infection is just the cherry on top. On Friday, while running intern errands, I managed to drop a 90 pound floor mat on my thumb and dislocate it. 

So, I've been pretty MIA in the gym, and just MIA in life. 

I was a crying, sobbing mess last night. I think a combination of wine, meds and missing physical exercise had me on the edge. Is there such as thing as barbell withdrawals? So I did what any snotty-nosed fitness obsessed girl would do, I went to the Y this morning, thinking that endorphins were the answer to all of my problems! (I knew I wasn't strong enough to lift any weight around or do anything for "time")

Spin class. When I was living in Texas, it was the answer to all of my problems. :) It answered maybe 99% of them today, all but this raging head cold, that is getting worse by the minute.

I was asked to try out these sweet pair of shorts from Lululemon as an R&D, what better class than Spin?

Official review coming soon, after I do some more heavy lifting, squatting, toes to bar, in them. The rocked the house in Spin today, that's for sure.

I almost snagged this backless gem from Lulu, too ... Just couldn't bite on the price tag, since I already sold my kidney's on the black market.

Pretty sure I was the only newb in class not wearing legit biking shoes today. Pretty sure I'm the only one that would rather spend that money on Oly shoes ... 

or Peanut Butter Fro Yo for my dog. 

He's the best, seriously.

I killed it at the gym today, even in my sick state.

110 minute spin class + 30 minutes of tempo-style stair climbing. I know we make fun of cardio in CrossFit, and using machines in general, but I was so happy to have some handles to hold on to, and somewhere to set my water bottle and snot bucket. I was happy to be able to control the resistance, and I was crazy excited they all had TV's mounted to them! 

We don't subscribe to any cable at home, so it was actually nice to watch the news and see what all of this storm madness is about. 

It has officially been downgraded to a tropical storm, so we can all relax.

I checked out a Natural Foods store just minutes from our place and the Y (which is only 2 miles or so from us) and was pleasantly surprised!

I stopped in to check out their hot bar. It was similar to Whole Foods (maybe 1/8 the size) but still an awesome variety, just look at this salad beast!

They also weigh by the pound, but it's maybe 1/3 the cost of Whole Foods!

I even scored myself some dessert.

Who's ready for The Whole Life Challenge? It's coming up soon, people! 2 weeks!

Oh, you know I'm bringing my A-Game!


  1. Living in Georgia takes getting used to. You might want to invest in a dehumidifier for your bedroom. It helped me a lot. Pollen season is just around the corner! Texas misses you and your blogging.

    1. I hear that Georgia is just brutal. But I heard that about Texas, too :( Hope this passes ...

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well! Glad you were able to get a spin class in today! I looked for a spin gym in my area.. nothing. There are 2 gyms that have spin classes, but i'm not a member of a gym, so that really doesn't do me much good.. I need to live in a bigger city...or something. This living in rural po-dunk nowhereville is for the birds.

    Hope you feel better soon!...and hope you thumb heals up quickly!

  3. I can not wait for the WLC to start :)!

  4. So glad your back! But so sorry to hear of your cold. Feel Better Soon.

  5. Feel better!!! I'm dying to try out that paleo bread can't wait to hear your thoughts on it!

    1. I love it! Get your hands on it if you can. :)

  6. Lori @ KissTheChef30 August, 2012 07:54

    Hey. Hope you feel better. FYI - here in Atlanta, the ragweed is getting an early start, so it may be pushing your sinus issues to a worse state than you are used to. I never had allergies at your age, but the older I get, the more they kill me. I've lived here all my life, but the past few years have been insane for pollen and such. You may try adding a daily allergy med to your normal routine pretty much year round. Welcome to the south!! ;)

    1. Ugh! This is terrible to heat, but I may have to give it a whirl ...

  7. Dang! Feel better soon!! Sometimes a little tv cardio can go a long way.

  8. Love your shoes!!! What are they? I'm pretty much the only girl in my spin class not wearing spin shoes too, haha. Hope you are feeling better!